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Nappy cake – how to make them

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Nappy Cakes in the UK – How to make a Nappy Cake.

When I first started playing with the idea of Always Special I was very keen on creating Nappy cakes. I had seen a few nappy cakes on the web….and they seemed very popular in the US often the centre piece of a Baby shower party – which I am led to believe have been around for centuries and are a tradition in many societies: however the origin of the Baby shower party is actually unknown. It is a wonderful way for friends and family to  share the excitement with mum-to-be, calm the new parent as she approaches the final few weeks of her pregnancy and offer advice and words of wisdom….also help with the expense of having a new baby by bringing baby shower gifts.

Many hospitals now in the UK are banning “real flowers” so these nappy cakes are a beautiful gift that can be placed on display…


Baby Girl Nappy Cake

Baby Girl Nappy Cake

Having had four children…I was determined to build all my nappy cakes with products that could be used….there are many on the market that have “dummies” (none of my babies have had a dummy!!) and well known baby Products in like Johnson’s….(most mums will be stocked up on what product they are going to use anyway) So I started my search for “products” that were different….but totally useful all ready to go into my nappy cakes.

I came across Baby Angel Wings……a towel/apron that wraps around mum’s (or dad’s) neck. when baby is finished bathing you gently lift out and then snuggle the apron’s wings around the baby… messing or struggling with a juggling act…..BABY VERSES TOWEL … many times have I struggled with a towel tucked under my chin and a slippery baby….

Our Angel-Wings Apron

Our Angel-Wings Apron

Chiggs baby feeding cards were another discovery for me…..a great invention…Remember those hazy nights and days of “when did I give baby that last feed?” “was it 2.30 0r 3.30?” well Chiggs have come up with feeding cards….where you simply turn the dial for a clear reminder of the last feed…

The list is endless… research took months but eventually I created my “nappy cake” in two forms…. regular and deluxe. Both of which can be seen in greater detail on my other website you can either grab ideas from there or actually purchase one of my nappy cakes.  :O)


Deluxe Baby Girl Nappy cake

Deluxe Baby Girl Nappy cake

 Deluxe nappy cake "Exploded"

How to make a nappy cake….

Well that was where the real work set in…..there was not much information out there on how to make a nappy cake??? …. So for what seemed like an eternity I set about playing with nappies!!!

I always use size 3….either pampers or huggies (I have never used anything else and my babes have never had sore bottoms….so I went with what I was comfortable with) I use size 3 because this means new mum/dad have not got a packet of small nappies on their hands should they have a big baby!! (my baby number two was over ten pound!!!  newborn nappies were a joke!!!) or if they chose not to unwrap the cake immediately it means that the nappies will fit a little later on..

Instructions for making a nappy cake.

1. Each nappy is rolled and secured with an elastic band…

Rolling the nappy

Rolling the nappy

Secure with an elastic band

Secure with an elastic band six of the rolled nappies, standing up on their ends, together and secure them with a larger elastic band. I always centre my nappies  around a Newborn Brush and comb set

Six nappies - first inner layer

Six nappies - first inner layer

3. place a further twelve nappies around the six and secure these with an elastic band

The outer layer of 12 nappies

The outer layer of 12 nappies

that is the first layer of the nappy cake complete.

Now many nappy cakes are decorated with ribbon and presented with the nappies visible and they look lovely, but I wanted to go one step further and cover my “cakes” in “icing” so I drape the sleep-suits/vests or the (deluxe version) bathing apron/blanket over the first layer, and secure with ribbons…..personally I love the idea of the new parents opening the cake to discover all the goodies hidden inside…

Cake iced in Baby Clothes

Cake iced in Baby Clothes

4. If you are attempting a second layer….then roll six further nappies and secure on top of the first layer…I always use elastic bands in both my nappy cakes and towel cakes. (I pricked my finger so many times when practicing the with the cakes that I ditched all sharp objects!!!)

The 2nd layer

The 2nd layer

 The second layer is then “iced” in either a facecloth or (deluxe version) a fluffy baby blanket and topped with a cuddly toy….everything is secured with elastic bands….and a little imagination…;o)

When you are happy that the structure is fine….you can start to add the finishing touches to your nappy cake …..ribbons, flowers, butterflies…..let your creative side run…….

Add finishing touches

Add finishing touches


Wrap the entire nappy cake in clear cellophane and secure with a pull-bow…..

Finished product

Finished product

These nappy cakes look absolutely stunning when they are finished and are much nicer than handing a wrapped parcel of baby clothes over to the new parents….

…. if you have any questions or suggestions regarding these nappy cakes,  please do not hesitate to contact me….or leave a message.


Have fun…….;O)


cheers Sharon

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  • MedusaJ

    I didn’t realise that there were things inside the nappy cake DOH! What a fab gift idea – I would’ve loved one of them.

  • gucci handbags

    I have been looking looking around for this kind of information. Will you post some more in future? I’ll be grateful if you will.

  • lesley

    thank you so much, i am making a nappy cake for my daughters friend and your instructions are by far the easiest to understand.thanks to you i have no hesitations.
    thanks again

  • Carol Dent

    What a facinating blog. I’ve bookmarked it and added your feed to my RSS Reader

  • Sharon

    Thank you for your kind comment. I will be sure to check out your piece of the web.

  • Graco High Chair

    So I’m happy I added your blog to my RSS, otherwise I’d have missed this. Thanks for this, and happy 2010 to you.

  • Donald Ashbrook

    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  • heather

    hi ya x i was wondering how you get the clothes wrapped round the cake to look like icing thanks x

  • Macy Miranda

    Heah, what a nice website you have. I found it on Bing while looking for some newborn baby items. Thanks and good luck.

  • Heather

    Again, another Heather asking the same question – how do you wrap the clothes around the layer of nappies to look like icing? This is an amazing site – so glad I found it!

  • Sharon

    In answer to a couple of questions….firstly wrapping the the clothes around the cake to resemble Icing?…A great deal of practice!!! where you really need ten pairs of hands!!!! ;) Once you have the clothes in position I always secure using elastic bands, covering the elastic bands in ribbon. Keep practising it actually took me ages to perfect it – but the end result is simply stunning.

    Word Press online tutorials – I am not sure – I have basically taught myself how to use Word Press – although some features have rendered me reaching for the wine bottle!!! I think once you start and the more you use it the easier it becomes.

  • Amanda

    WOW!! I’ve just been asked to get my boss’ leaving present for work and I wanted a nappy cake, but as we are on a budget didn’t want to pay someone else or the postage.

    Know I know how to make one so thank you, just need a list of things to buy now!!

  • lauren

    I was going to buy a nappy cake but decided to make my own… I am struggling to cover the bottom layer neatly though. I have white babygrows to cover it but they just dont look right which ever way I position them. I’ve tried pins to secure them but its just not happening! My friend might end up with just a pile of rolled up nappies for a gift!!!

  • Sam James

    Wow!! that is fab I always wondered how it was done as I never received one, I shall be having a damn good try as it is my friends baby shower this weekend and I hope to present her with one that looks half as good as yours! :-)

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