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My Kids….Alethea

by on Jun.02, 2009, under The Family

I am going to skip a few months just to bring my family up to date….

It’s a beautiful June day today..Two girls have gone to school. Two boys at home…playing with Sophie, who has just returned from Cornwall on hol.


Ok……what do you write??

Well I am absolutely hopeless at keeping my “baby-Books” up to date (I guess when you have four kids it becomes an all day job in itself!!!) So I am going to tell you about some of the funny things mine have done and said…(that way they are logged for the future)

They are so very different…if you have kids you will be nodding in agreement at this point!!. My youngest daughter, Alethea (warmly known as “Lefie”) has perhaps caused us the most smiles, cringes, laughs…and has definitely lead to us apologising to more people!!!!!

Like the time at school when feeling “bored” in afternoon assembly she secretly tied a number of her friends shoes together…when the assembly had finished and the whole school stood up…the poor few who had their shoes tied toppled over, this apparently had a domino effect…..I will leave you to visualise the rest…

then another time (at school) she removed all the blue tack from the pictures on the wall….slowly throughout the day pictures were just sliding down to the floor….Alethea was very proudly discovered holding a huge ball of blue tack…..why?  I have never found out.

not all incidents occur at school….although she has spent a considerable amount of time with the head teacher discussing “things”.

Last Saturday, while in Iceland, I was loading the conveyor belt (with Alethea helping) when all of a sudden she scremed and threw a tray of fresh beef across the floor, then stood there and annonced I was disgusting, the meat was disgusting, the place was disgusting……(Alethea is very passonate about animals and had decided that she did not want to eat “flesh” at a very young age, but actually enjoys burger, sausage and chicken nuggets…so I let her feel her way towards becoming a vegetarian) anyway back to Iceland.

The poor girl at the till just stared….I don’t think she knew weather to laugh or cry. I just picked up the tray of beef….said a quick prayer for it….and assurred Alethea that she did not have to eat it, but there were others in or house who did….They were prclaimed “disgusting”…….she then refused to touch anything…shopping bags…the trolley (at one point I thought she may refuse to actually get in the car!!!) By the time I was paying Iceland seemed to be recovering, the queues were moving again….tills were beeping….although we were still getting a considerable amount of glances…..but heyho, at least she was expressing an opinion over something important to her (and a lot of grown ups)….not just having a trantrum over wanting some sweets!!!.

I could actually write a book about Lefie….it’s actually knowing when to stop.

Alethea…..our strong headed little minx….with a heart of gold.

Very Cheeky!

Very Cheeky Alethea...

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