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and then came ahh_shazbot

by on Jul.23, 2009, under The Cats!

well….day two of the kidnapping….and we still have control of Mr D’s twitter account and this blog!!

This morning we were quite disgusted by the common behaviour of AndyPandy the camel…

Tonight we faced a onslaught of abuse from Stephanosis….she rallied round trying to build a force against us…..but we were not to be beaten, having slept off all the lager and vodka consumed with our girlfriends valberg1 & salandpepper, and managing to nick two frozen sausages/a piece of cake and some blood from one of the kid’s fingers who live with us! we were more than ready to take on the likes of Stephanosis and her wussy doggy Jessie

She tried desperately to come between us and our tortie feline girlfriend Medusaj…..but medusaj likes a bad boy….and calls us her rough cut diamonds….we feel kittens coming on!!!!!! MedusaJ knows which side her bread is buttered….so move over Stephanosis…go back to the nursing home and take ya tablets!!!!!! MedusaJ loves us and that’s how it’s gonna stay!!!!

Sarahgb and Justine_hughes have slightly different tactics!!!….one tactic was laughable - actually Mr Ceylon….(who is the muscle…whereas I am the brains) fell off his stool laughing and spilt the beer he was drinking all over himself!! They actually tried to frighten us with a “girlie” cat called “Poppy”

"poppy" MOL MOL!!!

"poppy" MOL MOL!!!

Poppy came via Justine_hughes and was laughed all the way back to her…..come on girlie’s can’t ya do better than that???? we could have eaten poppy for breakfast….MOL

Then came the second part of their tactics…..they have arranged a big party on Friday… Twitter world…now me and me Bruv, Mr Ceylon love a gathering…..bit of light music (esp from the car speakers….boom boom!!!), good food, lots of beer….and loads of Girlie’s!!!!  So as we “have” a twitter account that means we should be included….however it seems like it’s going to be a posh “do” and it’s “by invitation” only…….BORING!!! and apparently there is a vote going on as to whether we are invited or not…we have a couple of options open to us….

1. we act really nice (to everyone….including Duck face, Llubyloo, and Stephanosis) and try to get some manners from eBay or Amazon. then release Mr Darcy…dress up in our best furs and behave for the evening

2. or we just gatecrash….


and BTW we have got manners….why who supplied our girlfriend valberg1 with bog roll to wipe the snot from her nose….silly wench was crying cause we stood her up….we were actually busy chasing MedusaJ round the garden and sunbathing with Salandpepper & lady_twitster!!


Anyway….after all this the night kinda went down hill…

Stephanosis tried to get Jimmykingofcats on her side….what she does not realise is Jimmykingofcats is as rough and ready as us…..loves biting heads of mice….chewing baby birds and partying all night!!!!

Then Stephanosis tried to involve us in her porn ring….for those of you who are not aware… is actually Ms. Stephanosis who parades around twitter disguised as “Britney F*^#ed Vids” she gets all her sausages from her local butchers…then gets her husband to take suggestive photos of herself munching on the sausage!!!!…..we will say no more on the subject….but twitter and the local police are watching her and the amount of sausages consumed daily!!!!!

Then Duck face – lookski turned up….starting threatening us with photos… we know that most the pics of us nicking those cars last month have been distroyed…..also the ones of us Doggin…sorry catting down the lane have gone….the police still hold pics of the petrol station “incident” but that ain’t been proved yet… we were a tad concerned what “photo” duck face was threatening us with…

THEN….AHH_SHAZBOT TURNED UP….with the photos…

You know when a male cat is tortured with threats of having his “nuts” removed, it is enough to bring tears to your eyes….but when pictures of recipe books are published…and there is talk of rusty knives……

It really does not need a caption!!!

It really does not need a caption!!!

 It was enough for me and my Bruv to retreat for the night…..and go somewhere quiet, drink lager, eat crisps….and occasionally give those precious ginger nuts a lick!!!!


If we can keep Mr D quiet for just a few more hours we can get to the party and do some #Followfridays!!!!

Don’t let those bed bugs bite ya!!!


Mr Corky and his bruv…..Mr Ceylon…*snog*

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