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Time to say Goodbye………..

by on Nov.06, 2013, under In Memory of..., Sharon...

Not sure where to begin on this one…… I think I knew I was going to lose my mum the day the surgeon’s understudy was sent to tell us that they couldn’t remove her lung……my heart just fell apart….. Mum had started coughing Christmas 2011, she went to the doctors and after a few shots at antibiotics, a doctor sent her for an X-ray… was only during a stay in hospital with suspected pneumonia a few weeks later that we kind of knew the X-ray had shown a shadow…..a wait to see the specialist confirmed our worst fears…..I thought that day was the worst day of my life….. we were referred to a surgeon….He was very optimistic (and rather arrogant) in his approach and attitude….he declared that “he was the only one who could remove mums lung and that his track record spoke volumes” with mum’s cancer only measuring 4cm and contained within the lower lobe we were convinced….mum wanted every shot at life…..and so she took the offer of the operation gratefully. We were told and have since had confirmed that between diagnosis and agreeing to the op mum should have been in within six weeks…….cock up after cock up…..and the surgeon going on holiday for two weeks….and leaving instructions that no one else was to do the op…..we waited…….our faith in his hands…. 13 weeks and after one cancelled (by the hospital last minute) we kissed a positive but very frightened mum down at the theatre doors…..9 hours later and after some serious complication with her blood pressure and blood loss she was back in intensive care……where a very kind nurse finally tracked down the surgeon…..who sent his understudy to tell us that mum’s cancer had grown to 8 cm…..and had gone through the lining of her heart….therefore her lung and the cancer remained….. I knew I was going to lose my mum….   Unfortunately….mum and dad didn’t know this…..she was offered chemotherapy….she took it…….it wiped months of her fragile life…….she was offered hope from her Macmillan nurse (I am in full support of all people in the care profession and am the first to support/donate but for me in this case I was disappointed) the Macmillan nurse knew mum had aggressive lung cancer and yet persuaded mum and dad to believe that the chemotherapy was reducing the cancer… got to a point that in the August and during a routine follow up with her specialist….I forced the issue…….and asked the question.  How long? Mum agreed that the specialist could tell us….(me and dad) but she preferred to leave the room…… is only the second time I have seen my dad cry….. :( …….The consultants words although expected were like a knife…… “a couple of months at best” I thought this may be the worst day of my life…….   Mum knew…….I held her eyes…..then hugged her…..she told me she loved me…..something she rarely said…..mum’s love was always apparent…..hugs….kisses…..simple gestures….always putting you before herself…….but rarely spoken. That day was really difficult, the consultant wanted Mum to stay in for a couple of days and have a blood transfusion – we all sadly just wanted to go home. sitting around the hospital bed all knowing and yet not saying…..just heart wrenching. Dealing with Dad’s anger (aimed mainly at the surgeon), trips in and out of hospital/hospice, and trying to keep a lid on my emotions was hard……we got through it……. We had lots of special days when mum was strong enough….and in the November we had what was to be our last meal out together…


precious moments…..

we enjoyed a day out….hiring a mini bus….mum watched the kids play on the beach and collected shells for her….they each won her special things from the arcades (all those went with her in her coffin) we sat and ate fish and chips as the sun set…..


our last day trip to the sea….

I spent a very special Christmas with her…..Christmas Eve hot pork sandwich (our own little tradition which mum adored) kids bathed and ready for bed in their new PJs…..all crammed into mum’s room (she was home AND STAYING!!)…..then Christmas day….mum and Dad shared their last  Christmas dinner together on their own…..while we all tried to be positive at my house (I live just round the corner – so “meals on wheels” was easy for me!) Mum’s sister Mal was over from Canada….she was a great support for dad while she was here. Christmas afternoon…..just me, Dad, Mal and a good friend of mine, Jo opened mum’s presents on her bed… was something special….Mum perked up and really connected…..we had Christmas in our own way that afternoon…….it was lovely.


mum and dad’s special Christmas day

There were magical moments. Athena spending the afternoon pampering her Nanny, doing her nails, Alethea chatting away, Shae proudly delivering a handmade card and Kal’s special “nanny cuddles”.   There were times when it was hard…..Shae asking why the cancer had not been cut out…..then watching helpless as my six year old son broke down and cried…..times when I really struggled to hold my own tears in….one gentle hand on my shoulder once from a GP  or holding hands with mum as she received her last rites on that Wednesday morning…”her provision for the journey” (I’m not a religious person but for mum it would have been important and I will always be grateful to our local Vicar, Rev’d Pam Powell who was such a great source of support for mum during those final few weeks and for coming straight round on that Wednesday morning).


Mal was going back to Canada early hours of the Monday morning… that Sunday I cooked a huge Lamb dinner with homemade rice pudding……it was to be Mum’s last meal……Mum stopped eating on the Monday. By the Friday I had all but moved in… would spend the night with Mum and I would spend the day with her……taking breaks to run down and see the kids when she had a visitor…………It was important to me and dad that she wasn’t left alone. Over the weekend Mum was very agitated and sleeping lots…..calling out for her cousin Pearl – fighting with something that disturbed her mind….we were struggling to get her crushed tablets down her … the Sunday night I called the doc out….he put mum on a syringe driver which offered her a considerable amount of pain relief….and she finally settled with her thoughts…..she was completely at rest with whatever had troubled her…..which was a huge relief…..seeing anyone you love in any form of distress is just horrendous…..being unable to do anything about it is even worse


spending precious hours with mum….x

I had got into a routine of washing Mum…..and taking care of her mouth….making sure it was not dry etc…….now anyone who knows me will raise an eyebrow at that…..I really do not do nursing……Mum knew it as well……On the Monday I was applying some cream and just chatting away to her….she murmured just three words…..”I Love You” …….No one has said she spoke to them….but I would love to carry the knowledge that Mum’s last words were solely for me….On the Tuesday…..carrying out what was now our little routine….as I was cleaning her mouth….she opened her eyes,  scrunched her nose up and tried to smile……it stopped me in my tracks…….this lovely strong lady who had always put her children first…was doing it again……the strength and will it must have taken her to try and smile……those two actions are buried deep in my heart….x


Wednesday started no different to any other day……apart from mums feet had gone cold…….

I spent a the whole day with her… she was quiet and at peace and did not wake up at all….and usually if I let go of her hand for even a second she would murmur or move her fingers to search for that comfort….today she did not. Today she had slipped even further away from us.

It was about 7 and I would always run down and put my two boys in bed……..Jo had persuaded Dad to have something to eat and was going to fetch him a Chinese….. so I went with her to pick it up… was about 7:40 by the time I got back  (a little later than normal time of 7:20)…….I stuck my head in and announced to her I’m back!” Mum at this point turned her head and opened her eyes…….her eyes which had been very pale and opaque were completely lit up….they were shining and bright and full of calm peace and love..I took her hand ….it was completely mesmerising… this day I don’t know why or how but I knew she was going to leave us…..I shouted for dad….He came in…..I just quietly told him “it’s time for mum to go……..” He got on the bed scooped her up like a baby in his arms and I held onto her hands…..then while Dad told her how much he loved her…..I said our goodbyes and re-enforced how much we all loved her and that we would miss her……I told her to say hello to my Nan and Uncle Bob and Uncle Moss…….she draw a couple of gasps  and was very gently taken to where her pain would be no more. Her final moments were beautiful and I truly believe that she waited for me to get back…..she held my hand through life and I wanted to hold hers as she passed onto her final life…..all the the pain of recent months had disappeared as she shed her body and was guided to a better place

……Walking down the Isle, in the church, alongside my brothers carrying our mum while Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli poured out “time to say Goodbye” should have upset me….Standing in the Church reading her Eulogy is something I didn’t think about, watching dad sit alone by mum’s coffin….. taking mum back out the Church while Boyzone sang “No matter What” and people blew kisses and touched mum’s wicker basket should have touched me……and eventually releasing the straps to place my mum into the ground  should have broken me…….it didn’t…..because It was mum’s last wish that we do all those things for her – Her final hours that her body graced this world  had been her way, simple and a celebration of who she was, light and full of love and admiration for her presence and what she meant to those who came…….and for the final time I was going to put my mum first above anything….. Goodnight and God bless. x


Mum’s Eulogy.

June Valerie Alethea Bostock (Newbold) 1st November 1941 – 16thJanuary 2013  

June was born 1st November 1941 in Oldbury, West Midlands.  The eldest of four children Pauline, Mal and Moss.  A relatively happy childhood spent playing mother to the three siblings and any other she could tuck under her wing….Although June passed her 11 plus, she preferred to stay at home “blacking the grate” and generally doing anything to get out of school, especially P.E and games! She enjoyed housework so much that after highly polishing the stairs one day, her father went from top to bottom on a small mat which she had left at the top.  He stated “I could have caught the bus, had the front door been left open”.

It was in the October of 1959 that June first met Brian, travelling to work on the same bus each evening.  June had fierce competition for Brian’s attention in the name of Jean her arch enemy… One Saturday dinner time on the “Two Twelve” bus, both frantically applying lipstick, Brian boarded the bus and had to decide which girl to sit by ……..

Needless to say he made to right decision and June and Brian were happily married on March 18th1961.  Although June settled into married life extremely well, she did make a few fumbles along the way ….. like cooking Brian a warm stew to come home to and instead of twenty little dumplings, Brian struggled with four dumplings which took over the stew and the kitchen!!…..or the constant bargain hunting,  like the job lot of toothpaste she proudly brought home ….for false teeth! Always on that lookout for the elusive bright yellow reduced sticker, she had even been known to root through somebody else’s basket for them.

A love of music led to qualifications in ballroom dancing, and a sacrifice of her favourite black shoes that she had to paint silver…although severely breaking her ankle in later life whilst doing the twist, put a rein on her bopping….and to the relief of her children stopped the public rock, rolling and jiving with Brian!

Her pride and joy arrived in the form of her four children, Wayne, Mark, myself  and Jason. She was always there to share the smiles and mop the tears, the cool hand on your brow when you were ill, the warm hand in yours when you were scared, nothing on this earth can separate us from her….not time….not space…..not even death…. her love really was unconditional. She was our protector….our warrior…..our mum

Married for nearly 52 years, June took great delight in renewing their vows two years ago in the same church they had originally married. Surrounded that day by many of you here today…..her family and her friends. A day I’m sure you will agree was one to be treasured.

June adored the sea. From day trips as a child, to family caravan holidays down in Devon.  One of her last wishes during her final illness was fulfilled by simply eating fish and chips by the sea, with a few of her grandchildren, as the sun set.   June also loved gardening and flowers and so had plenty of opportunities to design gardens during her and Brian’s 27 house moves! As a child I often wondered whether I had any Romany blood in me with the amount of times we moved. June’s perfection with her gardens, often left her frustrated with Brian’s take on gardening (and various other DIY jobs!), when asked to prune a few rose bushes she discovered he had completely mutilated them leaving just a twig poking out of the ground and believe me he was only ever asked to “weed”once……!!

June’s determination to overcome each illness was inspired by her grandchildren: Jessica, Luke, Daniel, Simon, Alethea, Sophie, Athena, Lefie, Shae, Kal, Tia….and the grandson she will never hold….Jude. Not forgetting her great Grandchildren: Kayden and Darcy. She was so very proud of them all, and took great delight in receiving a hand drawn picture…..a shell from the beach or simply a hug…….

June’s brave battle came to a very peaceful end on that Wednesday evening……in Brian’s arms…..warm loving hands this time holding hers tightly….and words of love and encouragement to send our fighter on her way. She was such a wonderful warm person, who saw no fault in anyone,only ever goodness.  A cup of tea was never far away when visiting, which possibly explained, the 2000+ Yorkshire teabags hidden all over the place!  Her smile was as welcoming as her tea and she would always put others before herself, but today we put June first ……I hope you will join me one last time in wishing June…. “Goodnight, God bless”, from all of us.


I Am

I am the rain that cherishes.

The sun that warms

I am the wings of a butterfly.

The dew on a rose

I am the blue in the sky.

The red in the sunset

I am the twinkle in the stars.

The light in the moon I am the four seasons.

The colour of the rainbow

I am the shimmer of the snow.

The fire that glows

I am the gentle spirit inside you.

The keeper of your soul

I am the dreams you fulfilled.

The joy in your heart

I am the love in your eyes.

The desire from within

I am the smile on your lips.

The laughter in your voice

I am the wings that enfold you.

The protector of your life

I am the one who shares your dreams.

The fears and your hopes

I am your wife…Your mum…your nanny…your sister…your friend.

I am your Angel…..

”Goodnight God Bless Nanny”   

Read by Athena.



A beautiful brave lady…….my mum…xx

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All change……

by on Nov.06, 2013, under Sharon...

Over the past 12 months or so our family has gone through many changes….this post is dedicated to the kids. They have accepted, risen to and carried on with day to day life even though life has reared up and completely kicked us in the guts.

During those changes I have come to appreciate who is important in my life and who is not. Some of our changes have been very public… own mum fighting those final 12 months until finally laying down and bravely accepting her fate, the end of my marriage to Andy and him moving out of the house, my own dealings with that shitty word cancer resulting in a hysterectomy just a week after burying my mum, My daughter taking paracetamol due to bullying, the very hard decision to move my boys from our village school to the neighbouring village…….looking back I am (still am) amazed at people…..from two-faced bitching and complaining to “taking sides” …… people really have such shallow lives that they hold no compassion but to kick while a person is weak?  I do not need those sort of people in my life….so my way of dealing with them is to simply shrug my shoulders and move on

My advice to them…..they should have waited a while before using their venom because during the peak of everything going on I was immune to feeling any more then I felt…..I was topped up on emotion and had put a complete block on feelings….so their pathetic attempt to poke and cause distress went straight over my head…….one particular incident actually made me “laugh out loud!”  :D


I can put up with gossip….stares…..and even being sent to Coventry…… simply because those people do not matter to me….I will continue to ignore and smile

I have removed myself socially from any form of involvement now where possible……and will keep my mouth shut of any opinions…..especially to the people I do not trust (or now that I don’t trust!) …..I have found it only makes my day to day life more complicated… opinion, suggestion or comment can easy turn into a a big deal in the wrong hands….and very quickly turned against you…..I live and work in a small village……and will continue to do so until my last off-spring has shed the nest…….then I’m outta here :D

On a positive note (because reading this post through it sounds very doom and gloom and extremely negative ) during the last 12 months or so I have  bonded much better to some very close friends…..I have also discovered some wonderful new friends who have supported me and my whole family through thick and thin…..  Thank you x

STRENGTH……Isn’t about how much you can handle before you break…..its about how much you can handle after you break.


……..failing all that …………there’s always Chocolate!!!  :D 

I can't eat any more chocolate!!!

I can’t eat any more chocolate!!!


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The end of the shop…..the start of a website!

by on Oct.23, 2013, under My website - Alwaysspecial

It was really with deep sorrow that I took the decision to close my little shop in Oswestry last year…… but looking back it was completely the right decision.

My mum had been diagnosed with Lung cancer…..after finding out that her lung could not be removed I decided that for the remaining months I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible…..for me it felt right.

The support from my regular customers was lovely…..genuine and sincere. I do feel that there is a lack of support for the “little business” and if your opinions are slightly different to the clique then you are overlooked in so many ways….. but that is life…..I do very often blurt out what I feel or think and only because I care so much about things…. lots of people in life can not handle either the truth or differing opinions… I carry on walking with a shrug of my shoulders and a grin!

Always Special has been rested for over a year now……it’s time to bring it back out into the sunshine!

My greatest joy this week was getting back in contact with the wonderful Loretta… Wonka of the Soap world! For the first time in a long long time I have felt a little buzz….putting together my first order for the new website with Loretta was up-lifting…..knowing she believes in me as much as I believe in her products was fab…….she finished one of her emails simply with the words “It’s great to have you back”

……..I have to say it’s actually great to be back!  :D


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Mr Corky.

by on Sep.16, 2011, under In Memory of..., The Cats!

It has taken a while to actually write this…..Corky was such a huge character that every-time I tried I ended up a little tearful.

Corky arrived as a small kitten just before Christmas a few years ago….along with his brother Ceylon….and of course Mr Darcy.  Corky lead the gang of three straight away….taking on our Labradoodle, Tikka…..and when he was bored with her, he went on to terrorise the neighbours dogs, chickens, ducks….even children!!!!!

He was naughty, cocky, arrogant…..BUT he was the most loving, affectionate furry…..if he spotted you his tail would shoot straight up with the top just kinked over….ready for that head-butt and huge purr…..he would often be find head on pillow snuggled up with my daughter Alethea…fast alseep…..or just sprawled out next to her while she watched TV or played.

Those of you who followed “TheBruvs” on twitter will appreciate the fun that the boys had… real life this is exactly how Corky lived…..ALWAYS up for the next adventure. Playing up at the church, in fields of sheep, running in front of cars, stranded up trees laughing at a big German shepherd. He was a true wanderer, sometimes gone for days – BUT he always returned to his home, his food bowl and his cuddles……..his nine lives he used and when they ran out he just grinned and carried on….that was corky.

A few weeks ago we got that dreaded message that a  cat similar to our Corky had been knocked over…..sadly we brought him home for the last time.

I would like to think that he is now having an absolute ball up at Rainbow Bridge….I’m sure he is. He leaves behind a huge hole especially in the life of my daughter Alethea………

Raising a glass to you Mr Corky…..

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by on Feb.09, 2011, under The Family

mmmmmmm…..I am a tad late in writing this…but hey…we have been a little bit busy.

Where shall I begin….OK….Friday 5th Nov, Sophie had been admitted to hospital the day before because her blood pressure was up and there was the dreaded protein present!. After using a gel and giving “things” a gentle nudge they booted me out of the Hospital at 9 o’clock “go home she will not be doing anything tonight” they told me….after promising to ring as soon as anything did “start” knowing it was a good 40 minute drive to the hospital from my house  -  off Andy and I went….with just a nervous feeling.

The phone rang at 12.27 in the early hours…..I have had four children, but I have to say my hand shook as I took that call….I quickly washed my face, brushed my teeth and kissed a rather pale Andy goodbye….shouting next time we speak you will be a Granddad….and promising to take care of Sophie…and of course to take it easy driving to to the hospital!!!……yeah right..!!!!!!

The forty minute journey took a lot less….by the time I had struggled to key the number plate of my car into the car park ticket dispenser, parked up and legged it across to maternity I had missed Kayden’s arrival by just a few minutes…he arrived at 12.45 – the midwife was just handing him to a rather shell-shocked Sophie!! I couldn’t believe that here was our Sophie holding her Son….and she had very bravely done it all on her own….!!!

Apparently after we left at 9 she had started to contract….the midwives had told her she was not in labour….she begged them to call me….they refused.  By 12 she was in such pain that a text that she was sending me, asking me to come, lay unfinished on her phone…one of the “mum to be’s” on Soph’s ward had rang for a midwife and insisted that she was seen to……one check and Sophie was whipped down to the delivery rooms….I was rang (at 12.27!!!!!) and a couple of pushes later our Kayden made his powerful entry into the world!!!

I have to say…giving birth is special….nothing is compared to holding that baby that you have felt move inside for the first time….but sharing Kayden during those first few hours with Soph was also very special….I gave him a kiss from all the important people in his life who was yet to see him and lifted him to the window and let the heavens look down on him ….for all those special people who he will never see. I am so glad that Soph gave me the chance to share her and Kayden’s first moments together

 By the time poor old Soph had been stitched and messed with it was getting on for 6.30 in the morning…after seeing her settled I headed off back home armed with a camera full of pictures and a stupid grin

I guess the past three months with Kayden at home has flew by….all the kids love him…and to be honest it’s hard not to…the little man is so laid back, happy and content…..he has four older aunties and uncles (officially) however a family meeting declared that the four of them prefer to see Kayden as a BROTHER… he has four older doting Brothers and Sisters….a Nanny and Granddad who love him to pieces and a Mummy who absolutely adores him.

Kayden - 3 months!


Kayden getting "the house rules" explained!! a few hours old!


:)   good stuff

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To work or not to work?

by on Feb.02, 2011, under My thoughts...

Some things in life make me wonder…..usually at 2 o’clock in the morning!!

One thing that does bug me….should I work?

Taking away the fact that my spine would probably appreciate taking things easy at home….should I work? Snide comments made, the kids reaction when we get home at 5.30, one day off a week, all creep into those dark areas at 2 in the morning….

My parents have always worked and I do not think I have been affected in any way, I have not missed out on anything….I just remember that Saturdays were always VERY busy with Mum BLITZING the house…from top to bottom (probably like our Sundays!!!). So I really do not think my kids will ever miss out because I work. One day off a week I have to live with. Snide comments can go take a jump!!!

I use facebook for various reasons…but mainly so that my family/friends can keep intouch with me. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who do not work, often commenting on daytime  TV programmes, stating that they are bored, bragging about the 42″ plasma TV they have just brought…even uploading a lovely picture of it….these people DO NOT WORK – they are on benefits!!!!…While I appreciate that certain people can not work (disabilities of the mind or body) there are a large proportion of people even on my small facebook group who really take the piss!!!!

Probably receiving more money than someone who works full time, nice new car every three years, a holiday three times a year…..moaning on a Sunday night that they have to get up on Monday (to do a School run!), embracing “Fridays” because it’s the weekend (and that’s different to a weekday for you because?), commenting on the sixth time that week they have had a takeaway (usually topped by going out for lunch on the Sunday!!) Complaining that they have to “get up off the sofa to make a brew” ………….TELL YOU WHAT GET OFF YOUR ARSE AND GO DO SOMETHING REAL…..LIKE GET A BLOODY JOB!!!!!! Stop relying on the system to provide for you like it owes YOU!! I’m sorry if I offend anyone….if you are truly disabled unable to work (both my parents are registered disabled, so I fully appreciate disability) then you will agree with me that there are people in the UK who need a slap!!!

Then there are the small group of people who think just because you work for yourself you got it easy…I have actually had it said to me “oh shut the shop it’s only for a day”….”you can do as you please…you aint got a boss!”….”You can afford it…look at your shop!”

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…… Tell me…how many people would work for nearly a year and be so dedicated to their “job” that they “give” their wages back in order to make the business grow? How many people would take an annual three day holiday and work six days a week? How many people rise over emotional and physical pain barriers to smile and greet every customer?

Self-employment does have benefits….but it also has huge drawbacks.

So back to my question : to work or not to work?

Yes, I could stay at home claiming for all manner of REAL things!!….BUT I CHOOSE not to, and while I can physically can I will work….I want to set an example to my children, I am proud, I owe nothing, and I take from no one.

Ask yourself….what would you really rather do? Fall into bed each night knackered but slightly buzzing, content that your kids are being set a fantastic example? or sit infront of your 42″ plasma TV wondering what bloody takeaway you gonna have tomorrow?

The system stinks…..and I welcome any shake up that will weed out the scummy, lazy gits who claim to be disabled  and their “carers” who also live off the system.  I am having my blast on here, because although I often go on facebook and see these people’s statuses I cannot leave comments on there (believe me I AM SO TEMPTED!!!) because close people I care about who are related to these people would be hurt.


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Our first Christmas in Oswestry!

by on Feb.02, 2011, under Always Special

So many people ask “how was the shop over Christmas?” ….one word ……”WOW!!!”

We approached Christmas hoping we were going to be busier…little did we actually know just how busy we would be!!

As it got nearer to Christmas the snow dropped…causing havoc on the UK postal system…sending those who had ordered online into the shop to pick up extra gifts just in case products ordered did not make it through on time, added to that our regular customers who all year had promised to do their “complete Christmas shop” in my shop, and then the first time customers/browsers all adding up to a December that was manic.

The last Saturday before Christmas we smashed our daily record for puchases and customers. That’s it we thought, probably the busiest we will ever be….the shop had customers in from the time it opened at 9.30 until we finally closed the door an hour and half after the usual closing time!!


The final week in the run up to christmas was hectic…with three huge deliveries of bath products that week, we were replacing stock as quick as loretta could make it!!! Christmas eve dawned and I was determined to close the shop shortly after dinner and get home to the kids. Figuring that it would be quiet, most people would have done their shopping???

NOPE!!!! Christmas eve kindly smashed the Saturday before by 2 o’clock I knew going home as early as I had hoped was not going to happen…by 3 o clock I wanted to lock the door….by 4 o’clock I did lock the door….turned half the lights out… comments like “oh are you closing?” …..(mmmmmm….I do have a life and a few little kids at home who would like to spend some time with me on Christmas eve!!!)

After a very quick tidy round, Z-report and while waiting for Andy to close downstairs there was a yound guy knock the front door…we are closed I mouthed….he placed his hands together and pleaded….DAMN….I unlocked the door.

This guy had ten pounds to his name, he had spent £6 over the road with the “Leather man”  still needed to get home to his mum…and needed a present for her…..I’m a sucker for a sad story….needless to say the guy’s mum would be happy this Christmas!!!!

As I stood at the door….I very proudly wished my little shop, in Oswestry,  a very Happy 1st Christmas – Thanked it for everything.  Lots of people often say 20 Leg Street is a lucky shop, previous owners “Gooseberry Boutique” has grown fantastically, Upstairs/downstairs is one of the best Cookware shops around….all started in 20 leg Street. So fingers crossed that 2011 can be as good as last year….if not better!!!

Thank you to all our customers/friends/family for the support of making me believe in Always Special – The Gift Shop, Oswestry.


Happy New Year Always Special x

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Hello world!

by on May.21, 2009, under The Family

Welcome to Sharon & blog site…….

Keep an eye out for daily posts and dont forget to check out for some really unique and beautiful gifts……. cheers (Site Admin)

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