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and so the work continues…

by on May.27, 2009, under Always Special

I am now running around feeling like an headless chicken!!!… minute I am wiping my little boy’s face the next I am on the phone dealing with suppliers, and in between I am still making the nappy cakes and towel cakes for the local shop. The website is looking good….both Andy and I are pleased, it looks clean and crisp and it works (we both placed orders…..sad I know!!!) and so we just wait

and wait….

and yes you guess it wait….

I am starting to have doubts about my ability….Andy is buried somewhere under a mountain of books explaining how to optimise the site, gain page ranking, key words, tag words…….I just want an order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then after what seemed an eternity of waiting (it was probably only about two months)….at 8.44 one evening an order popped up….five minutes later another…..then half hour later another!!!!!!.  We were grown up people dancing around my laptop!!!

We had finally made it…..our website was being chosen over all the other gift websites….and three people had placed orders…we had won the lottery (it felt like that!!!!) All Andy’s time, research & effort had paid off……people had liked my creations…..we raised a few glasses to Always Special that night…..

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The birth of Alwaysspecial

by on May.27, 2009, under Always Special

We played with the idea of having a website in the early part of 2008, my husband Andy was eager (this would be a first for him, a pleasant change to networking etc) and so with the idea firmly planted, our website was conceived in September 2008, it was nurtured, tweaked and finally entered the web-world in the early weeks of 2009….that’s when the real work started!!!

We needed a name for our website……I wanted to create unique, special gifts and wanted the web-site’s name to convey this….we played with several names…but both Andy and I kept coming back to “Always Special” so we registered her name…she was official….so to speak!!

We spent our days juggling family, work & life and then every evening we would set up the camera and painfully (I am married to a perfectionist, a piece of ribbon out of place and we would have to take the entire shoot again!!!!) create the photos for the site…..every hour of every day was taken up, we were so busy we realised that the month of January had passed without us even noticing!!!!!

Both Andy and I had started on a huge learning curve…..that involved lots of tears and laughter….and sometimes both!!!!

While the website was being created, my Towel cakes were being sold in a village shop….I made over 70 in a six week period….I started to panic….could I cope with website orders as well????

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…In the beginning

by on May.27, 2009, under The Family

Hello and welcome to my blog…

My name is Sharon, I am forty (although I do not feel 40…..well mostly I do not, when I have taxied my children about, got up several times during the night, put the fourth daily washing load on and cooked the third meal of the day you get the ghist?….I might hit about 39 !!)

I have five children….I will now introduce you to them:

Sophie aged 19, my step-daughter…VERY into fashion, hair and beauty and boys (she’s 19 what else is there??)

Athena aged 9, my eldest daughter…Loves sport, performing and being trendy!!!

Alethea aged 6, she is a huge animal lover and a vegetarian in the making, a little minx with a big smile and big heart.

Shae, aged 2 my eldest son, has an opinion about everything! will probably make it big in politics.

and finally (but not least)

Kal, aged 1 my youngest Son, food guru…….”Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” (this sums him up)

add to this mixture my husband, Andy…..responsible for my beautiful website…and all things technical, with buttons, lights etc, five cats, five goldfish all baked in our wonderful 500 year old house in a charming little welsh village….and that’s my family.

As you can imagine we are a very busy household…..always something crashing, crying or laughing….but most of all we are a chilled out, relaxed family. Our door is open to all manner of waives and strays…..and most of them are usually around at tea-time!!!

I left school after my A levels and quite happily drifted through life working until I hit 29….then my “maternal bells” kicked in…..(for someone who thought children were sticky, chocolate covered horrors who always seemed to be in abundance just as I walked through the supermarket doors) this was a huge shock….I tried everything to overcome this hormone inbalance… just wasn’t to be……four months after my 30th birthday I introduced Athena into the world…..

Anyone who ever says “having children does not have to change your life” is either pumped up on something they shouldnt be or from another planet…..The day I arrived back from the hospital I stood at the door of my lounge holding a car seat (Baby snuggled totally unaware within) and thought…..OK where do I put it!!!???!!! You have a new kettle and it has it’s place, a new shower gel straight into the bathroom……a new baby…..emmmm

By the time baby number four came along…’s more a case of where do I put myself!!

So after nine years of watching children’s TV, playing build a tower and being a full-time mum I decided I wanted to stretch my mind once more…..but I didn’t really want to leave the kids, home, cats….fish…

My husband specialises in IT ( I hope that’s what it is, he will probably correct me….anyhow he is a complete whizz with computers, networking, flashing lights, buttons……sets a TV, DVD, etc up without the book!!!! you get the picture) but above all that he is great….totally understood my need to escape Cbeebies!!! So along with his enthusiasm and encouragement my brain slowly started to tick over…….

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Hello world!

by on May.21, 2009, under The Family

Welcome to Sharon & blog site…….

Keep an eye out for daily posts and dont forget to check out for some really unique and beautiful gifts……. cheers (Site Admin)

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