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Candi was our short-haired Tortie….

I had her has a kitten in Oct 1993….I actually wanted her sister who was a beautiful long-haired Tortie….but as is usually the way…the cat chose me!!!

So snuggled in my pocket we went home…..

Candi was probably one of the most unsociable cats I have  ever come across…..she would attack the poor postman (on a regular basis), one friend of mine was actually scared of coming through my front door, she thrived on how much blood she could obtain from a teasing hand! the other cat who lived with me at the time (my wonderful Plebe) had his work cut out with the ball of terror…

She would jump on the backs of pheasants and make them squeal, climb a tree and then get stuck, poor Plebe would often come home and do his “Lassie” thing of meowing constantly until I followed him to wherever candi was in trouble!!!

Then I had my first baby….Athena came home in the July 1999 and candi changed….gone was the ball of spitting, hissing nastiness….in it’s place was a faithful, lovely natured Tortie….who absolutely adored the baby!!!

and so that’s how we remember her…..good with all the kids…a gentle old lady who dealt with the scamps of Mr Ceylon and Mr Corky with a mean look….or a swift paw.

she loved a cuddle and hug….and dribbled her pleasure usually a few minutes before you were due out…and dressed up!


Candi sadly died on Easter Sunday 2009… only a few months before her 16th Birthday….we miss her doddery ole slow-paced presence, her mind was not the sharpest towards the end, this led to some funny and also sad moments….she had earned her place at the top of the cat placing…and she deserved it

I sure hope she has gained those feline wings and not causing any bother….



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your memories….

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Please feel free to contact me if you would like to place a piece of memory on here….it’s free and it’s just a space where you can remember with a smile and a tear…..

Take care  Sharon

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A long time ago…(Actually 19 years ago) I heard of a lady who took all manner of cats into her home. I had just left poly, and had set up “house” with a couple of mates. Now I have been around animals…esp cats since I was old enough to remember…..have even at the tender age of 15 helped one of our dear cats, who was missing her teeth give birth to three lovely kittens.

I’m a cat lover….


So here I am….living in a house….with no cat!

Off I trot to see this very special lady, who gave up her house to rescue cats/kittens. When I got there I was amazed (and I can still drag this memory up) to see what felt like hundreds of cats/kittens living in this lovely lady’s home…..there was a huge beautiful ginger tom, lying on the sofa with his legs in plaster….some very brave individuals had used him as a football…..there were kittens everywhere. but the house which you think who smell….did not….it was very clean….just busy!!!

As I walked into the lounge…..about 40 kittens came running up to me….they came from curtains, behind sofa’s just everywhere……they stood checked me out….then scampered off to play with something much more exciting than a human!!!

As I looked down there sat a scruffy, fur missing, pot-bellied black kitten….just staring up at me….as I looked at him he opened his mouth and squeaked…..I bent down and picked him up….The lovely lady said that he was being treated for worms/and a skin condition….and that there were much prettier kittens than “Tubby” (his official RSPCA name) So I placed “Tubby” down and proceeded to look at the “other prettier kittens” …..

As I moved slowly round the room “Tubby” moved with me….until it suddenly dawned on me…..I was not here to “pick a kitten” the kitten was going to choose me…..I bent down grinning and picked young “Tubby” up….he looked at me and grinned back….


“Tubby” was officially adopted by me in the may of 1990

Of course his name could never suit him!!!….and I left it a few days to check out his personality…

The little pot-bellied fur-missing black kitten turned out to be one of the funniest, intelligent….faithful cats I have ever known, and so he was named “Plebe” (at the time a common name for someone who was not the sharpest tool in the shed)

Plebe very soon became a huge part of not just my life….but everyone who came in contact with him!!

Within walking distance of our house was a range of shops (including a video rental, Chinese takeaway and general grocery) now every Friday we would place an order with the Chinese and leave Plebe (who would follow us) sitting on a chair waiting for our order, while me and my housemate nipped next door to get a video (and some alcoholic beverage) ….now, one day Plebe decided….he was not going to sit and wait…..he was coming to choose the video… much amused we let him…


5 minutes after looking at videos (shows the year ?) I was accosted by a rather large, loud lady (I use the term Lady very loosely)

“you should be ashamed of yourself!!”  “dumping a poor cat and her kitten at the back of the shops!” “well you will wait here while I report you!” and so on……

My friend had slipped behind a rack, helpless with laughter, while Plebe just sat, looking very innocent at my feet

This “Lady” was not giving up….the insults were getting worse….So I asked what she was on about?

“you leave this poor black cat behind the shops with her kitten….I’ve seen them playing….with no home to go to!! you have dumped the kitten and this poor black cat goes there each day to see it’s baby!!!!”  She was getting a little hysterical at this point…

“Errrrrrr, this poor black cat is a male cat”….I offered up to her


She stood for a moment with her mouth opening and closing….did I need to call an ambulance?  get a goldfish bowl?

until she BOOMED out………



true story…

Plebe was indeed a legend…..everyone who came in contact with him….would be won over be his impish yet intelligent ways..

Like the day he slide from top to bottom of a stair rail……just to make a mate of mine who was beside herself with sadness burst into laughter

or the day he fell through a conservatory roof….and then came in, dusted himself down…..and looked back as if to say….think that needs replacing!!!

but above all he was always there… soak up tears on his beautiful black coat…

He chose to live with me for nearly 12 years suppling me with laughter, tears and pride.

Plebe was taken from me in the may of 2002, cancer claimed his body and heaven claimed back an angel…

and I claimed all my memories….

One great cat….who will live on in many people’s thoughts and hearts…



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Can only be Shae….

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Well this morning was a real tear jerker…..and I mean tears from laughing!!!

In a morning, we have a system…and it works. I jump in the bath (with coffee) while Andy feeds the army of mouths. Then one by one each of the “off-spring” are sent up….the girls first, they are old enough to bath themselves….so while I get ready they fight over who baths first….(I have one rule – first come first get) Then when they are done (my part involving drying hair and recently “straightening” hair….like what am I some sort of hairdresser?…..emmmm add that to my lists of never ending talents!!!!) I usually call down for the boys….

They get plonked in the bath together…..hey at aged 1 and 2 it works!!!

then they both get hulled out…..I “do” Kal….while Shae sits very patiently….wrapped up on the toilet (lid down!!) ok so you get scene….


Today while I “did” Kal….(which takes a bit of time because kal likes to smother his body in Body Shop Cream and smell like a juicy Orange….YUM YUM)  Shae started up with his usual chatting….

However this morning he wanted to talk about his “winkie” (that’s what  “it” is commonly called in our house!!!)

Now at a tender age of two….although only five weeks away from being three, I was not sure where the conversation was going to lead (because knowing Shae –  I fully expected a deep full conversation) and I was debating very quickly in my head as to whether I needed “back-up” from Andy…..or perhaps some higher authority!!!

So avoiding eye-contact with Shae (as I busied myself, in rubbing cream on Kal’s back, but at the same time trying to concentrate on keeping Kally from dipping his whole hand in the pot of cream) we started the conversation…..

“Mummmmmy”…….”yes Shae?”

“my winkie is very happy today!!!”

Oh god……at this point I dare not turn round….he is sat directly behind me!! I think I need the back up…..

“well that’s really nice for errrrrrr “him” “it” !!!!????!!!!”  grin starting to appear on my mouth….

OK I need to take this seriously……I have aways believed that “if they are old enough to ask the question”…..then they deserve an answer…

Do I ask what’s making “it” “him” happy?  Do I turn round to see if Shae is actually helping “it” “him” be “happy”?  (keep rubbing cream on Kal)

“Mummmmmmy”  “yes Shae?”

“sometimes my winkie is sad” 

Ok now I have to turn round the conversation is obviously going somewhere….and Shae being Shae he is not going to shut up until we have thrashed (excuse the pun) every word of the conversation out!!!!

“but my winkie is happy……it’s smiling!!!”

and yes his winkie was standing up happily smiling at the world….well not quite the world….but you get the gist?

“sometimes it is sad… a rainbow!”

now I did Biology at school…..and I can not ever remember rainbows being mentioned, and while I fully appreciate that things have certainly moved on these past 20 odd years…..I would still place a bet that rainbows are not linked to sad “winkies”

Shae and I discussed that sometimes “winkies” feel VERY happy….and that’s really nice…….but when they feel sad that’s kind of OK too, it’s not because they are sad… just means they are not thinking or playing! (how deep did you think I’d go on this one?)


He seems OK….but knowing Shae this matter is not over….I am sure there are lots of mums out there with similar stories?  I would love to hear them….. or if you would like them posted….or any funny story from kids….post me a message and I’ll make sure it goes on the blog!!!


or if you have any suggestions on how to deal with round two of the “happy Winkie” I’d love to hear them….;o)



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A little late but hey I’m a busy mum….

Well the highlight of the year was Athena and eight of her schoolmates reaching the finals held at Cardiff of the National urdd Eisteddfod.

Our Cardiff Nine (Athena Bottom 2nd Left)

Our Cardiff Nine (Athena Bottom 2nd Left)

They got through on two counts. The first was a play, in which four of them (including Athena) acted out a little scene (quite funny) but not really worthy of winning, having seen the school who did win!

 andthe second a beautiful, soul moving recitation called “Aberfan” ( a story about the 21 October 1966 , when 144 people, 116 of them children, were killed when a tip of coal waste slid onto the village of Aberfan in South Wales)

all nine kids recited the poem then at the end hung their heads in respect while  Con te partiro (Time to say goodbye) played….not speaking welsh I did not understand a word….but the expressions and emotion in those kids voices…..and then the silence as the music took over was just incredible…. having watched the schools who “took to stage” and won I really think we were “robbed” ……does that sound too “mummsie!!?” Anyway well done for getting to Cardiff all of you….esp Athena we are all very proud of you!

Actually in order to raise a few funds (ease the pockets) for the trip down to Cardiff and the two night stay over….myself and a couple of the mums organised a “pamper evening” We arranged for local hairdressers, beauticians, therapists and ladies selling “girlie” stuff to come along…we converted the school – low lights, soft music…..and set up a bar!!! we had a “male” waiter circulating all evening offering canapes…and the event was officially opened by none other than Mr Simon Cowell! (who very kindly presented the ladies arriving with a red rose and a pamper kit)

Ceri, Mr Simon Cowell and Athena!

Ceri, Mr Simon Cowell and Athena!

 tickets were sold at £4 and first drink was free…..we figured we would make about £300 (if we were lucky) any how the night was a staggering good success the “pink” raffle was huge…..our poor headmaster was locked up in the office all night counting pennies by the bucket….. by 11 o’clock we were kicking out the last of the drunkards…..sorry I mean ladies


and the total raised that night?


£1,400 or there abouts!!!

Great night and made lots of money….if you are on a PTA….it’s a real money spinner!!!!!! oh BTW Mr cowell is a VERY good friend of mine..;O)


Sports day this year actually took place on the original date (usually postponed due to bad weather) and for the first year Alethea announced she “might” run….we did not hold our breathe!!

She is seven and has taken part in four “sports days” when I say taken part….she has donned a yellow (team color – Hafan) tee shirt and then refused to run, skip or jump!!

Will she or won't she?

Will she or won't she?

However this year….she ran….and she skipped…..and she jumped!!!  she actually came first in one of her races!!!  the best of it was nobody dared look at her has she lined up….one look could have swung it either way!!! anyhow WELL DONE Lefie!!!

and she's off!!!!

and she's off!!!!

for Athena…..who will be in last year (Y6) this September it’s just another chance to pose….. that a camera? that a camera?

oh and BTW The yellows actually won this year!!!

The winners!!!!

The winners!!!!

Then every year the Drama club puts on a production this year “CinderellaRockerfella” Athena is part of the Drama club so we all booked our tickets… you have to

The performance was Brilliant!! Athena played the part of a “talking Dog” called Teaser (and played it well) but best acting award goes to the ugly sisters….who had me crying with laughter….two y6 lads who just milked their parts….and the singing….I actually hurt from laughing by the time I came out….Hats off to the head (Mr Hughes) and his Drama club…..just fab!!!!

Teaser the talking Dog!

Teaser the talking Dog!


The brilliant Duo!!

The brilliant Duo!!

Add to that a four day trip to London for Athena, only visiting Mr Hughes a couple of times for Lefie (way down on last year….so things are looking up) that’s our school year….

Shae starts school in September and Kal will start in the October (they have just dropped the intake age to Two!!)  So look out Llansantffraid Primary School……you will have four of my kids under one roof!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading…..



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Light a candle for Ms Botsi…

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It seems my elderly feline lady who lives with me….Ms Botsi has a very large tumour in her Tummy…she is undergoing treatment at the moment.

Our Ms Botsi

Our Ms Botsi

She  has also started suffering from epilepsy…and has so far had two attacks.

Ms Botsi is 11 years old and has had a wonderful life…she has lived with my peeps since she was 8 weeks old along with her sister Peshwarli (who used to live with us) now lives only round the corner, in a very peaceful house (no kids or kittens!!!) Ms Botsi is a true Tortie….likes lots of cuddles and is a law onto herself. She hates all white coloured cats (including my dear scampy Brothers!!) however I just about scrap through…and do receive the occasional headbutt or kiss from her

Botsi’s favourite poem…

The Lord looked down upon His world, created fresh and new,
With soaring, shining mountain tops and gleaming seas of blue.
The lordly lions roaming free with tigers golden bright,
All very grand, magnificent, but somehow, not quite right.
He stroked His beard and mused awhile and thought of this and that,
‘All these are far too big,’ he said, ‘I’ll make a smaller cat;
To edge towards the fire at night, out of the chilly wind,
An independent animal, but needing human kind;
With fur so soft and warm to touch, but brimming full of guile,
With pansy-faced wee kittens to make the children smile.’
All that was very long ago, but still the cat’s with us,
Aloof and condescending, but loving all the fuss.
You’ll never, ever own a cat, as all cat lovers know,
She’ll curl herself around your heart and never let you go….


So please if you have a spare five minutes….send our Ms Botswarli your love and light a candle for her tonight……


Our Brave Botsi....

Our Brave Botsi....


Thank you all for taking the time to read this…….love and best wishes Mr D….*X*
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Hey check this out!

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So we got our own Blog!!

Guess for those of ya who don’t know us…..we are Mr Corky and Mr Ceylon…..and Mr Darcy is our Brother (although not blood related!!) we were rescued one week before Christmas from the rather rough house where we were living….. we were very scared and shy and needed lots of cuddles (and food) to make us into the fine specimens that we are now!!!!

Good lookin guys....aint we?

Good lookin guys....aint we?


We live with our human mum and dad…their five brats and three other cats….Mr Darcy…

Wimpy Mr D!!

Wimpy Mr D!!

Mr Darcy thinks he is the “Philip Schofield” of the feline world….emmmm we think not ! why Mr D is far betta lookin!!!

Then there is Mr Dansak (called Danny or Dan for short)

Mr Dan gettin a bite from Mr Corky!!

Mr Dan gettin a bite from Mr Corky!!

Mr Dan is a pleasant chap….he does not drink lager or mix with the girlies!!….he is “nice” to everyone….even Mr D!!! he even respects the human mum & dad!!!

Then there is Ms.Botsi (Botswarli is her proper name) She is very poorly at the moment and has something called Cancer in her tummy…she has to go to the Vets to have injections…..which kinda makes her tired and a little bit crabby….but then she has always bin crabby (well to us!!!)

Ms Botsi...

Ms Botsi...

Oh and then there are the goldfish!!!…..these little suckers drive the stupid Mr D round the bend!! they swim round just opening their mouths and not doin anything……what is the point of feedin em? or even having em?  Why do humans have fish? they reckon they like watchin em…..but we think it’s bloody hypocritical they have fish swimmin round in the lounge and then sit at the table and devour the fishes cousins….with a fresh salad… just aint right!!!!!

errr...the fish!!!

errr...the fish!!!

 So that’s our family!!

and we just kinda blend in….we have bin known to be a little naughty…we love teasin Mr Danny, and chasin Mr D….but our fav game is to see who can get the most blood from one of the humans!!! at the moment my Bruv Mr Ceylon is winnin….he has the biggest, sharpest claws….and he don’t mind using em (BTW he is the biggest, and has lots of muscle….but I have more brain cells!!!)

There are two ways we achieve this….

1. we sit and wait….behind a corner, a sofa, a door then pounce!!!!

2. or our fav…..sit on the kitchen chairs wait for someone to walk past….and BANG!!! claws out and got ya!! The little humans are the best….they scream real loud!!!

We also love knocking stuff on the floor…..we aint allowed on the sides… we reckon….if we can’t then why should other stuff be allowed….so when humans aint lookin….up we jump and we paw everything onto the floor…..keys, purses, phones…..if we can move it…..then it goes!!!!

Ya can follow us on Twitter now 




Although be warned….we like to say it how it is…..and don’t hold back!! but then we like it to be thrown at us….so give us ya best shot!!

We have our fav enemies on there Ms Stephanosis, Lookski and Llubyloo & stefHoare we also got our girlies on there valberg1, sarahgb,  bcngr and our redhead Bdgrlaw why don’t ya join in the fun?

well if ya like our blog, leave us a message….and we will do our upmost to ignore ya!!!

gota go now… the bed bugs dona bite ya….Later….*SNOG*

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Well it has taken nearly a week to sort the mess out…..

I booked my first holiday (from eBay…a last minute bargain…which unfortunately offered me no time in which to either check out the campsite or tell my friends I was going) So it was a very excited Mr Darcy who left on a train on his Hols

my view out of the train window!!!

my view out of the train window!!!


Well I had a three day “holiday” (although I will not be going there again) away….only to return to find that my lovely brothers…Mr Corky and Mr Ceylon had not passed on the message that I had gone on Holiday AND they had taken over my twitter account and Blog site!!!

They had dressed up as me…the cheek of it!!

Mr Ceylon parading as me!!!!!!

Mr Ceylon parading as me!!!!!!

and even convinced my dear mummy peep and Daddy peep !!

I have still not responded to the best wishes of my lovely followers…..and would like to take this opportunity to thank some very special people……….

Stephanosis (Marjorie) and her lovely sweet dog Jessie, who I am to believe put up a brave fight for my return, my brothers can be a little rough in their talk and she has endured the bulk of it. So to my sweet Marjorie and Jessie thank you (I am glad you have met some wonderful new people through this!!)  ;o)

Llubyloo & her brave camel Llubyloo2 AKA AndyPandy (I missed her cream while I was away)….but she fought alongside Stephanosis like a true fighter…bringing her camels in (I know for a fact that my brothers only just held off the attack!!) was a brilliant tactic, with the onslaught of various people my brothers struggled to keep up with the battle….and their paws were sore from typing!!!

Also mentions for Lookski, HiToYou and Ahh_Shazbot & Twinkle47 who together came up with ideas of “rusty knives” and strange cookbooks (of which I’d rather not go into!!)

Messages of support from Lindseythefirst, Hilsofhove, AmMarvellous (who was a mean talking lady, and had my brothers buckling slightly), Lady_Twitster, Sarahgb (put up some excellent tactics) Justine_Hughes (who really should not be battling in her condition!)

Then I really must mention the people who stood by my brothers…..they are after all just kittens (9 months old!!!) Valberg1 who I am lead to believe Mr Ceylon has fallen for and  bdgrlaw who they both adore (but esp Mr Corky!!) also bcngr, Stefhoare & Moggymac who loves the brother’s Humour!! and a big thank you for Medusaj for sitting on the fence (in typical cat fashion) and siding with both sides!!!


Thank you for all the fun…..I hope all involved gained a few laughs and some extra nice followers…*X*   Mr D



PS if I have not mentioned you please drop me a message….my head is like a sieve…sometimes needs a little shake!!!

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I’m back from my hols….

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Good morning all….I am back!!!

I have just returned from the old Butlins site at  Pwllheli….. now called  hafan-y-mor… and I am never going back!!!

I might just be a moggie….but my standards are high.

This is what the brochure promised….

            ”Imagine a typically active day on the Park. Every family is different, but it could include coffee and scrambled eggs in the Café Bar. A Wake & Shake family session. An energetic hour at the pool and SplashZone. Time for the Kids’ Club, before picking up cool bag supplies from the shop and hitting the beach. Back in time for a fun family show, a mad, mad round of Adventure Golf, a quick shower, dinner at the Lakeside Inn, disco then relax – it’s showtime! And we haven’t even mentioned exploring off the Park.”

  Yes every family is different…..most of the families there has VERY loud mouths, lots of gold jewellery, fags hanging out of their mouths and had about ten or so snotty little brats running round!!!

The coffee and scrambled eggs in the Cafe Bar….emmmmm more like the coffee appeared to be served with milk that had gone scrambled!!! I missed my usual drinks….

not as nice as the birdbath.....

not as nice as the birdbath.....

The shop had a limited amount of supplies….and it would have been slightly cheaper to have ordered online from Harrods!!! the service from the ”checkout girls” was not applicable….”service” emmmm….here’s ya change!!! (slapped into paw!!!)

  Back for a quick….cold, drizzled shower before off to showtime….yippee

A stand up comedian telling ten year old jokes…..followed by two singers and dancers (at least that is what it said on the board) as to whether they could sing I am blissfully unaware…I held my paws over my delicate ears for the duration!!! and the dancing look as if they desperately needed the toilet!!! at least the gold-laden mouthy families seemed to enjoy it….although I think the ten pints of lager (and that was just the off-spring!!) seemed to ease the pain of the “show”      

and then came Bradley Bear and Rory the Tiger!!!!


Bradley and rory...

Bradley and rory...

If any of you out there have ever been to a British Holiday campsite and witnessed these people dressed  up as “animals” I need not say anymore….for those lucky ones who have not….stay lucky my friends

I had my portrait done…. hope you like it!!

me crossing the bridge at sunset!!!

me crossing the bridge at sunset!!!

I will get my daddy peep to put more pics on soon….


Missed you all  lots of love and cuddles….Mr D

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Nappy cake – how to make them

by on Jul.23, 2009, under Always Special

Nappy Cakes in the UK – How to make a Nappy Cake.

When I first started playing with the idea of Always Special I was very keen on creating Nappy cakes. I had seen a few nappy cakes on the web….and they seemed very popular in the US often the centre piece of a Baby shower party – which I am led to believe have been around for centuries and are a tradition in many societies: however the origin of the Baby shower party is actually unknown. It is a wonderful way for friends and family to  share the excitement with mum-to-be, calm the new parent as she approaches the final few weeks of her pregnancy and offer advice and words of wisdom….also help with the expense of having a new baby by bringing baby shower gifts.

Many hospitals now in the UK are banning “real flowers” so these nappy cakes are a beautiful gift that can be placed on display…


Baby Girl Nappy Cake

Baby Girl Nappy Cake

Having had four children…I was determined to build all my nappy cakes with products that could be used….there are many on the market that have “dummies” (none of my babies have had a dummy!!) and well known baby Products in like Johnson’s….(most mums will be stocked up on what product they are going to use anyway) So I started my search for “products” that were different….but totally useful all ready to go into my nappy cakes.

I came across Baby Angel Wings……a towel/apron that wraps around mum’s (or dad’s) neck. when baby is finished bathing you gently lift out and then snuggle the apron’s wings around the baby… messing or struggling with a juggling act…..BABY VERSES TOWEL … many times have I struggled with a towel tucked under my chin and a slippery baby….

Our Angel-Wings Apron

Our Angel-Wings Apron

Chiggs baby feeding cards were another discovery for me…..a great invention…Remember those hazy nights and days of “when did I give baby that last feed?” “was it 2.30 0r 3.30?” well Chiggs have come up with feeding cards….where you simply turn the dial for a clear reminder of the last feed…

The list is endless… research took months but eventually I created my “nappy cake” in two forms…. regular and deluxe. Both of which can be seen in greater detail on my other website you can either grab ideas from there or actually purchase one of my nappy cakes.  :O)


Deluxe Baby Girl Nappy cake

Deluxe Baby Girl Nappy cake

 Deluxe nappy cake "Exploded"

How to make a nappy cake….

Well that was where the real work set in…..there was not much information out there on how to make a nappy cake??? …. So for what seemed like an eternity I set about playing with nappies!!!

I always use size 3….either pampers or huggies (I have never used anything else and my babes have never had sore bottoms….so I went with what I was comfortable with) I use size 3 because this means new mum/dad have not got a packet of small nappies on their hands should they have a big baby!! (my baby number two was over ten pound!!!  newborn nappies were a joke!!!) or if they chose not to unwrap the cake immediately it means that the nappies will fit a little later on..

Instructions for making a nappy cake.

1. Each nappy is rolled and secured with an elastic band…

Rolling the nappy

Rolling the nappy

Secure with an elastic band

Secure with an elastic band six of the rolled nappies, standing up on their ends, together and secure them with a larger elastic band. I always centre my nappies  around a Newborn Brush and comb set

Six nappies - first inner layer

Six nappies - first inner layer

3. place a further twelve nappies around the six and secure these with an elastic band

The outer layer of 12 nappies

The outer layer of 12 nappies

that is the first layer of the nappy cake complete.

Now many nappy cakes are decorated with ribbon and presented with the nappies visible and they look lovely, but I wanted to go one step further and cover my “cakes” in “icing” so I drape the sleep-suits/vests or the (deluxe version) bathing apron/blanket over the first layer, and secure with ribbons…..personally I love the idea of the new parents opening the cake to discover all the goodies hidden inside…

Cake iced in Baby Clothes

Cake iced in Baby Clothes

4. If you are attempting a second layer….then roll six further nappies and secure on top of the first layer…I always use elastic bands in both my nappy cakes and towel cakes. (I pricked my finger so many times when practicing the with the cakes that I ditched all sharp objects!!!)

The 2nd layer

The 2nd layer

 The second layer is then “iced” in either a facecloth or (deluxe version) a fluffy baby blanket and topped with a cuddly toy….everything is secured with elastic bands….and a little imagination…;o)

When you are happy that the structure is fine….you can start to add the finishing touches to your nappy cake …..ribbons, flowers, butterflies…..let your creative side run…….

Add finishing touches

Add finishing touches


Wrap the entire nappy cake in clear cellophane and secure with a pull-bow…..

Finished product

Finished product

These nappy cakes look absolutely stunning when they are finished and are much nicer than handing a wrapped parcel of baby clothes over to the new parents….

…. if you have any questions or suggestions regarding these nappy cakes,  please do not hesitate to contact me….or leave a message.


Have fun…….;O)


cheers Sharon

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