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Towel Cakes…how to make them….

by on Jun.08, 2009, under Always Special

There are many different ways that people make Towel cakes….I like to keep it simple. ;o)

So I’ll try to keep my instructions on how to make a Towel cake simple:



Two Bath towels

One Cake Board

Insert of one toilet/kitchen roll

Large elastic bands



  1. Lay the bath towel out and fold length ways into four (fold in half and then half again), so you are basically left with a long length of towel that has been folded twice. do the same with the second towel.
  2. Place the insert of the Toilet/Kitchen roll at the end of the towel, roll the towel loosely round (like a Swiss roll), place an elastic band around the towel to keep it in place.
  3. Then place the first rolled up towel at the end of the second towel and repeat step 2…when completed, secure with an elastic band. (Most towel cake makers secure with a pin, I prefer to use elastic bands….it stops my poor fingers from getting pricked and also the poor person’s fingers who unwraps the cake)
  4. Place the rolled towels upon a cake board, decorate in the same way you would a normal cake…ribbons, mottos, flowers…etc.

Once you have grasped the basic principle of making a towel cake, you can then advance to two tiers, three tiers and even four tiers…

The main thing I believe is make them straight….you would not present a proper Birthday cake that was baked uneven, then iced roughly….no amount of ribbon can hide a cake leaning to the floor!!! I have seen some websites selling Towel cakes that look like kids have made them!! and also use a high quality towel…550gsm or above.


The towel cake is a great way to give someone a unique gift of “towels” but presented in such a different way that it will totally amaze and wow!!!.



 Simply two bath sheets, two bath towels, two hand towels and two face cloths….rolled, tweaked and prettied up into a beautiful four-tiered wedding Towel Cake. A unique gift for the bride and groom, that sure beats giving them a set of towels! and the response from the other guests……well it sure beats a toaster!!!


A simple one tiered cake consisting of a pair of Bath Towels….turned into a unique special gift that is just a little bit different. 


A Wedding Anniversary Towel cake

A Wedding Anniversary Towel cake

You can also add various products in between the layers of towel…so that when the Towel cake is unwrapped even more surprises are found….handmade soaps, fizzers, candles….just use your imagination…..ribbon, flowers and mottos all make the towel cake look all that more special


Have fun making your towel cakes…. if you would like to post your pictures here please do so….I would love to see them.


cheers Sharon

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and so the work continues…

by on May.27, 2009, under Always Special

I am now running around feeling like an headless chicken!!!… minute I am wiping my little boy’s face the next I am on the phone dealing with suppliers, and in between I am still making the nappy cakes and towel cakes for the local shop. The website is looking good….both Andy and I are pleased, it looks clean and crisp and it works (we both placed orders…..sad I know!!!) and so we just wait

and wait….

and yes you guess it wait….

I am starting to have doubts about my ability….Andy is buried somewhere under a mountain of books explaining how to optimise the site, gain page ranking, key words, tag words…….I just want an order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then after what seemed an eternity of waiting (it was probably only about two months)….at 8.44 one evening an order popped up….five minutes later another…..then half hour later another!!!!!!.  We were grown up people dancing around my laptop!!!

We had finally made it…..our website was being chosen over all the other gift websites….and three people had placed orders…we had won the lottery (it felt like that!!!!) All Andy’s time, research & effort had paid off……people had liked my creations…..we raised a few glasses to Always Special that night…..

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The birth of Alwaysspecial

by on May.27, 2009, under Always Special

We played with the idea of having a website in the early part of 2008, my husband Andy was eager (this would be a first for him, a pleasant change to networking etc) and so with the idea firmly planted, our website was conceived in September 2008, it was nurtured, tweaked and finally entered the web-world in the early weeks of 2009….that’s when the real work started!!!

We needed a name for our website……I wanted to create unique, special gifts and wanted the web-site’s name to convey this….we played with several names…but both Andy and I kept coming back to “Always Special” so we registered her name…she was official….so to speak!!

We spent our days juggling family, work & life and then every evening we would set up the camera and painfully (I am married to a perfectionist, a piece of ribbon out of place and we would have to take the entire shoot again!!!!) create the photos for the site…..every hour of every day was taken up, we were so busy we realised that the month of January had passed without us even noticing!!!!!

Both Andy and I had started on a huge learning curve…..that involved lots of tears and laughter….and sometimes both!!!!

While the website was being created, my Towel cakes were being sold in a village shop….I made over 70 in a six week period….I started to panic….could I cope with website orders as well????

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