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and finally…Sophie

by on Jun.22, 2009, under The Family

Sophie is 19…and my step-daughter…although we hate the word “step” or “half” we tell all the kids….you do not love each other “half” amounts so we don’t use the word “half” brother/Sister or Step….

Back to Sophie…..Sophie was a bud, waiting to burst open….and when she did she went with a bang!! and blossomed into a beautiful rose (although not convinced about the VERY high heels!!) studying to be a hairdresser and loving all aspects of beauty therapy I think she may well have discovered her true vocation…

There really is only one word to sum up Soph….that is “blonde” (I apologise profusely to all “blonde” ladies/men who hate this stereotypical portrayal of them…..) but in Sophie’s case….she is!! (the worst of it is she actually loves it)

Like the time when I had picked her up from college…She got into the car…waving at her friend, who got in her mum’s car behind us…we pulled off and turned left and her friend’s mum turned right….ten minutes down the road and slowing to approach a large island Sophie buzzes the window down and announces she is going to wave goodbye to her friend..I’d tried several times to tell her that her friend had actually gone in a different direction….but no…Sophie being Sophie…Blonde hair blowing in all directions (probably across her eyes, because she didn’t even click that the car pulling beside us was indeed a different colour!!!!!) threw herself out the window waving frantically at “her friend” only to find a rather worried elderly lady avoiding all eye contact with this (what seemed to be) drugged/alcohol inflicted crazy person….

I could hardly drive for laughing….

or the time when she nearly knocked herself out in the local shop with a loaf of bread…just to prove how stale it was!!!

or causing the fire brigade to call when cooking micro chips!!!

the list is really endless…but she has talents….She can text without looking, she can apply make-up in any shop window reflection, she can now make toast without an adult being present, she now knows the days of the week…but does not know which order they come in…

joking aside, Sophie is loving, caring just a “big sis” to the others…everyone who meets her comments on “how lovely she is” and they are right….Sophie is Sophie….

Blondie!!! (Sophie)

Blondie!!! (Sophie)

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by on Jun.20, 2009, under The Family

Kal is our youngest Son…and the only one born in Wales.

Kal was born three days before Shae’s 1st Birthday….I went to hospital for 8 in the morning…Kal entered the world just before 9 and I was back home at 11….all a little too clinical. I had opted again for a Physiological third stage…but unfortunately the atmosphere just was not there and I had a rather cautious (but lovely) midwife…Kal’s delivery into the world still makes us laugh!!

As I sat on the floor with Andy…as you do!!…sat opposite was “the second” midwife (apparently required in small units!!) she sat glasses perched on the end of her nose, moving backwards and forwards on a rocking chair (add to it her knitting and the picture is complete) she sat looking over her glasses down at all I had to offer!!!!  talk about concentrating on breathing…I just concentrated all my efforts on trying to torpedo the baby into her rather annoying face!!!!!!!

Anyway…Kal was delivered…not so peacefully…(he was handled a little roughly) and was crying before he was placed on me!!

and so our little Welsh son was born…

Kal is our food guru….his love of food began almost immediately…he hated milk…by three months he was fully weaned…on three meals a day. We very quickly discovered that he we gave him plenty of protein in his last meal of the day he would sleep right through (apparently takes longer to digest!) so there is a “mum tip” in there somewhere!!! give your toddler/baby who wakes up hungry a 10oz steak for tea!!!

Kal’s love of food is quite unique…he will not eat rubbish (ie crisps chocolate) if he is hungry it has to be his proper meal for the day (Breakfast or dinner) he will try anything…I fell very proud saying this…but believe me it’s not from any “good parenting skill” it’s simply Kal and his love of food

Kal was born with glue ear (both ears affected) and so this we believe has led to a delay in his development…he didn’t walk until 19 months, he didn’t babble like most babies… but in the last two months our little man has come on dramatically he is now running, talking and laughing….his sense of humour is huge….(unfortunately he has a temper to go with it!!)

Kal is a laid back, great fun, extremely loving little boy…he is rather “over-protected” by all of us…and I think he knows it!!

Kal (Zoomy)

Kal (Zoomy)

I can't eat any more chocolate!!!

I can't eat any more chocolate!!!


When Kal was born, his older sisters called him “zoomy” and so the name Kally Zoom has stuck….and it suits him…he zoomed around crawling, he zooms around now he is walking and he is “the Kally Zoom!!”

Kal has a fascination with “buttons, lights and all things technical” after having three children and not one of them “messing” with any of the “electrical devices” with found very quickly that this would not be the case with Kal….buttons were sellotaped, all audio/visual equipment was removed to a “can’t reach” distance you get the picture??? he can operated a mouse on a computer to play a simple game, operate his own DVD player….and only one and a half years old….it’s scary (His daddy is very proud…but I fear coming home and he has re-wired the house so that if you flush a toilet the oven comes on!!!!)


So that’s our Kal…..

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by on Jun.20, 2009, under The Family

Shae is our oldest Son…He will be three in September 09.

Shae was born in the early hours, it was very peaceful…and quite a beautiful experience (those of you who have given birth…or even present at a birth may well be thinking that I have been drinking while writing this….I assure you..only coffee!!) I had opted for a Physiological third stage, where basically the baby is delivered and placed straight onto mum (skin to skin) the cord is left intact…until baby is ready to take on the world with it’s first breath…it’s signal to the cord and placenta…Thanks,you are not needed any more.

It was amazing to watch our son slowly take his first breath…content (not screaming his first breath through fear or insecurity) then as we got to know each other, the cord having done a splendid job for nine months slowly stopped pulsing….our son opened his eyes..a truly fantastic experience…no drugs nothing to spoil this moment.

Shae had entered the world……

I really believe looking back, this is the only time he has been quiet. He is a very content young chap…but as lots to say (on everything!!!) he started to “babble” at a VERY early age…and and soon as he picked up “words”…he used them and used them well.

If you ever meet Shae please adhere to the following advice

NEVER ask him how he is? (you will be there all day!!)

NEVER assume that logic, reasoning or even being right will allow you to win an argument.

NEVER interrupt his time with anything trivial like food, bath or bed.

NEVER expect one worded answers from Shae when ten would be more confusing.

BUT ALWAYS look out for that lovely dazzling smile and energy that is Shae!!!

The shaeman!!

The shaeman!!

Shae has recently announced that he is “the Shaeman” so not to be argued with that is what he is called (amongst other things!!!). Shae is 100% energy…he loves pink and at the tender age of (nearly) three he is also a little “camp” which dissolves into his nature beautifully…. 
That’s all for now…otherwise he will find out I’ve written about him and will have 100 questions delivered at such a pace I will not know what’s hit me!!! or he will demand some sort of fee from me!!!
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Mr Darcy & his ice cream…

by on Jun.19, 2009, under The Cats!

It was hot, the birdbath and it’s lukewarm water just did not appeal to me!!! The Off-spring (the peeps children who I live with) all had ice creams…now me being a rather sensible cat, thought OK these young peeps usually know what they doing…and they seemed to all be enjoying their lollies….

So, I did what I do best….cry VERY LOUDLY…”I would really appreciate a lolly!”  while looking intently at the youngest off-spring….eventually (as per usual) I got my way….my very own Ice lolly….and a chocolate one at that!!!

For those of you a little dis-believing…I have had my picture taken during the licking session!!!

Me enjoying my chocolate lolly

Me enjoying my chocolate lolly


Now…for those of you who are cats reading this…I feel the need to point out if the lolly is not “licked” by your peep first (and softened) your tongue will stick!!! Why am I telling you this….a dear friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous ) once stuck to a lolly for over an hour (until it melted!) extremely funny to all….but very painful to him ( I would imagine!!!)

For all you “peeps” reading this I can assure you…us cats do have taste buds that extend further than tinned cat food…OK we appreciate that while we do not actually bring home a wage, or contribute to the cleaning of the house or help with any DIY chores…we have feelings, and while you are cooking your pan-fried Salmon or roast dinners spare a thought to the furry animals who share the space with you…. titbits go down a treat!!!!

Good evening to you all….

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In Vogue!!!

by on Jun.16, 2009, under Always Special

Well, we are in Vogue magazine…….OK it’s near the back, on the bottom of the page….and flip through too quickly and you will miss us…..but it’s still Vogue!!!

I’d like to say I’d always dreamed when I was growing up of one day appearing in Vogue magazine….but I’d be fibbing!

So now that in Vogue magazine does that mean that Always Special is actually “in Vogue” meaning fashionable? hopefully it does…then the orders will come pouring in!!!! 


In this month's issue....of Vogue!!

In this month's issue....of Vogue!!


You can either go forth and purchase Vogue Magazine……or simply go visit our website Always Special…

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Towel Cakes…how to make them….

by on Jun.08, 2009, under Always Special

There are many different ways that people make Towel cakes….I like to keep it simple. ;o)

So I’ll try to keep my instructions on how to make a Towel cake simple:



Two Bath towels

One Cake Board

Insert of one toilet/kitchen roll

Large elastic bands



  1. Lay the bath towel out and fold length ways into four (fold in half and then half again), so you are basically left with a long length of towel that has been folded twice. do the same with the second towel.
  2. Place the insert of the Toilet/Kitchen roll at the end of the towel, roll the towel loosely round (like a Swiss roll), place an elastic band around the towel to keep it in place.
  3. Then place the first rolled up towel at the end of the second towel and repeat step 2…when completed, secure with an elastic band. (Most towel cake makers secure with a pin, I prefer to use elastic bands….it stops my poor fingers from getting pricked and also the poor person’s fingers who unwraps the cake)
  4. Place the rolled towels upon a cake board, decorate in the same way you would a normal cake…ribbons, mottos, flowers…etc.

Once you have grasped the basic principle of making a towel cake, you can then advance to two tiers, three tiers and even four tiers…

The main thing I believe is make them straight….you would not present a proper Birthday cake that was baked uneven, then iced roughly….no amount of ribbon can hide a cake leaning to the floor!!! I have seen some websites selling Towel cakes that look like kids have made them!! and also use a high quality towel…550gsm or above.


The towel cake is a great way to give someone a unique gift of “towels” but presented in such a different way that it will totally amaze and wow!!!.



 Simply two bath sheets, two bath towels, two hand towels and two face cloths….rolled, tweaked and prettied up into a beautiful four-tiered wedding Towel Cake. A unique gift for the bride and groom, that sure beats giving them a set of towels! and the response from the other guests……well it sure beats a toaster!!!


A simple one tiered cake consisting of a pair of Bath Towels….turned into a unique special gift that is just a little bit different. 


A Wedding Anniversary Towel cake

A Wedding Anniversary Towel cake

You can also add various products in between the layers of towel…so that when the Towel cake is unwrapped even more surprises are found….handmade soaps, fizzers, candles….just use your imagination…..ribbon, flowers and mottos all make the towel cake look all that more special


Have fun making your towel cakes…. if you would like to post your pictures here please do so….I would love to see them.


cheers Sharon

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by on Jun.06, 2009, under The Cats!


Press Release

Mr Darcy and Phillip Schofield Seen At Celebrity Party



LONDON’S celebrity circuit has a new member after Mr Darcy and Phillip Schofield were spotted partying with some of the capital’s biggest stars last night.  The previously-unknown Mr Darcy and friend were seen dancing the night away in a number of leading Leicester Square venues with a group of London celebrities that included Jude Law, Kate Moss and Hugh Grant.


Mr Darcy and long term friend Mr Schofield were part of a group that ate at Gordon Ramsay’s acclaimed restaurant at Claridge’s before ending the night at a private party held at China Whites, one of London’s trendiest bars.  “At first, people were wondering whether Mr Darcy and his friend had gate crashed the party by mistake,” said one newspaper photographer. But it didn’t take long to realise that Mr Darcy and Mr Schofield were actually at the heart of what was going on. Kate Moss was hanging on Mr Darcy’s every word while Hugh Grant didn’t leave his side.  Nobody really knew about Mr Darcy before, but now I’ve had every newspaper editor in the country telling me that he is the person they all want to have on their front cover on Monday morning.”


All of a sudden, Mr Darcy has found himself as the most sought-after celebrities in Britain – quite a change for the laid-back moggie who normally spends his days in his hometown of Llansantffraid, a big fan of “Twitter” Mr Darcy say’s he owes his push to fame to all his beautiful lady Twitter followers…esp one kind Lady and her lovely dog….  The sudden transformation began when Mr Darcy and Phillip travelled to London for a short break earlier this week. One of their first destinations was the London Eye and, by a strange quirk of fate, they found themselves going around in the same capsule as Kate Moss.  She was immediately impressed with their friendliness and humour, and asked them to join her at a fashion party in Carnaby Street later that evening.  The trio became friends and Mr Darcy and Mr Schofield have partied in the company of some of London’s biggest names.


Mr Darcy is now expected to remain in the capital rather than return to Llansantffraid and offers of advertising deals and magazine promotions are already flooding in.  Hello! magazine want to produce a 12-page special describing Mr Darcy and Phillip Schofield as ‘The Faces of Trendy Britain’.


“There’s not a single party in London that Mr Darcy and Phillip couldn’t get into now,” said the editor of Hello! “Whether its royals, actresses or models – Mr Darcy and Phillip can basically take their pick of who they’d like to party with. They’re the hottest celebrities in London right now – I just don’t know how they find time to sleep!”

Cold nights in Wales!!

Cold nights in Wales!!



Mr Darcy has had the pleasure (!) of Mr Schofield staying at his 500 year cottage in the small Welsh village of Llansantffraid. During which Mr Schofield was taken on a local pub crawl by Mr Darcy’s Brothers Mr Ceylon and Mr Corky. This Morning presenter Philip was so taken by the “rough charm” of TheBruvs and their magnificent Home Brew that once he had sobered up, he immediately followed them on Twitter. When asked to comment TheBruvs merely said…..”yeah the dude is ace…we are gettin loads more girlies and pussies followin us now….the guy is a Luv magnet!!!…he just needs to hold his drink a little better!!!!.*SNOG* “
Us trying to get Mr S to stand!!!

Us trying to get Mr S to stand!!!

A tired but happy Mr Darcy

A tired but happy Mr Darcy

Friend of Mr Darcy

Friend of Mr Darcy

Have a good one……Sharon
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Pictures of me…Mr D

by on Jun.04, 2009, under The Cats!

And me.....again.

And me.....again.

Me yet again....
Me yet again….
Me again....
Me again….
Hello again….just thought I would share my new pics with you….hope you like them….
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Mr Darcy

by on Jun.03, 2009, under The Cats!

Hello and welcome to my very own piece of the web.

My name is Mr Darcy. I was born one rather sunny morning on the 1st of October 2008. A few weeks later I joined my new family in a beautiful little welsh village called Llansantffraid.

My new family consists of Mum “peep” (she actually makes all these wonderful cakes and gifts) Dad “peep” (he has shown me very patiently how to use the internet…. safely) and their off-spring. Of which I believe there are five officially in their litter, however, they do seem to like to open the door to lots of waifs and strays!!!

Of my own kind there are four others. Botsi, a very elderly lady who attends mealtimes and then gracefully retires to somewhere quite peaceful. Dansak, (known as Danny) a fine figure of a man and loved by all. The terrible twins Corky, and Ceylon, they are of the same age as myself, however, sadly, that is where the similarity ends. The twins are mischievous, and constantly up to no good…. but you really cannot help but love the little scamps.

And finally there is me Mr Darcy, I should have really been born to pedigree parents… I believe somewhere deep within my genes I have very strong links to my breed… I have the looks…. but alas not the parents or paperwork. So I am formally classed as a moggie!!!

So you are wondering why I grace this page……. well, it is my job is to social network for (as you have probably noticed I adore chatting, especially about myself) and my “peeps” decided that as I have so much to say, I could spearhead the advertising.

You can find out more by following me on Twitter, Facebook, or my blog page.

It was lovely meeting you and I hope we can remain very good friends.

Kindest regards,

Mr Darcy (Mr D to friends)



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by on Jun.02, 2009, under The Family

Just been handed our local paper….and there is a picture of Athena……AGAIN.

She has just returned from Cardiff, where along with eight friends she competed in the finals of the National Urdd Eisteddfod….they did not make it to “stage”….but had an absolutely fab time. Well done to all of them.

Looking back…..I really do not think it would have appealed to me….performing on stage especially at the age of nine!

But this kind of sums Athena up….likes to be be in the thick of it….very busy. As a baby she would often play with a toy for five minutes then move on….I would set up paints, play dough….or similar….and after five minutes that would be it….time up brain cells used up on that activity!!!

and sport….up until she was 8….running, riding bikes, even skipping was a no no. then all of a sudden she playing netball, tennis, running, football(?)… they change. She is very different to Alethea…whereas Alethea loves animals….Athena has little respect for them, I think due to the fact that she is a little frightened of them (although she would never admit to this) so she takes great delight in gently teasing her sister about how good they taste (not so good with a rather volatile animal-loving Alethea) or asking “Is this lamb mummy?” “what the sort that you often see in the fields?”  you can only imagine what our table is like sometimes….

Athena too has caused a few red faced moments….

Her paternal nanny was suffering a little when Athena was about 3. She ended up, on and off with her neck in a support, her wrist in a support and had to use a walking stick. Now it used to get a little confusing….we had three lots of grandparents….so Athena announced (to everyone present) that she would call this particular nanny……”Broken Nanny”  (very very long silence at this point…..gosh, this tested my skills as a mother and hostess to the limit….what do you say?)

Do know to this day……nearly 7 years on….she is still affectionately known as “Broken Nanny”

So Athena….sporty, growing up fast (a little too fast) loves to “be there” and a little out spoken…..but will help anyone in distress and is very caring (even to animals…sometimes when no one is looking!!!)



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