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Room for one more…..

by on May.10, 2011, under The Family

This year brings two new arrivals into Bodwen………….Sophie has moved her boyfriend in…..and Athena has a new friend, a tiny, fluffy bundle of fun…..called Kashmiri….Kashy for short.

Athena is my eldest girl and she suddenly announced she would like a cat…..this coming from the girl who would rather eat animals (shuddering at the thought) So I started the search for the right kitten…….You know when you start looking for a four-legged friend to join your family you realise a few things……firstly there are a lot of people out there who have animals to literally make money from them…..selling kittens and puppies for stupid amounts of money….makes me sick…..but what makes me madder, is that cats and dogs in “homes” “protection leagues” etc etc will never have the chance to come and live with me because my house sits on the main road…..even though the cat-flap exits onto the wild back gardens and fields!!!

Anyway I found a lovely lady who’s cat had four kittens….and so Kashy came to live in Llansantffraid! She has been with us for three weeks now and yet I have never known an animal settle in quite so quickly…..she rules the nest. She rides on the back of poor Mr Darcy, hides in wait for TheBruvs….and poor ole Danny has his tail swung on daily!!!…….but her favourite game is playing chase with Pathia the smaller dog.

and so our house is now even more crazy……do I care….of course I do….I LOVE IT!!!!!

Kayden meets Kashy!!

Kayden meets Kashy!!

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by on Feb.02, 2011, under The Family

If you have read previous blog entries about my kids…you will have read about Shae….his intelligence, quirky behaviour…..over the summer holidays my little man was assessed by a child psychiatrist, speech therapist and the ball is now rolling on the strongly suspected view that Shae is on the Autistic spectrum….possibly towards the high functioning end

Those of you who have ever looked at their child when they are tucked up safe in bed, fast asleep….eyes tightly closed, dreaming happily in a world that gives them a slight grin on a peaceful face…will have had at that moment – an over-powering surge of love….add to that a feeling of wanting to make everything OK, taking away any problems will appreciate the feeling I had one night looking down on Shae – the need to protect, make everything as smooth in life as possible……I have gone from feeling kicked in the guts by the thought that something is not “normal” with one of my kids, upset, blaming myself…to being thankful that at least Shae is here with us….to actually embracing Shae and his quirks…..Shae is just SHAE

I am right now on a huge learning curve… many things about Shae now make more sense…wanting to be alone, frustrated moments sparked up from nowhere, desire for everything just “right”, not being able to play a family game with siblings, intense focus on “wheels” as a small baby/toddler…which has been replaced by dinosaurs, monsters and aliens, a jumper not being the correct colour, his literal meaning and interpretation of the world, what we have always described as “that’s just Shae” really does now become clearer…..although the yearning to see the world from his eyes is huge….to understand.

Shae has now started “big school”. The first few weeks have gone “OK”…….

……..The fact that a teacher had to get into the swimming pool two weeks running ……FULLY CLOTHED.. (  :)    ) to retrieve a fun-filled Shae….will probably always make me chuckle.

……..Or telling the dinner lady to “shut up….because has you can see I am eating my dinner!!!”…..does bring a smile to my face.

or the best….addressing a teacher walking down the corridor…

“Who are you??”

“I’m Mr Hughes, the headmaster!!!”

“Where are you going?”

“… my office”


“… work?”

To Shae the Headmaster….dinnerlady….school friend….all the same – it’s a shame life really wasn’t that simple, that people didn’t have different rank, importance….another story I guess…

We are at the moment fighting for funding for Shae….but as that is probably the same for every parent with a child needing extra support at School , I am not using this blog as a platform for my grievances.

Shae never ever fails to make us smile (although sometimes keeping an adult straight face is required – impossible!!!) There is a deep intelligence within Shae….and he really does crack us up with his dry “as it is” sense of the world, he is undoubtedly hard work, harder than any of the others…days out have to be planned meticulously, potential obstacles have to be thought about, he is “watched” constantly, his meltdowns tire the whole family, his outbursts are sometimes put above the needs of the other kids…….But he is blond, green eyed….with a smile that when he flashes it lights up the whole of his face….it would melt the toughest of hearts and break the hardest of faces, when you get a cuddle or compliment from him it comes straight from his soul….

He is just “Shae”

Our Shae

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Proudly presenting Kayden..

by on Oct.06, 2010, under The Family

Well Sophie (Bessie) is now five weeks away from bringing my Grandson, Kayden into the world :)

The house is slowly changed ready for his arrival…..amazingly I have four children of my own, the youngest being three….but the arrival of Kayden has completely changed the equilibrium of the house….in a good way!!!. A wall has been built…. oak beams filled in with plaster board and plastered/painted by yours truly and Sophie now has her own bedroom… boys remain in their own room and my girls now share my old bedroom (lovely, large bedroom!!!) and me and Andy relegated to the smaller (just as lovely) smaller bedroom…all sorted….amazingly enough in all the move-arounds we now have a four bedrooms…and two lounges….and the best of it is….the kids have one lounge….the other with it’s oak-lined wall, oak floor and huge oak beams standing strong and proud….will eventually be turned from “the grown-ups” lounge to a PUB room!!!!!!!!! (I’m sure TheBruvs will appreciate this!!!!!!) :)

Now where was I…..mmmmmmm…..aa if I could possibly forget….KAYDEN!!!

Along with the joys associated with the forthcoming arrival of Kayden….it has also had a few black moments. We live in a small village. The father of Kayden also lives in our small village….their are also some small minded people who live in our small village….friends with, it seems both our Sophie and the baby’s father…..loose tongues, have with just a few weeks before Kayden’s arrival, put doubts about his paternity into heads…it makes me VERY cross to think of how Sophie feels when “the father” suggests he would like a DNA test, “rather than bringing up somebody’s else’s child!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Before I run off and purchase a very large rusty knife and cut into his Vas deferens….I will think of Kayden and most of all our Soph…who have done nothing wrong  :)

Did I mention that Soph wants ME to be her birthing partner??? ……..

Did I mention that I hate anything like that???……

Did I mention that even a birthing scene on TV makes me feel squirmish…and I cannot even look??……

I’ll say no more……..

apart from….

May I proudly present the most loved Grandson….. Kayden

4d scan of Kayden

4d scan of Kayden

little man….it does not matter why or how you were conceived….what people have to say….whether your father stands up to be proud…..In November are coming into our crazy house full of Uncles, Aunties, Nanny & Granddad….and of course your Mummy. You will always be warm, fed, safe and above all unconditionally LOVED.

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Oswestry – Always Special gift shop gets a 2nd floor!

by on Oct.06, 2010, under Always Special

From the title, you can guess that I have finally opened the second floor!!

Sounds easy…. mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

taking away the joys and stresses at home..I think another page will be dedicated to all that! Opening the second floor in the shop was probably more stressful than actually opening the first floor!!! The reason we did it in three days!!!

The days of extended the bottom of the stairs  – making it easier for the customers to come down, painting, replacing floor boards, lighting, security cameras, trips to ikea after work for the tables/shelving, putting the stock out….all done in three days….and a couple of late evenings!!

The final friday (before the Saturday opening) at about 8 o’clock, deciding I could take no more, with a back so bad that the painkillers were not having much effect, and hardly being able to walk, I asked Andy to drive my car right up to the front of the shop (bearing in mind we are totally within our right to load and unload during certain times of the day – this being one of the times) I literally crawled bent double from the front door to the car, got in the car and looked over the road to see a police man sitting in his car mouthing the words “MOVE IT!!” gesturing frantically at the car….he had seen me crawl to the car in obvious pain. Andy came out having set the alarm and lock the shop to more verbal abuse from this police man “MOVE IT!!” (a man of many words!!!!) Andy shouted back that we were loading….the policeman once again searched deep and shouted “MOVE IT!!”….

……By this time in GREAT discomfort I am attempting to get out the car to give this policeman a piece of my mind, The policeman with his miami vice shades on (at 8 PM in October!!!) was oblivious to my violent gestures and verbal non appreciation of his ignorance …..Andy jumps in the car to a VERY steaming ME…the policeman drives off…

I wanted Andy to drive me round to the police station….alas it closes at 5.30 GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Anyway….Saturday 2nd October Always Special – Gift shop in Oswestryproudly opened it’s Secondfloor…..YES I know technically it should be called first floor (the ground floor is the shop floor with the door into the shop) But to us and a few of our customers it’s our SECOND floor….and really who cares what it is called…….we now have two floors in which to sell!!

So if you are reading this and live locally…..pop in and see us (that’s unless you were the policeman on duty that night giving a pain ridden lady grieve for getting in the car outside her own shop!!!!!)

What’s on the second floor……?

Mexican figurines, handcrafted beautifully, Candles of all shapes and sizes, Baskets made up as complete gifts – Beer/lager baskets, J2o/coke baskets, craft baskets, recycled models and bags made out of beer and soft drink cans.

Downstairs now we have more room our range of handmade soaps, bathmelts and waxmeltshave extended onto three large kitchen tables!!! joining them is our ever growing range of jewellery from around the world, handmade bags, more candles, new traditional sweet shop table, bearing old fashioned sweeties for all ages, and not forgetting a unique range of Nappy cakes, towel cakes, Swiss rolls, smoothies, ice cream sundaes and giant muffins….all made by Always Special from Towels, face cloths, socks, gloves etc

With Christmas coming Always Special has to be the place to visit….If not for unique gifts then just to stand and let the smells of the soaps and candles take you to that feeling of Christmas past!!!!

As always have Fun!!!!!!

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Athena’s last day…

by on Jul.19, 2010, under The Family

Friday 16th July

At 2.18pm Alethea turned 8 and three hours and thirty three minutes later, at 5.51 Athena turned 11.

but for Athena this was to be a big year……Along with the rest of Year six, she spent her final hours at primary School.

With Andy manning the shop I had the day off.

The leaver’s Assembly was a lump in throat occasion!  Each child in year six stood before the mums, dads, grandparents and recalled their memories of Primary School…..which was then topped by the headmaster (also year five/six teacher) giving his take on each child…Athena was summed up (rather accurately) as being the pupil he would always remember because of her obsession with her hair!!! On a recent trip to Brecon, after spending time with the class to discuss what they would be doing etc……Athena only had two questions..

“would there be an hair dryer?” and “can we take our straighteners?”

kind of sums her up…..

I have to say the School is fantastic….Athena has left having gained experiences that many children will never have….taking part in the Eisteddfod, residential trips to London, Brecon….being involved in Sporting events. She has blossomed into a confident, colourful character, who has so much more ahead of her. Her memories of her Primary School I am sure will always be fond and they will hold a special place within her heart…

The day was topped off with a Prom. Now Athena being Athena chose her two dresses (yes TWO dresses….apparently a girl always needs a back up dress…I sure am learning a lot from this “parent” thing) weeks before the event and then spent two hours getting ready….mmmmm

Athena posing

Athena posing

For me it was a case of setting up the disco, the tables, the marque…with the help of a few mums….finish at 6….within half hour I had bathed, dressed and was back at the School for 6.30…..WHY does it take two hours???????

The evening was great….the kids came out in their finest!!! The girls dressed up and even the boys turned out in shirts, ties and even the odd Dickie bow!!!.  To the magical haunting sounds of  Andrea Bocelli’s Time to say Goodbye the year six children were all presented one by one by the Head of the School. they then sang to ABBA’s I have a Dream…..two and half hours of Disco and has the night sky started to darken…..all the mums, dads, grandparents, Teachers gathered around a very emotional group of 17 year six, raised their hands high and sang along to “you’ll Never Walk Alone”……a few tears later we all gathered outside and watch each of the Children release a Chinese Lantern containing their hopes and dreams for the future into the night sky….

Sad, thoughtful, happy……above all very proud that Athena is part of those memories….memories created by one of the finest Primary Schools. For the minority of parents who are sometimes unhappy with the School, the Teachers or other pupils….take a few minutes, switch on the TV and look at other primary Schools (perhaps similar to the kind I attended in the West Midlands) large schools where you are really just a name on the register, or are unsafe walking home on your own, or have barbed wire on the fencing in order to keep in or even out…….close your eyes and work it out….are you really blaming someone or something else for your own shortcomings….just a thought?

Llansantffraid Primary School for me and I would say Athena has been supportive, welcome and above all a fantastic platform of learning on all levels….I very proudly send my other three children through those doors.

and so my eldest has left Primary School and continues her journey in September at Llanfyllin High School…

But before then after a late bedtime on Friday night,  forgetting to eat and with a dodgy back and ankle I opened up the shop on Saturday feeling slightly worse for wear…..and not really looking forward to the fact that at seven that night I was opening my door to 14 girls….friends of Athena and Alethea who were crashing over for a sleepover to celebrate the girls birthday……

Oh boy was I in for a shock… I’ve done parties and I enjoy them….but at least the kids go home eventually….the evening was fun, the girls had a laugh…..then at about 11 I settled them all down into PJs and sleeping bags…..thinking rather stupidly that they would all watch a couple of DVDs and then go to sleep…..

SLEEP did not hit these girls until 6.30!!!!!!!! I had vomit, crying for home, I think I may be dying!!!, pole dancing (my poor lamp got busted)..

Which reminds me…I must tell you of the “I think I may be dying” story…

A tiny little eight year approaches me at about 10.30….now bearing in mind – I’m feeling slightly knackered, I still have my two boys running riot amidst a group of high pitched girlies….and this little girl tugs at my top and asks…”may I have a private word”

…..PANIC….oh dear what was this going to be?

We sit down together on the quiet of the stairs…..She looks serious….I ask her what’s wrong…She tells me this…without stopping for a breath…

“Well you know those glow-bracelets, the ones we had at the Prom last night and the ones you have got here, I had a Orange and yellow one at the Prom and Now I’ve got a blue one and a pink one, well I like the pink one the best…one of them leaked and I kind of managed to get some on my face and then I licked my lips and the glow stuff went into my mouth and I have washed my face and my mouth out loads of times, and I couldn’t taste it so I think I got it all out but I’m not sure….no one else has licked it….but I really frightened that I may die!!!

I was jerked out of my day dreaming with the words “I think I may Die” at this point….


errrrrr….when did the glow bracelet leak and when did you get it in your mouth ?

Last night she replied….


well I guess that if you had it in your mouth last night and you already woke up this morning…and you aint dead…I guess you are OK?

Big smile…SIMPLE!!

Kids just make you smile sometimes!!!

Although I have to say I do not think I will be doing a Party again….I know I say that every year….BUT this year I really feel every year of my 41!!!!

I’ll leave you with the girls of year six…… Good luck to all of you. x



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Oswestry Gift Shop gets a “guard dog!”

by on Jul.19, 2010, under The Family

Well I think officially I may well be approaching the menopause….

Most women hit 40 and change their appearance…..their husband….just generally have a mid-life crisis. Not me I hit 40…..NOTHING HAPPENED……..

Until I hit 41!!

Now those that know me from all those years ago will constantly remind me “You never wanted kids” ……mmmmm OK I got that wrong!!

This year 2010 sees me at 41 with five kids….and a grandchild being baked all ready to be delivered in November!!! and apart from the fact that I have to “be there” at the birth (I have to say at this point I would much rather be the one giving birth than the one “watching!” the thought is just stomach turning!!!….The kids only have to cut themselves and I’m wiping it while not looking….as for any scenes on the TV of “labour” and I’m squirming round, clenching muscles and seeing how far I can get my head down the back of the sofa!!!) anyhow with all my kids you would think busy house…why have a puppy?…..well I did. Tikka is now 11 months old and is  like a shaken bottle of pop….completely nutty!!!

So why oh why did I ever even let the idea of another puppy even enter my head……

But when someone speaks to me about “runt of the litter” …no one wants it….it’s far too small to be of use for anything….

I now have TWO dogs…..may I proudly introduce “Pathia!” (YES another Indian curry name!!)

Oswestry Gift shop Guard dog!!

Oswestry Gift shop Guard dog!!

Now originally she was intended as a Playmate for Tikka, BUT when as I carried her home I realised that Tikka could probably eat this little bundle of fluff quicker than she could demolish a frozen chicken wing!!!

So Pathia now comes to the shop in Oswestry with me!!……I could have actually sold her ten times over. She has officially become head of security at the shop….

Pathia is a Cavalier King Charles crossed with a Poodle….apparently!!! we picked her up on the Tuesday on the Wednesday she was vet checked…along with a few minor health issues (which have now been treated and cleared!!!) she weighed in at a scary 0.6kg !!!! I would love to name and shame the People we had Pathia from….They are “breeders” in Telford, who actually breed Cavaliers King Charles, and seem to like Coco. I have emailed them since taking Pathia…firstly to let them know that Pathia had travelled home safely and had settled in….and then further to tell them of Pathia’s Vet report…….they have never responded to any of my emails!!

Advice….. avoid CocoCavaliers of telford!!! I have since spoken to another breeder in Telford who had heard similar stories. People like these need stringing up!!!

anyway Pathia has been with us now for four weeks and on her third trip to the vets she weighed in at a whopping 1.3kg!!! (good ole BARF diet) and has been given a clear bill of health!!!!

She is fantastic with the kids…..worships the ground that Tikka walks on….fully respects the cats (Mr Corky made sure that she quickly understood that CATS RULE!) …..she has settled in so quickly that I can’t remember not ever having her. Everyone who meets her falls in love instantly with her big soulful eyes, her grinning mouth and her constant wagging tail….

I’m not convinced that we will ever have a guard dog in our family or shop…..but lets be honest….what intruder is ever going to get past five kids, four cats and two puppies…..

Me and my two babies!!


Have fun…Sharon

First Kiss!

First Kiss!

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New selection of soaps arrive in Oswestry Shop

by on May.21, 2010, under Always Special

As I am writing this the door at the  front of the shop is open to a gorgeous sunnyday in Oswestry…a beautiful warm breeze is occasionally drifting in, as it filters through the door it gently waves over the three tables in the middle of the shop, as it does so it picks up the fragrances of each and every piece of Handmade Soap……..swirls them together to create a the most spectacular smell before kindly delivering them to me stood gazing out at the gorgeous sunny day in Oswestry!!!!!!!


Now as much as I LOVE my soaps, my gift shop…..the gorgeous day in Oswestry does seem very appealing!!!!!!


So back to my soaps, Loretta (my mad Soap making Professor) has created the most amazing soaps I have ever seen, Apart from the ones made from Goat’s milk….for which myself, Andy and my kids are hooked upon….she has also made up this time a batch of stunning fragrances…..Lime and Poppy seed and Banana, coconut and Honey being among my faves!!!

Lemon and Poppy Seed Soap

Lemon and Poppy Seed Soap


Then there are the Cupcakes…Handmade from Soap. I couldn’t explain or do justice to these works of Art…..So I will let the pictures do all the talking for me.  Suffice to say they smell as good as they look!!!!!





Our Table laden with Soaps

Our Table laden with Soaps


A selection of Cupcakes

A selection of Cupcakes


The Shop

The Shop


Can you smell them?


Have fun…stay safe…keep smiling (despite what you are actually thinking!!!!!)  Sharon  ;)

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Aberystwyth Urdd Netball – Winners of the heart!!!

by on May.20, 2010, under The Family

Well Saturday morning at 7.15am Athena and I jumped onto the mini bus along with her team mates and a few of the mums….and off we went to Aberystwyth…..The kids were high spirited and excited…each had been given a School tee-shirt with their nickname printed boldly on the back….Athena’s was “WOWA” she is affectionately known by this name because six years ago when Alethea was just beginning to talk her pronunciation of Athena turned out to be “Wowa” ….it stuck….we all call her Wowa now!!!

Anyway back to the minibus!!!!

We arrived at Aber half hour before the tournament started….plenty of time to settle in!

Just arrived in Aber!!

Just arrived in Aber!!

Two competitions were to be held that day….the Netball and the best banner. Llansantffraid were representing Maldwyn who were in turn representing Belgium….so banners and flags were designed around the Belgium flag.  We set up camp, placed our banners out….and waited patiently for the start of the competition.

Our Netball team!!

Our Netball team!!


The sheet arrived with the teams from across Wales that we had been pooled against……


… wasn’t good   :(


It turned out in our pool we were up against the top three teams…one of them had previously won the cup three years on the run!!!.  Oh well!!!


Our first match we won….4-2!!!! 

First net of the day!!!!

First net of the day!!!!

we watched the favourites play their match….they won 12-0  it was not looking good, the favourites looked as if they had been placed in a grow-bag…most of them were taller then us parents…and they played a little “rougher” than our kids had experienced before!!!!!

we won our other games….10-2  and 8-1

As our kids bravely stepped onto the concrete to play the favourites a ripple of applause generated around the court.  It was obvious that the favourites tactics were not really appreciated amongst the other teams supporters.  they needed to win…so did we. 

At half time it was 3-2 to them….our kids had took the elbows, ignored the jumping blocks, and danced around the six-foot structures. Hot, red faces….both from the heat and indignation of being held, nudged & body-blocked. BUT still our kids played on…no one moaned, cried or appealed….

The kids entered the second half….the other team’s prep-talk had done the trick they came on and slotted a further 5 nets against us….our kids came from that match the ultimate winners….


….they had won the respect of the other teams  supporters,  they played their hearts and soul out for 14 minutes and although did not go through to the final match….they were the winners of every one’s heart that day!!!!


Well done Llansantffraid Netball Team……you showed how sport should be played….by being competitive but fair, graceful in defeat….out of the competition in a tough match I was so proud of Athena and her team, gutted and probably feeling very upset, they shook the hand of the opposition that day with heads held high.

As a treat for our “winners” we “bribed” the minibus driver (who had watched and cheered on our team) to take us down to the beach for an icecream and a dip in the sea….


I’ll leave you proudly with our nine fantastic Netball players…..who are still Champions of Maldwyn 2009/10 and champions of llansantffraid…


Our Winning Team!!

Our Winning Team!!

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Llansantffraid Primary school – Through to the National Netball Urdd !!

by on Apr.27, 2010, under The Family

I guess the title of this post gives it away!!!


Today I sat for over two hours…and watched the netball team from Llansantffraid fight their way through to the National Urdd competition to be held in Aberystwyth….amongst them my daughter, Athena.

They played well in the first rounds….securing their place in the semi…..JUST!!!! 

With a bench full of mums holding onto bladders, clutching water bottles….and generally embarrassing the kids….the team up their game and won a convincing semi-final 8-0!!!!!!

onto the final….feeling the pressure on the bench… was serious, red-faced……..and starting to feel shattered (the mums that is!!!) the whistle blew… was to be a straight six minutes….no half-time…no second half. (last year we went out at this stage by one goal) could we do it this year????


The first net was probably scored in the first minute….”the bench” went ballistic!!!!. The kids played her hearts out….they looked good…and they played faultlessly!!! 2-0………3-0………4-0…….sore throats on the bench!!!!

The whistle blew!!!


you would seriously think that it was us “mums” who had played!!!…….group-hug, followed by group-hug…..more hugging…..the kids shook hands and cheered the losing side…..and then they were hugged (much to the embarrassment of some) ….who was more excited the kids or parents?….not sure ;)


I have to say the team in “RED” representing Llansantffraid Primary School looked the part, played the part…..and was “simply the best!!”


WELL DONE…..and good luck at Aberystwyth!!!!!


One VERY proud mum…..X   :)

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Have I got some news for you…!!

by on Apr.22, 2010, under The Family

Something was wrong with Soph…..grumpy (more than usual!!!!) and her face was flushed…there was something I just could not put my finger on!!!

After a few days I managed to pin her down…..eventually she confesses that she thought her period was a day or two late!! (mmmmm I suspected as much!!!!) OK….try to keep my face straight. After begging me NOT to tell her Dad she said she would do a pregnancy test on the Friday…this was the Saturday!!!


By Tuesday I think Andy was starting suspect that I knew something – breaking her promise I told him that it was a strong possibility that he could be a Granddad….After a few obvious questions – he seemed at ease with the idea. (OK one hurdle jumped!!!) On the Wednesday of that week I told Soph that I was going to buy her a Pregnancy test….The fact that she had started “barking”, shouting at the kids and eating like you wouldn’t believe…..she needed to know the stress of not knowing was starting to show.

Coming home that evening, Andy bathed the boys while I dragged Sophie into her bedroom….told her exactly what she needed to do…then sat there twiddling my fingers….she came back….”I can’t pee”


Off I ran returning with a pint glass of water…..”DRINK THIS!!!!!”

Twenty minutes later she returned and passed me the pregnancy test…..Glancing at it I noticed the test window was already going “PINK” …..I grabbed the leaflet…re-read it (you think after four kids of my own I would know how to read one!!!) “YEAP” looked like she was pregnant.

I got up walked over to her…wrapped my arms round her and whispered…..”Congratulations…you are going to be a Mummy!!”

SHOCK….was all I saw in her face. 

Worried about what her dad was going to say…I confessed to her that I had laid down an idea that she may be pregnant to him…and that he was “cool” with it…..we both went up into our bathroom where he was bathing the boys…..She stood there….saying nothing. He stood there…saying nothing!!!!

Errrrrrr……You are going to be a Granddad!!! (never one to mess about with words – I came straight out with it!!!)

I think Dad and Daughter probably shared a moment that they have not shared for many years…..they hugged, cried…and hugged.

Telling Athena was not so lovely….more clinical!!!!  “well who is the father? – When will it be born? – Where will it live? – Will I be an Aunty?” Kids can sometimes give magic and take it away!!!!!!


Now she is ten weeks pregnant..Andy is very excited about his Grandchild (as I am too!!!) ..most people who care know about it and are happy for her. Those people (we are a small village) who feel they have to talk about her are not worth the energy of typing!!! The father of “peanut” (as we have lovingly nicknamed it) is aware of the situation and has claimed he would like to be involved in the baby’s life. He is a good lad and our door will always be open for him.

She has the scan this Monday…So hopefully she will allow me to post a picture of “peanut”. Although the birth seems months away she has asked me to be her birthing partner!!……now anyone who knows me, although I have had four children…the thought of watching a birth just makes me shudder….when I had my first baby - the midwife asked if I would like a mirror so that I could see the head crowning…..not really sure if I could spell the words I retorted!!!!! Anyway for Sophie I will be there…just don’t want to think about it too much!!!!! ;)

So there you have it……in November, all being well….Andy and I shall be grandparents!!!! ………….can’t wait!!!!!!

have fun, stay safe…and be happy. Sharon

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