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by on Jul.22, 2009, under The Cats!

We have just encountered the most disgusting thing…..ever!!!

Even worse than Stephanosis’s doggie Jessie…..or Duck Face Lookski…..or watching our girlfriend Valberg1 throw up so she can drink more pints of vodka!!!!

Andy Pandy

Andy Pandy

A camel called AndyPandy…..he belongs to Llubyloo and twitters under the name of Llubyloo2…..he is disgusting…..he has bad breath, stinks and spits green/yellow saliva (at least that what we think it was!!!)

Urged on by his mistress (llubyloo) and alongside his friend Garcia (who he found on eBay!!) they formed a rather nasty attack….I’m afraid we had to retreat….The smell of their spit was making us gag….it was disgusting!!!

Has put us off going for a day trip to the Zoo!!!!


Those camels…..honk!!!

We think we may have a new girlfriend…called Flicka47 but she lives across the big sea…so too far to travel….

and as for Lindseythefirst…well we know what delinquent means now!!….cheeky…we will set our girlfriends salandpepper & valberg1 on to you!!!


Well…..we are going to sneak back onto Twitter now…..Stephanosis, Llubyloo, duck face and her birdie mates….are no doubt hatching a plan to rescue Mr D……”WHATEVER!!!!”

catch ya later……MR CORKY & MR CEYLON

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Mr Darcy….Safe & not hurt

by on Jul.21, 2009, under The Cats!

Mr D on a car seat..guarded by Mr Corky

Mr D on a car seat..guarded by Mr Corky

After this picture was taken Mr D was whipped back into the car and driven to somewhere….(the sign was in welsh…we couldn’t read it)
We Shall return Mr D on Friday….after we have done the #FollowFriday shoutouts we have a few debts to settle……particularly with Stephanosis, Duck-face (lookski), Ahh_shazbot, Sarahgb, Twinkle47, HiToYou,Llubyloo…not to mention hilsofhove, tom01cat, lindseythefirst,justine_hughes & StefHoare
and the very rude AmMarvellous (who we aint scared of!!!)
We shall be mentioning our girlie’s….who have supported us…..Valberg1, LadyTwitster, Salandpepper,MedjusaJ….
and our drinking friend SirFudgeEsq
GOODNIGHT all…..hope the bugs in ya beds don’t bite too hard……..
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Mr Darcy has been kidnapped!!!

by on Jul.21, 2009, under The Cats!

Yeah….that’s right!!!

By us…..and we are Mr Ceylon and Mr Corky!!!

Mr Corky (left) and Mr Ceylon (right)

Mr Corky (left) and Mr Ceylon (right)


Yesterday at around 11.59 we gave Mr Darcy an overdose of catnip….he went mental…chasing his own tail, climbing the curtains…etc while we stood back and drank lager, ate all the crisps in the house and waited……

He eventually fell asleep, that’s when I (Mr Corky) jumped on him grabbed him by his neck, tied his paws together and dragged him to our hideout….

Mr Corky grabbing Mr D's neck!!!

Mr Corky grabbing Mr D's neck!!!


Mr D having his paws tied.....

Mr D having his paws tied.....

Last knot tied up.....

Last knot tied up.....

Mr D....drugged on catnip!!!!

Mr D....drugged on catnip!!!!

 So that was how we captured the little pip-squeak…..

now to take over his twitter account and his blog!!!!!

Now Mr Corky and I are very good looking cats….(we think so anyway) OK we have the “ginger gene” but that makes us more lovable….don’t it? Well the ladies on Mr Darcy’s Twitter account went mental……who would you choose a silly, squeaky boring ole moggie, who thinks he is “the next best thing to someone called Philip Schofield” or us two?  


It caused a little bit of chaos….. Mr Darcy’s lovely Stephanosis (and her beautiful dog, Jess) were amongst the first to lead the attack…she gathered momentum aided by two Girlie Birds called Lookski and ahh_shazbot…..joined by Mr D’s friend Llubyloo they formed a rather quick attack on us….launching scud missiles, and trying to creep up on us with their trainers on……even tried to put pepper in the missiles….

BUT…..we love a game of ball……so we caught the missiles in our teeth!!! (yes we are that hard!!!) while drinking from a beer glass!!! we also had our girlfriend valberg1  (just note: we actually share her) ….she is a classy chick who likes nothing more than a night out with us blokes drinking pints of vodka & bicardi, (with an umbrella in)  a bag of chips and a snog at the end of the evening!!! she is a tad expensive mind… we intend to smuggle bottles down the pub next time!!!

We took a barrage of abuse from these ladies…..but we managed to fend them off……we had threats from Twinkle47 with a knife….claiming to cut away our prized possessions (she even eats ginger nuts for her breakfast!!!) during the height of the battle we thought we may have to give in to the sheer thought…..nuts dipped in hot tea……..OUCH!!!!!

We even fended off implies of “sending the muscle round” from sarahgb….suggestions that we were “Mitchell Brothers in fur” from hilsofhove

Then they tried to trick us……but “we are far too young and clever!!!!”

they pretended to befriend us lead by Stephanosis and her dog Jessie saying nice things to us….It didn’t work…

Jess...Mr Darcy's Fav Dog

Jess...Mr Darcy's Fav Dog

We are working on Mr D’s best friend SirFudgeEsq

SirFudgeEsq...Mr D's clever friend

SirFudgeEsq...Mr D's clever friend


he is very clever….we know we have to be careful with him…but with his brains and our muscle we think we could rule the world…. We are having a drink with him later….he is a scotch drinker….so we will just mix it with our lager….just to be sociable you must understand…..


Then this morning….we were hit by Salandpepper, Lindseythefirst and even Ahh_shazbot (again) all giving us grief….when all we want to do is have fun!!….OK at Mr Darcy’s expense….. these “ladies” even got dogs onto us…..but we laughed so much when we saw the picture, we couldn’t type for a few minutes….and Mr Corky fell off the stool!!!  there they stood…bless them two golden coloured Mummy’s boys, called Teddy and Duffy…with two soft toys in their mouths……

Sorry….couldn’t type again for laughing….

Although we feel that Salandpepper, along with LadyTwitster may enjoy having fun sooooo much that they will join us….we will work on these two pretty ladies….throw them a couple of packets of nuts and a pint….sit them up a corner until they are ready to be walked home…LadyTwitster is very taken with Mr D’s charm….so we are going to buy a “charm the chicks” book off eBay later and then work our magic on them…..:O)

 We are also going to convince his good friend MedusaJ to come over onto our side….she’s a good looking tortie…who we reckon would love a good chase round the garden!!!!

There is however….one lady who scares us….(well a little bit) and that is AmMarvellous…..boy she can whip her tongue round those words and hit you where the sun don’t shine!!!!….she called us mingers, scummy cat-nappers….even suggested we don’t exist? She is sooooo tough we actually think we may be falling in love with her……which would never do, cause tough tomcats like us don’t fall in love…..we just drink lager, father kittens and sit on the fence all day (non-politically speaking of course) So we shall try to be nice to her….might even try a passage from our new book on  her……

Many are asking…..Why? and what do you want?

Answer…. just fun….your darling Mr D will be returned….we are hoping that his followers will drop leaving him just the “Britney’s” and scum of twitter world!!!!

Well….we must go now…..We can hear the cries of a certain young gentleman….and if we are not careful the servants will hear him….already there is talk of him missing…..but we have hired a fancy dress costume and take it in turns to dress up as Mr D…..

Clever eh?

Take care and have a thought for poor Mr D……MOL MOL MOL MOL!!!!!!

Please feel free to leave messages of support (for US!!!)


Love & Snogs…. Mr Corky & Mr Ceylon…*X*

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Mr D falling…Sorry jumping out of the window!!

by on Jul.09, 2009, under The Cats!

OK…before I start can just say….I DID jump and did NOT fall!!
Let me set the scene…there was a group of school children, including one of the off-spring (Alethea) sitting in my garden…drawing pictures of my house….
The noise had woke me up…so I jumped onto the window to see what all the fuss…in a relatively quiet village was all about. That’s when I spotted my two naughty brothers…Mr Ceylon and Mr Corky gamboling around and having a huge amount of attention from the children…so I leaned further out of the window (in order to gain a little attention of my own)…..
anyway…I decided that to outdo my Brothers the only option was to jump!!
….so I did
BOY did those children scream!!! 
but who do they talk about now….Mr Ceylon dive bombing them from a tree?  Mr Corky running 100 miles an hour past them?
It’s Mr Darcy who fell….I mean jumped from the window…!!
Some still walk past (on a daily basis) and shout n cheer for me… least I think they are cheering for me…;o~)
Me just landing...gracefully  of course!!

Me just landing...gracefully of course!!

I'm going to do it!!!!

I'm going to do it!!!!

As you can see it was all performed with grace and beauty….A cat falling would not have executed the jump with such style!!! Don’t you think?
your comments would be greatly appreciated…..
Love Mr D….*X*
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Twitter…and my new friends

by on Jul.02, 2009, under The Cats!

Well after only a few weeks of twittering I have found some wonderful (and also some strange friends!!) both peeps and anipals….for those of you who do not use twitter….peeps are people/human form and anipals are furry animal friends.

Twitter is a strange place….and for the faint hearted not recommended.(try twittering fourteen peeps at one go…my little paws were flying across the keyboard!!!  It is light fun…but also brings people together from all walks of life with similar (and very often different interests)

I have enjoyed tweeting to peeps and anipals from all over the world (mind blowing really for a cat of only eight and half months old!!!!!!) and I have formed special relationships with three anipals in particular..

Jess…my beautiful, lovely, gorgeous doggy friend who lives in Somerset…we met through her mummy peep, stephanosis (Marjorie) who is one of the kindest, caring tweeters around. Jess and I share a passion for all anipals (although I have been known to chase the odd fly or 2,000 and the goldfish sometimes drive me to distraction!!) Jess lives near a big wood, where she often goes walks with her mummy peep…the bunnies do not have to hide from sweet Jess…..

and then there is AndyPandy my friend the camel…he is VERY handsome and lives Shropshire (just across the border from me) with his witty, genealogy loving mummy peep called Llubyloo (Lluby)…. Andypandy is great fun to be with, although NEVER try to drink him under the table….I guarantee you will lose!!! He is looking for a (camel) friend at the moment…he has searched on eBay and even dabbled on Amazon…but alas no camels to be found. So if you are a camel (or perhaps even like to pretend you are a camel?) then please leave your contact details and I will pass them onto my friend…..

and finally YoungMrFudge a beautiful (and very intelligent cat from Australia) who would like world domination (for cats) and although I am opposed to violence have put myself forward for desk work in his mission!! Mr Fudge’s mummy peep is a caring lady who is studying at the moment….which allows Mr Fudge plenty of time to access her computer! NEVER mention Birdbaths in his presence….the poor chap had a nasty experience (to which I still smile about!)

We are soon to go on a big adventure together…watch this space


Regards Mr D

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Mr Darcy & his ice cream…

by on Jun.19, 2009, under The Cats!

It was hot, the birdbath and it’s lukewarm water just did not appeal to me!!! The Off-spring (the peeps children who I live with) all had ice creams…now me being a rather sensible cat, thought OK these young peeps usually know what they doing…and they seemed to all be enjoying their lollies….

So, I did what I do best….cry VERY LOUDLY…”I would really appreciate a lolly!”  while looking intently at the youngest off-spring….eventually (as per usual) I got my way….my very own Ice lolly….and a chocolate one at that!!!

For those of you a little dis-believing…I have had my picture taken during the licking session!!!

Me enjoying my chocolate lolly

Me enjoying my chocolate lolly


Now…for those of you who are cats reading this…I feel the need to point out if the lolly is not “licked” by your peep first (and softened) your tongue will stick!!! Why am I telling you this….a dear friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous ) once stuck to a lolly for over an hour (until it melted!) extremely funny to all….but very painful to him ( I would imagine!!!)

For all you “peeps” reading this I can assure you…us cats do have taste buds that extend further than tinned cat food…OK we appreciate that while we do not actually bring home a wage, or contribute to the cleaning of the house or help with any DIY chores…we have feelings, and while you are cooking your pan-fried Salmon or roast dinners spare a thought to the furry animals who share the space with you…. titbits go down a treat!!!!

Good evening to you all….

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by on Jun.06, 2009, under The Cats!


Press Release

Mr Darcy and Phillip Schofield Seen At Celebrity Party



LONDON’S celebrity circuit has a new member after Mr Darcy and Phillip Schofield were spotted partying with some of the capital’s biggest stars last night.  The previously-unknown Mr Darcy and friend were seen dancing the night away in a number of leading Leicester Square venues with a group of London celebrities that included Jude Law, Kate Moss and Hugh Grant.


Mr Darcy and long term friend Mr Schofield were part of a group that ate at Gordon Ramsay’s acclaimed restaurant at Claridge’s before ending the night at a private party held at China Whites, one of London’s trendiest bars.  “At first, people were wondering whether Mr Darcy and his friend had gate crashed the party by mistake,” said one newspaper photographer. But it didn’t take long to realise that Mr Darcy and Mr Schofield were actually at the heart of what was going on. Kate Moss was hanging on Mr Darcy’s every word while Hugh Grant didn’t leave his side.  Nobody really knew about Mr Darcy before, but now I’ve had every newspaper editor in the country telling me that he is the person they all want to have on their front cover on Monday morning.”


All of a sudden, Mr Darcy has found himself as the most sought-after celebrities in Britain – quite a change for the laid-back moggie who normally spends his days in his hometown of Llansantffraid, a big fan of “Twitter” Mr Darcy say’s he owes his push to fame to all his beautiful lady Twitter followers…esp one kind Lady and her lovely dog….  The sudden transformation began when Mr Darcy and Phillip travelled to London for a short break earlier this week. One of their first destinations was the London Eye and, by a strange quirk of fate, they found themselves going around in the same capsule as Kate Moss.  She was immediately impressed with their friendliness and humour, and asked them to join her at a fashion party in Carnaby Street later that evening.  The trio became friends and Mr Darcy and Mr Schofield have partied in the company of some of London’s biggest names.


Mr Darcy is now expected to remain in the capital rather than return to Llansantffraid and offers of advertising deals and magazine promotions are already flooding in.  Hello! magazine want to produce a 12-page special describing Mr Darcy and Phillip Schofield as ‘The Faces of Trendy Britain’.


“There’s not a single party in London that Mr Darcy and Phillip couldn’t get into now,” said the editor of Hello! “Whether its royals, actresses or models – Mr Darcy and Phillip can basically take their pick of who they’d like to party with. They’re the hottest celebrities in London right now – I just don’t know how they find time to sleep!”

Cold nights in Wales!!

Cold nights in Wales!!



Mr Darcy has had the pleasure (!) of Mr Schofield staying at his 500 year cottage in the small Welsh village of Llansantffraid. During which Mr Schofield was taken on a local pub crawl by Mr Darcy’s Brothers Mr Ceylon and Mr Corky. This Morning presenter Philip was so taken by the “rough charm” of TheBruvs and their magnificent Home Brew that once he had sobered up, he immediately followed them on Twitter. When asked to comment TheBruvs merely said…..”yeah the dude is ace…we are gettin loads more girlies and pussies followin us now….the guy is a Luv magnet!!!…he just needs to hold his drink a little better!!!!.*SNOG* “
Us trying to get Mr S to stand!!!

Us trying to get Mr S to stand!!!

A tired but happy Mr Darcy

A tired but happy Mr Darcy

Friend of Mr Darcy

Friend of Mr Darcy

Have a good one……Sharon
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Pictures of me…Mr D

by on Jun.04, 2009, under The Cats!

And me.....again.

And me.....again.

Me yet again....
Me yet again….
Me again....
Me again….
Hello again….just thought I would share my new pics with you….hope you like them….
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Mr Darcy

by on Jun.03, 2009, under The Cats!

Hello and welcome to my very own piece of the web.

My name is Mr Darcy. I was born one rather sunny morning on the 1st of October 2008. A few weeks later I joined my new family in a beautiful little welsh village called Llansantffraid.

My new family consists of Mum “peep” (she actually makes all these wonderful cakes and gifts) Dad “peep” (he has shown me very patiently how to use the internet…. safely) and their off-spring. Of which I believe there are five officially in their litter, however, they do seem to like to open the door to lots of waifs and strays!!!

Of my own kind there are four others. Botsi, a very elderly lady who attends mealtimes and then gracefully retires to somewhere quite peaceful. Dansak, (known as Danny) a fine figure of a man and loved by all. The terrible twins Corky, and Ceylon, they are of the same age as myself, however, sadly, that is where the similarity ends. The twins are mischievous, and constantly up to no good…. but you really cannot help but love the little scamps.

And finally there is me Mr Darcy, I should have really been born to pedigree parents… I believe somewhere deep within my genes I have very strong links to my breed… I have the looks…. but alas not the parents or paperwork. So I am formally classed as a moggie!!!

So you are wondering why I grace this page……. well, it is my job is to social network for (as you have probably noticed I adore chatting, especially about myself) and my “peeps” decided that as I have so much to say, I could spearhead the advertising.

You can find out more by following me on Twitter, Facebook, or my blog page.

It was lovely meeting you and I hope we can remain very good friends.

Kindest regards,

Mr Darcy (Mr D to friends)



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