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A Man city supporter….

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For Uncle Moss....

For Uncle Moss....


This month we lost Uncle Moss… Mums youngest Brother only 54 when he passed away. Full of fun and mischief is really the only way to describe him, known affectionately as “the lovable rogue” …. devoted completely to his family and a very proud Grandad. A true Manchester City Fan (although why I have no idea?…born and bred in the Midlands his allegiance should have been reflected in the support of Villa, Birmingham City or West Brom….but these were “swear words to him!!!) apart from his family and Man city his other passions were Reggae….real reggae. It was at a very tender age that I first listened to Judge Dread (English Reggae & Ska musician) For anyone who is not familiar with Judge Dread he is in the Guinness Book of records for the “most banned Songs”  ………….Need I say more?  great for a young kid!!!!! Facebook – this is where I actually had most of my contact with him….his jokes were sometimes so bad I had to either hide them or delete them…but always made me smile!!! and towards the end of his short life when he wasn’t on facebook he would be found watching his favourite film….Green Street Hooligans.

Uncle Moss & Aunty Tina

Uncle Moss & Aunty Tina


Uncle moss had no religious beliefs and I am sure he will be laughing from those fluffy clouds if he knew that the Undertakers were actually “charging” for people to pay their last respects…. I was actually disgusted when I found that out. While I appreciate these guys do a good job….it is after all just a job to them…..for them to “make extra” cashing in on peoples grief is somewhat staggering…. whatever next?

Anyway me off my soapbox….

Yesterday Uncle Moss left his house for the last time….followed by an army of cars and walkers…..As is true in the old close knit community….people stood in their doorways, on pavements….just to show their last respect…and as we followed Uncle Moss into the Church “King of the Road” echoed throughout….The vicar obviously did his best to keep the service far away from being religious and quite humorous….made all the funnier by a older member of the “followers” wanting to “get up and dance” as “Three steps to Heaven” played!! I am sure Uncle Moss would have had a smile at  the records chosen and of the antics of some!!  “I did it My way” ended the service and Uncle Moss was laid to rest amidst a sea of tears….roses and cigarettes joined him in his final resting place…..and half hour later glasses were raised…


“To Moss”       x


"CHEERS!* sleep well Moss...x

"CHEERS!* sleep well Moss...x




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A bit about me….

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emmmmmm where to start?

OK….I was born…(eventually) at 2.20 p.m on Tuesday 4th March 1969. My mum insists I was “stubborn” and had the Midwife calling for the fire to be lit numerous times, I prefer to believe in my huge sense of humour…..and me pretending to “arrive” was actually a joke!!!

Dad & Mum (with me)

Dad & Mum (with me)

Anyway born “number three” of four children, I followed two boys (and had another boy follow me!!) I was the much awaited “little girl” within an hour I had a girl’s bonnet knitted and placed on my head….by the end of the day I had been gifted with 22 dresses….(if only there had been eBay back then!!!!) My mum took great pleasure in “dressing” the pram each day….lemon, pink, white…frills, lace…..

Pink frills!!!!

Pink frills!!!!

……….anyone who knew me as a kid….and even now will know I detest frills….lace…. and much prefer a good pair of ripped jeans, sandles and tee-shirt!!!!

The dreaded school photo!!

The dreaded school photo!!

I grew up with three brothers…..could use a cricket bat as good as them, kick a ball as far, and climb a tree as high and throw a punch as effectively!!!!…

which leads me onto a little story….which I can safely tell now…(I assume the vicar has gone to meet his maker)…..Long Summer holidays lead to me and my older brothers seeking fun!!! having exhausted all ball games we would be found on our bikes….now one day our bikes lead us and a couple of my brother’s mates to the local vicars orchard…..full of scrummy ripe apples!! The boys voted and I was awarded the “best climber” (looking back I seriously believe I had been “done over” somewhat…..!!!) anyhow….I shinnied up the tree and started chucking the apples down…..

after a few minutes a barking, growling dog came bounding into the garden…….followed by a red faced furious looking vicar…..the boys legged it…..leaving me up the tree….hardly daring to breathe!!!!  I am sure you have heard the saying….”shit yourself”……I think I came close!!!

The vicar waited for the dog to chase off the boys before calling it back, then dragging it off into the house…..the dog barking and looking back at me…up the tree…….grinning – but with a potential aroma of poo should he turn round!!!

I have had many “close shaves” always with my brothers……but it was usually Mark (second eldest) and me who got into the most trouble…..although it was usually instigated by him….. like playing football in his bedroom and breaking the window, or playing football in the lounge and breaking a load of glass bottles……we were scamps….but nothing really major. I sometimes feel very sorry for my children…they will never have the childhood I had……or at least the beautiful freedom of those long hot summer school holidays…

Me & my Bro, Mark on my 18th!!

Me & my Bro, Mark on my 18th!!

I guess I grew up as “tomboy” I had friends who were girls….but really preferred hanging round with my Brothers and their friends. We lived for the most part in Telford, however when I was 11 my parents, through work had to move back to the West Midlands, Rowley Regis……I was not happy there, in the year we spent there I just about avoided having the “cane” at the school I attended….House points were awarded for good behaviour – I owed the teachers so many house points it was incredible!! I spent most of the VERY religious assemblies actually standing up (this was supposed to make an example of me!!….it didn’t work) ….looking back the school as a whole was disgusting….and so were most of the Teachers…. An art teacher ripped up most of my work on a weekly basis….because I started the year by not realising I had to call him “sir”….I witnessed (as did the whole class) the headmaster cane a boy just because he had left his chair on a “wet playtime” (time spent at your desk….quietly thinking) ……is it really any wonder I rebelled during my stay there?

I have to say though the Science & French Teachers were fab….and came to my defence numerous times….I left on a high..smacking one of the prefects in the face and flicking the “V’s” at the Teachers while leaving on the bus!!…… ;o)

Want to know what school it was…..?

It was the annex of St Michaels C of E – Rowley Regis.


back to Telford…..civilised schooling!!

After a period of “settling” back down I decided I needed to knuckle down….I discovered sport and actually ended up loving school!! Now I could go into detail about my days at The Upper School (Stirchley) but I am still in contact with a few people from then….and I would rather not embarrass them (!!!!….) but in the words of Bruce….they were my “Glory Days!!”  and Sarah if you ever read this….you were a complete pain in the arse, who got me into so many scraps (like someone punching ME in the mouth instead of YOU, or telling your mum that the contraception pills she found were mine!!….or getting completely hammered –  singing UB40 tracks and laughing at ladies slippers and the sound of jelly!!!!!?) but you were unpredictable fun, who made me cry with laughter and sadness -  and I treasure those days….cheers bud..x

Back to those "Wham!" days.... Me & Sarah

Back to those "Wham!" days.... Me & Sarah

Enough reminiscing……

I left school after A-levels and being turned down for training to be a Physiotherapist…..(not bitter and twisted about that anymore!!! :O)   ) so I went on to Wolverhampton Poly….at the end of the first year and one day sitting looking at a dead chick….I decided it wasn’t for me…(although I did enjoy my year….esp the social side and playing rugby)….. ;O)

Wolverhampton Ladies...(2nd from bottom right!)

Wolverhampton Ladies...(2nd from bottom right!)

so I blagged my way into work..computers….I didn’t even know how to switch one on!!!!!! That’s really it…..

The rest is pretty much taken up with having fun….drinking….having fun…..and work

Until my kids came along… I have fun in different ways……like the food fight last night which sprung up from no where…;O)

Me & my kids.....

Me & my kids.....


Not really sure why I have written this…..I guess when someone close dies it make you think, how well did I know them? There are questions usually left unanswered………I would like my kids to know everything (well nearly everything) about me… past….my thoughts (most of them) so I am going to dedicate this to all those people in past and link it to my kids….. Sophie, Athena, Alethea, Shae & Kal….x  I love you all


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The “Tooth Fairy”

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Once upon a time….

in a land high above the clouds, the youngest fairy child lived with her two Fairy sisters and her Fairy Princess Mother.  Her Fairy sisters were older than the youngest Fairy and acted “very grown up”.  The youngest Fairy was not mature at all.  While her sisters listened and learned Fairy lessons from their Fairy Princess Mother, she giggled and played games and thought up stories and used her fairy imagination to think about little boys and little girls in other lands. 

Her mother, the Fairy Princess came to see her one night as she gazed from Fairyland upon the stars. 

“You are not practicing your Fairy Magic, my youngest one.  Your sisters are making great progress in their fairy skills.  So far, you fly very well and are invisible at night but that’s about all.”

“I know Fairy Princess Mother,” she said.  “I don’t want to disappoint you but my most favorite thing is to fly and fly.  I’m not good at my other powers except my invisible power.  I use it when I fly among the children from other lands.  I watch them having fun.  They play and laugh all the time.  They sing songs and listen to stories.”  She looked at her Fairy Mother and said, “I wish I was a regular child like that.”

She thought her Fairy Princess Mother would be upset when she said this.  But her Mother held her youngest Fairy in her arms and said.  “My sweet young Fairy, you are very special.  You have many skills that boys and girls in other lands don’t.”

“I know.”  The youngest Fairy said.  “But they have friends.  And they play.  Fairy Mother, I LOVE children.  Every time they laugh, my wings just flutter and wave.  Every time they sing a song, my feet dance.  Every time they cry, I want to kiss them and tell them everything will be all right.  Fairy Mother, last night I was visiting a far off land with children and a little girl was laying down to sleep when her tooth fell out.  She was so surprised.  It frightened her-I could tell.  But I flew beside her and gave her a Fairy kiss – even though she couldn’t see me and right away, she felt better.” 

“So instead of practicing your Fairy skills, you have been visiting little boys and little girls in far off lands?”  Her Fairy Mother asked. 

“Yes,” the youngest Fairy said, hanging her head.  “I’m sorry if I have disappointed you.”

Her Fairy Mother kissed the youngest Fairy and said, “You can never disappoint me, youngest Fairy.  I am going to think about how your Fairy skills can be put to the best use. Now get to bed and we will talk about this again soon.”

The Youngest Fairy went to bed and rested well with visions of young children dancing through her dreams. 

The next day during Fairy lessons; the Princess Fairy Mother said, “You have learned your Fairy skills well.  It’s time we began thinking about what each of you will do next.” 

The Youngest Fairy was very nervous as she heard this since she knew her sisters had practiced much more than she had. 

Oldest Fairy Sister was asked.  “How will you use your Fairy skills?”  Importantly, the oldest Fairy sister said.  “I am the most skilled Fairy of us all.  I will rearrange the stars and keep the planets moving in the solar system.  That will be my job.”

“That’s a very important job,” the Princess Fairy Mother said. 

“What about you, Middle Fairy Sister.  How will you use your Fairy skills?” 

The Middle Fairy Sister looked very pleased with herself as she said, “I have practiced very hard on a special skill – I will fly around the world.  When two people who are alone in the world meet together, I will make invisible sparks fly and create what I call Love.”  She looked at her Fairy Princess Mother for approval.

The Fairy Princess Mother said, “That’s a very important job.” 

“And what about you, my youngest Fairy, what will be your job?” she asked.

The Youngest Fairy thought and thought but she couldn’t think of anything as wonderful as her sister’s jobs that she had the special Fairy skills for.  Her face began to flush.  Her sisters looked at her while thinking, what could she do, what would she do? 

The Fairy Princess Mother said, “I think the Youngest Fairy has already found her special job.  She told me all about it last night.”

The Youngest Fairy looked at the Fairy Princess Mother.

The Fairy Princess Mother said.  “Oldest Fairy sister will arrange the moon and stars.  Middle Fairy sister will generate love.  But the Youngest Fairy will have the most important job of all.  The Youngest Fairy will fly among the little boys and girls.  When they begin to grow up and lose their baby teeth, the Youngest Fairy will make it a magical experience.  The Youngest Fairy will become the Tooth Fairy forever capturing the treasure of childhood and bringing laughter and gifts to little children.  She will bring their lost teeth to Fairy Land where they will become stars for the Oldest Fairy Sister to arrange.  That means a little part of all the children born from all the love created by the Middle Fairy Sister will always be present in Fairyland.  That’s why she has most important job of all.”

The Youngest Fairy could barely believe her ears.  It was perfect.  Her destiny was to be the Tooth Fairy.  and that is how the tooth fairy was born….

A Tooth Fairy (!)

A Tooth Fairy (!)


NOW……while I fully appreciate that the tooth fairy has lots of young children losing their teeth on a daily basis, and she is probably very busy. I really think that fairy world should possibly think about employing another couple of tooth fairies…..


Well Alethea lost her tooth yesterday, she went to bed, placed her tooth on the window ledge (not under her pillow because the tooth fairy couldn’t find it once!!!) she even left the window open…..she woke up this morning……..the tooth was still there!!!!! I have to tell you this is NOT the first time either!!!! why only last month poor Alethea had to wait three nights before the tooth fairy remembered…..sorry I mean came!!!

I very gently explained…..(because hey ms tooth fairy, you forgetting falls heavily on mummy’s & daddy’s shoulders across the world!!) that perhaps she didn’t come because maybe you errrrrrr….perhaps forgot to clean your teeth yesterday?  or emmmmm didn’t use the mouthwash?

……..I later caught Alethea scrubbing frantically at the “lost tooth” ……………how bad can one kid make a parent feel????


So listen up Ms Tooth Fairy……get ya butt over to Llansantffraid tonight…..please.




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My Charity Head Shave..

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July 1998……

How did I get talked into it?

To this day I can’t remember….but when the opportunity came up I took it…..Macmillan Cancer Relief Appeal was pushing in the Shropshire Area for funds, I rang a very nice gentleman called Ian Musty who was spearheading the campaign within a day I had forms, a venue and a hairdresser lined up….no going back now!!!

Within a few weeks I managed to raise nearly £600…. the venue was going to be at the Nursing home where I entertained the residents….They were really looking forward to it!!!! although one dear old lady could not understand why I would possibly want to have all my hair shaved off….and asked on a daily basis leading up to the event “why? and did I have nits!!!!!”


The day of the shaving dawned…..and I was more nervous over the amount of people who were due to come and laugh….sorry support me.

My hairdresser, Lynn turned up….and was shaking…..not good!!!  she confessed she had never “done this before” Ian musty arrived with two lots of local press……Lynn turned pale!!!….

The residents had front row view….family, friends and just the plain nosey gathered behind….I sat and Lynn clicked the shavers into life!!!

just as she placed a shaking clipper onto my head a cry was let out…..”Oh silly girl, don’t let them do it!!” my elderly lady was very opposed to what Lynn was about to do!!!!!!…..the laughs that followed eased Lynn and she set about clearing my head of hair……and any “nits” I may have had!!!!!   :O)






Following the “shave” we had arranged a little “refreshments” for the residents and people who had kindly supported me….my elderly lady very quickly changed her mind and announced that I could have my hair done every week as long as we could have a “little party” after!!!

So Lynn gained some decent free advertising for her salon….I got a free haircut…..the residents got a “little Party” and Macmillan Cancer Relief Appeal was £600 better off…..

been there….done it…..probably will not to it again (well unless someone asks really nicely!!!)

Have fun…..Sharon.. ;o)

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Grandad Ron….

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11-11- 1924     to    5-08-2009   Ronald Frederick George Glading – Ron

 last week we lost Grandad Ron…..who’s brave heart just stopped beating .

Telling the girls someone had passed away was something I had not thought about…but having lost a cat earlier this year it was easier for Alethea to understand that Grandad had actually gone to play with the cat in “Heaven” ……not one of the nicest things a parent can do….but I am always open with my children and believe if children have questions then answers should be given and that honesty is always the best policy.

I asked the girl’s if they would to write their nanny a card….both set about writing a card and making a picture….

Alethea’s said the following….

to nanny i am sorrie i hop granddad wil be alrite in heavan……

They both wrote cards for Grandad to “take” with him…

Alethea's picture to Grandad

Alethea's picture to Grandad

Athena's Poem for Grandad

Athena's Poem for Grandad


what more can you add to that?……

Ron was a very old fashioned man, a true gentleman. A door would be opened, he would not sit until all the ladies present sat, he and I had spent many hours discussing the years he spent fighting in the war, he talked about watching his friends blown up in-front of him, about certain countries where the people he was fighting for would scavenge through the pockets of the dead soldiers….his time spent in hospital because he had wounds so bad in his legs you could see from one side through the flesh to the other!!!……but he never wanted or expected pity or sympathy-it was his duty (in actual fact he lied about his age and joined up to fight before he was legally entitled to!!!).  Ron was a true gentleman who worshipped his lady…….I was convinced had there been a puddle he would have laid down his coat for Marilyn to walk over. They spent, I am sure a wonderful 15 years together and I was privileged to have known him for 13 of those…..Ron’s old fashioned view on life often ran parallel to mine…..although we differed on a few issues we never once fell out….we discussed, listened and more than often agreed.


but above all he was a “Granddad” …..When Athena was born… this day I can still see the pride on the grandparents faces as they raced down the maternity ward on that first visit……and although technically Ron was a “step-Granddad” he was and always will be “granddad”

Today we said our final “goodbye” to Ron….and I am sure wherever he is….he was very proud of both his partner Marilyn and the girls. The girls were very brave and both whispered “goodbye” when the curtain closed around Ron and it was with tears streaming as the Royal British Legion (also friends of Ron) lowered the “Standard” and played “the last post” a fitting tribute to a very brave gentleman, partner and grandad.

I will close this tribute to Ron with the poem that Marilyn bravely read out today……


He is Gone



You can shed a tear that he is gone
or you can smile because he has lived
You can close your eyes and pray he’ll come back
or you can open your eyes and see all he’s left.
Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him
or you can be full of the love you shared

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live for yesterday
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.

You can remember and only that he’s gone
or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.

You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
or you can do what he’d want: smile, open your eyes love and go on.







Goodnight Ron – Grandad  xxxx






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There’s a rat in me Kitchen…..

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“There’s a rat in me Kitchen what am I gonna do?”

Actually it was in my office…..!!!

Now I appreciate that we have mice…..the house is over 500 years old and the mice know the ins and outs of the house better than my cats….but to be fair, the cats are doing well!!

Although poor Sophie may well disagree… far they have chewed the sole of her “best” boots, chewed through a box of cream eggs (which BTW were actually a present for me!!!!) nicked off with a pair of her knickers…..the only reason we know this is because we found them stuck in the mice hole!!!! and only last night they chewed through a box of Dairy Milk (lovingly given to her by her fella)….and munched through their favourites (even had the cheek to leave the coffee ones!!!!) Now all of this I can put up with…..three of the cats are still kittens….Danny does his best….and poor ole Botsi just does not care….so eventually I am sure the young cats will outwit the mice and have their day!!

I would rather dispose of the furry little critters this way….than glue traps or something equally repulsing!!!

BUT RATS!!!!!!

Rat in me kitchen!

Rat in me kitchen!

The last time I saw something this big….I was sat behind a lab table….with a dissection board in front of me!!!!
Now I’m no pathologist but I think the rat died rather peacefully curled up….and was not savaged by one of my cats…. I think a truer picture may be that one of the little scamps…..namely Ceylon or Corky has found this and bought it home…..I do wish that cats would get the message….I do not actually like mice, birds, worms, frogs, goldfish (!!) or rats being brought home, dragged through the catflap and deposited anywhere as a present…..I prefer more thought to my presents (please note Soph!!!!)   ;o)
maybe a week off from household chores…..
A day lounging about doing absolutely nothing…..
A Cd compiled of all my all time fave tracks….
A box of Cream eggs….without the mice taking first nibble…
A couple of hours spent on a remote Sun-drenched Island…..
yeah OK…..I’m happy with my “three for two” special from Boots that smells of wet rotting grass!!!! cough cough….;o)
back to the rats/mice…. if anyone has any ideas on how to “humanly” persuade these four legged, chocolate lovin, knicker thieves to move house…..please leave me a comment…
cheers Sharon
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A very brave Dad & Jessica’s Trust

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When I first started on Twitter I came across a young Dad twittering on behalf of Jessica’s Trust….intrigued I followed the click-able link….for the next few hours shed a few tears and gained a knowledge of childbed fever

The brave Dad who I discovered on Twitter is called Ben Palmer…..and Jessica? – His wife and mother of their two children.

Ben became a daddy for the second time and just six days after the uncomplicated birth of his daughter…..he became a widower. His wife died in June 2004 aged 34 from Childbed fever.

Ben and Jessica’s story….

Jessica Palmer was exhausted but she had planned the scene meticulously – she was lying in bed with her arms outstretched waiting for her toddler son, Harry, to come and greet his newborn sister.

Emily, born the day before, was in her crib so that Harry, rather than the family’s new arrival, would feel that he was the centre of attention. By the bedside, hidden under a blanket, was a shiny new yellow toy tractor, a gift for Harry from his new sibling…………..

Ben arrived at the hospital the next day expecting to take his wife and new daughter home. Shortly before he arrived, the midwife had been having difficulty taking Jessica’s blood pressure and had called Dr Ong, the anaesthetist, who happened to be on the ward.

Dr Ong checked Jessica and was concerned by her raised temperature, low blood pressure and high pulse and said the obstetrician should see her before she was discharged. She was eventually seen at eight that evening but when Ben came to collect her and asked if her blood pressure had been checked, Jessica told him that the doctor had “just chatted”.

Ben, still concerned, asked yet another midwife if his wife was all right and was told that she was fine and could go home. Soon after getting home, Jessica complained of being cold. “She was shivering and her lips were blue,” Ben recalls. “Within minutes of getting into bed she was red and hot so I took her temperature and it was 39.8 or 39.9.”

Ben was worried but his wife insisted that she just needed to sleep. The next morning, Jessica became tired and edgy again. When Mrs O’Connor, the midwife, tried to ring the Palmers’ telephone, it was engaged and she left a message saying that she would probably not have time to visit that day.

Alarmed, Ben rang her back, telling her that Jessica had had a high temperature and asking her to call by; she said she would try but did not make it. That night Jessica’s temperature went up again to around 38.8 and so on the midwife’s advice, Ben gave her some Panadol.

On Sunday, she was tired and irritable and when she took a bath that morning she and Ben noticed a red patch on her stomach. The couple’s families arrived with Champagne but Jessica could manage only a sip.

At midday, when the midwife came she noted that Jessica felt feverish but failed to take her temperature because, as she stated at the inquest, she did not have her thermometer. She had no answer when the coroner queried why she had not asked to use the family’s thermometer.

By Monday morning, Jessica was suffering from a pain in her lower back and leg. She called her GP’s surgery and the doctor diagnosed sciatica. However, by Tuesday, Jessica was finding it difficult to sit up and was in intense pain.

She went to her local surgery where the doctor recognised that she was seriously ill and an ambulance was called. Jessica was given oxygen and raced to hospital. As Ben, bewildered, followed behind in his car with his young daughter, he remembers clearly saying to the tail lights of the ambulance with its flashing blue siren: “Don’t leave me, Jessica. Don’t leave me.”

Jessica was taken to accident and emergency where she was stabilised and moved to intensive care. Her breathing was laboured and doctors told Ben that the antibiotics she had been given were not working as quickly as was hoped.

He eventually went home to see the children but at 1.30am the hospital called to say that Jessica was on a ventilator and he returned. His wife was already on dialysis, her skin blue and blotchy. When Ben asked if she might die, a nurse told him sadly: “She might well do.” He sat by her bedside, holding her hand, willing her to live.

In the morning, Ben went home again but received another call – this time asking what religion Jessica was and did he want a chaplain called. Devastated, he returned to the hospital where doctors gently told him that the only possible hope was an operation.

“I just had to let her have every possible chance – I said yes,” he says, his voice breaking. It was then that he cradled his wife’s head and begged her, once again, not to leave him.

But it took Ben only one look at the doctor’s face to know that Jessica had not made it through the procedure. He sat with his dead wife, surrounded by photographs of Harry.

“I knew she couldn’t see them, but it comforted me that they were there,” he says. “I had lost the wife I loved, the perfect companion and mother to my children.”

Being a mum of four children, this story struck me to the core, and while I appreciate there was a blunder amongst the healthcare professionals who should have been looking after Jessica, and I agree that “mums” are very often overlooked when baby enters the world….I also know that most midwives are restricted by a constant frustration and constraint of time, money and lack of resources in a crippled service….but above all there is a lack of education out there, I was diagnosed as Strep B when I delivered my second baby… next two pregnancies I was the one who pointed this out to the midwifes….(one of which “had heard of Strep B…but never come across it….!!)

So this very brave dad is trying to raise awareness of childbed fever….and campaigning for the national use of Modified Obstetric Early Warning System (MEOWS) chart.

Our primary aim is to raise awareness of childbed fever: we would like every parent and every midwife and doctor to know that childbed fever (also called puerperal fever or puerperal sepsis) is still a very real threat to a mother’s life.

In the same way that every parent knows the danger of Meningitis, we believe that parents should be told about sepsis and childbed fever in ante natal classes and at the point of post natal discharge.”

Please click on the link below, if you are pregnant or know someone who is pregnant or are a healthcare professional who wishes to know more…..     sign the petition…. It might just save one mummy…


Carry on the fantastic work you are doing Ben…. you are a complete inspiration….I am sure Jessica proudly looks on.



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by on Aug.12, 2009, under My thoughts...

I very rarely watch TV…..and any news I gather is from the Internet….I generally avoid “news” involving the abuse of children…..but yesterday the headlines grabbed me….

Which is exactly what I would like to do to the “mother” of “Baby P” ………..grab her by the neck and punch her hard in the face

As for the complete and utter toss ball that called himself “dad”…..I am not religious but I pray that some kind perverted inmate will abuse him!!

For those of you who are unaware of the story….


Evil, lazy, “mother” Tracey Connelly chatted online and played online games while her Neo-Nazi boyfriend, Steven Barker (along with their lodger, Barker’s older Brother Jason Owen)  abused and tortured her young son….to death.

The injuries are too upsetting for me to blog…..and the thought of that little boy suffering makes me feel sick.

What also upsets me is the fact that the house was visited over 60 times by health care officials….and the day before the young boy died, a doctor was reported to have not examined baby Peter because he was tired and grumpy…..maybe the fact that his spine had been broken had something to do with that!!!!! or months of unspeakable abuse had made him “tired and grumpy” for ****sake!!!!!!

Social workers and Doctors failed to see injuries because they were covered in chocolate and nappy cream!! The mother was so determined to keep her £450 per month child benefit and other payouts that she kept her pain-obsessed lover and the injuries inflicted on her young son a secret..

 So just another on this list of scum getting financial and other rewards for being lazy, abusing their kids and breaking the law. The judiciary more often than not, offers them leniency. They have created a tranche of social workers, police and other staff, who are lazy, unintelligent and uncaring, concerning themselves more that ‘boxes are ticked and targets met’, than protecting and saving the life of a small, helpless child being systematically tortured by three grown adults. The remaining public sector employees are either overwhelmed, underfunded or punished for speaking out…..this country needs to stop rewarding with benefits the B******s who are quite frankly taking the piss…

While in a shop the other day I overheard a “mother” talking about her child being on the high risk list….she bragged about “getting Taxis” “babysitting done for free” “extra money”…..****!!!!!! STOP REWARDING THESE SCUM!!!


 Tracey Connelly – you are not a “mum” you are low life….I hope you rot slowly…

Steven Barker & Jason Owen – words can not express how I feel….I feel no empathy for your state of mind….I hope you get what most of the country wish for you…..


………………………………………………………………………  ………. ……………………………………………………………………..  ……….. ……………………………


Baby Peter….I hope you have found peace, safety, love and a cuddle that will never hurt you, wherever your soul has landed….sleep well little one…x




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My thoughts….

by on Aug.12, 2009, under My thoughts...

These pages are a little space on the net where I can actually vent my anger, pleasure (!), views, opinions…..

I guess we have all had a time where we have had to “bite our tongue” and not say what we really wanted to say…. seen a news article and just want to express an opinion, or just tell someone….well done

These are my musings and are not put on here to offend anyone….

If you have any comments please feel free…..(spammers-go forth and multiply!!….)


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by on Aug.11, 2009, under The Family

Having promised the girl’s that we would spend a day “baking” and knowing that once I promise that’s it!!! I knew I would have to honour it, however, this week has been somewhat turned upside down with the sudden death of the girl’s granddad….and their Nanny spending a few hours each day with us.

So on Friday I thought it might be nice for my mum to come up and both Nannies could spend a few hours with the girls baking…..So that is how I left them….kitchen table covered in “baking” stuff, Athena and Alethea in charge of the two nannies….

Welcome to the house of fun!!

Welcome to the house of fun!!


and with a couple of hours free, all my orders boxed and ready for dispatch – I pondered on my time..

Should I join in with baking? (NO….they are probably best  left in peace, without me bossing them around!!)

Should I sit in the garden and just read? (NO….I have not done that for over twenty years so why start now!!)

Two hours before the boys need picking up from Nursery….

Should I clean the fish out? (NO….need the kitchen, baking and fish water….emmmmmm)

So I decided to tackle Alethea’s bedroom!!!!

Armed with four bin bags, polish, music and determination off I went bravely, knowing it could be a while before they realise I am missing, never to return!!!!

Alethea is a hoarder.

With the sounds of Bruce Springsteen booming I discovered rocks, twigs, socks, dead insects that had been gently laid to rest in peace (now I know where all the tissues go!!!) onto the reggae tunes of UB40 (I had severely underestimated the fact that I would need at least three CDs worth of time!!)

The cleaning of the fish was looking the better option at this point………..

OK you are probably reading this and thinking “gosh that must have built up over months and months of not cleaning” Alethea’s bedroom was done last week!!!!  She has an amazing ability to acquire “stuff”

The smell of baking started to waft up through the floorboards, which actually does not take much, since some parts of the floor you can see down into the ground floor!!! Sophie was back from work and joined forces with me….together we  fought through the mortuary of dead insects (their final resting place – a binbag!!!!), odd socks, mixed games….pens with no lids…..I guess you get the picture?

 Triumphantly we emerged….carrying bin bags of rubbish (gently of course – there were insects that had passed away in there!!)

BANG!!!!!  one minute I’m carrying the binbag….the next I’m hugging it on the floor!!!

I knew instantly what I’d done……back in feb I very stupidly jumped from a wall, landed funny and subsequently ended up with an inverted sprain…managing to take out two of my tendons…

It’s been all of three weeks since I have been discharged from Physiotherapy…..and now I’ve done it again!!!  My language (which I did apologise for later) was not pleasant…..

After leaving poor Sophie in charge of organising tea…..two Nannies hurriedly trying to calm four young kids down….I left for the local AnE…only to return an hour later on crutches…… looking on the bright side of things…the saying goes….”things tend to come in threes” so there I’ve had my share….. two foot injuries and a bit of concussion…that’s me done!!!

Actually there is a positive side to all this…….Alethea’s bedroom has stayed tidy for four days now!!!! ……worth hurting my foot….emmmmm not sure?


Have fun….    ;o)



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