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Proudly presenting Kayden..

by on Oct.06, 2010, under The Family

Well Sophie (Bessie) is now five weeks away from bringing my Grandson, Kayden into the world :)

The house is slowly changed ready for his arrival…..amazingly I have four children of my own, the youngest being three….but the arrival of Kayden has completely changed the equilibrium of the house….in a good way!!!. A wall has been built…. oak beams filled in with plaster board and plastered/painted by yours truly and Sophie now has her own bedroom… boys remain in their own room and my girls now share my old bedroom (lovely, large bedroom!!!) and me and Andy relegated to the smaller (just as lovely) smaller bedroom…all sorted….amazingly enough in all the move-arounds we now have a four bedrooms…and two lounges….and the best of it is….the kids have one lounge….the other with it’s oak-lined wall, oak floor and huge oak beams standing strong and proud….will eventually be turned from “the grown-ups” lounge to a PUB room!!!!!!!!! (I’m sure TheBruvs will appreciate this!!!!!!) :)

Now where was I…..mmmmmmm…..aa if I could possibly forget….KAYDEN!!!

Along with the joys associated with the forthcoming arrival of Kayden….it has also had a few black moments. We live in a small village. The father of Kayden also lives in our small village….their are also some small minded people who live in our small village….friends with, it seems both our Sophie and the baby’s father…..loose tongues, have with just a few weeks before Kayden’s arrival, put doubts about his paternity into heads…it makes me VERY cross to think of how Sophie feels when “the father” suggests he would like a DNA test, “rather than bringing up somebody’s else’s child!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Before I run off and purchase a very large rusty knife and cut into his Vas deferens….I will think of Kayden and most of all our Soph…who have done nothing wrong  :)

Did I mention that Soph wants ME to be her birthing partner??? ……..

Did I mention that I hate anything like that???……

Did I mention that even a birthing scene on TV makes me feel squirmish…and I cannot even look??……

I’ll say no more……..

apart from….

May I proudly present the most loved Grandson….. Kayden

4d scan of Kayden

4d scan of Kayden

little man….it does not matter why or how you were conceived….what people have to say….whether your father stands up to be proud…..In November are coming into our crazy house full of Uncles, Aunties, Nanny & Granddad….and of course your Mummy. You will always be warm, fed, safe and above all unconditionally LOVED.

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Oswestry – Always Special gift shop gets a 2nd floor!

by on Oct.06, 2010, under Always Special

From the title, you can guess that I have finally opened the second floor!!

Sounds easy…. mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

taking away the joys and stresses at home..I think another page will be dedicated to all that! Opening the second floor in the shop was probably more stressful than actually opening the first floor!!! The reason we did it in three days!!!

The days of extended the bottom of the stairs  – making it easier for the customers to come down, painting, replacing floor boards, lighting, security cameras, trips to ikea after work for the tables/shelving, putting the stock out….all done in three days….and a couple of late evenings!!

The final friday (before the Saturday opening) at about 8 o’clock, deciding I could take no more, with a back so bad that the painkillers were not having much effect, and hardly being able to walk, I asked Andy to drive my car right up to the front of the shop (bearing in mind we are totally within our right to load and unload during certain times of the day – this being one of the times) I literally crawled bent double from the front door to the car, got in the car and looked over the road to see a police man sitting in his car mouthing the words “MOVE IT!!” gesturing frantically at the car….he had seen me crawl to the car in obvious pain. Andy came out having set the alarm and lock the shop to more verbal abuse from this police man “MOVE IT!!” (a man of many words!!!!) Andy shouted back that we were loading….the policeman once again searched deep and shouted “MOVE IT!!”….

……By this time in GREAT discomfort I am attempting to get out the car to give this policeman a piece of my mind, The policeman with his miami vice shades on (at 8 PM in October!!!) was oblivious to my violent gestures and verbal non appreciation of his ignorance …..Andy jumps in the car to a VERY steaming ME…the policeman drives off…

I wanted Andy to drive me round to the police station….alas it closes at 5.30 GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Anyway….Saturday 2nd October Always Special – Gift shop in Oswestryproudly opened it’s Secondfloor…..YES I know technically it should be called first floor (the ground floor is the shop floor with the door into the shop) But to us and a few of our customers it’s our SECOND floor….and really who cares what it is called…….we now have two floors in which to sell!!

So if you are reading this and live locally…..pop in and see us (that’s unless you were the policeman on duty that night giving a pain ridden lady grieve for getting in the car outside her own shop!!!!!)

What’s on the second floor……?

Mexican figurines, handcrafted beautifully, Candles of all shapes and sizes, Baskets made up as complete gifts – Beer/lager baskets, J2o/coke baskets, craft baskets, recycled models and bags made out of beer and soft drink cans.

Downstairs now we have more room our range of handmade soaps, bathmelts and waxmeltshave extended onto three large kitchen tables!!! joining them is our ever growing range of jewellery from around the world, handmade bags, more candles, new traditional sweet shop table, bearing old fashioned sweeties for all ages, and not forgetting a unique range of Nappy cakes, towel cakes, Swiss rolls, smoothies, ice cream sundaes and giant muffins….all made by Always Special from Towels, face cloths, socks, gloves etc

With Christmas coming Always Special has to be the place to visit….If not for unique gifts then just to stand and let the smells of the soaps and candles take you to that feeling of Christmas past!!!!

As always have Fun!!!!!!

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