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by on Jul.27, 2009, under The Cats!

Well it has taken nearly a week to sort the mess out…..

I booked my first holiday (from eBay…a last minute bargain…which unfortunately offered me no time in which to either check out the campsite or tell my friends I was going) So it was a very excited Mr Darcy who left on a train on his Hols

my view out of the train window!!!

my view out of the train window!!!


Well I had a three day “holiday” (although I will not be going there again) away….only to return to find that my lovely brothers…Mr Corky and Mr Ceylon had not passed on the message that I had gone on Holiday AND they had taken over my twitter account and Blog site!!!

They had dressed up as me…the cheek of it!!

Mr Ceylon parading as me!!!!!!

Mr Ceylon parading as me!!!!!!

and even convinced my dear mummy peep and Daddy peep !!

I have still not responded to the best wishes of my lovely followers…..and would like to take this opportunity to thank some very special people……….

Stephanosis (Marjorie) and her lovely sweet dog Jessie, who I am to believe put up a brave fight for my return, my brothers can be a little rough in their talk and she has endured the bulk of it. So to my sweet Marjorie and Jessie thank you (I am glad you have met some wonderful new people through this!!)  ;o)

Llubyloo & her brave camel Llubyloo2 AKA AndyPandy (I missed her cream while I was away)….but she fought alongside Stephanosis like a true fighter…bringing her camels in (I know for a fact that my brothers only just held off the attack!!) was a brilliant tactic, with the onslaught of various people my brothers struggled to keep up with the battle….and their paws were sore from typing!!!

Also mentions for Lookski, HiToYou and Ahh_Shazbot & Twinkle47 who together came up with ideas of “rusty knives” and strange cookbooks (of which I’d rather not go into!!)

Messages of support from Lindseythefirst, Hilsofhove, AmMarvellous (who was a mean talking lady, and had my brothers buckling slightly), Lady_Twitster, Sarahgb (put up some excellent tactics) Justine_Hughes (who really should not be battling in her condition!)

Then I really must mention the people who stood by my brothers…..they are after all just kittens (9 months old!!!) Valberg1 who I am lead to believe Mr Ceylon has fallen for and  bdgrlaw who they both adore (but esp Mr Corky!!) also bcngr, Stefhoare & Moggymac who loves the brother’s Humour!! and a big thank you for Medusaj for sitting on the fence (in typical cat fashion) and siding with both sides!!!


Thank you for all the fun…..I hope all involved gained a few laughs and some extra nice followers…*X*   Mr D



PS if I have not mentioned you please drop me a message….my head is like a sieve…sometimes needs a little shake!!!

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  • stephanosis

    So sorry your holiday was terrible sweet pushkin, we really thought your bad @TheBruvs had kidnapped you, they have been inordinately cheeky to me- calling me porno queen and such like, also that your dear Jessie dog was a wuss, this hurt her to the quick as she was willing to love them for your sake!
    I see they have a twitter a/c of their own, and we are folling them- they promied to mend their ways.
    promise me you will never go to such a dreadful holiday camp again, you too refined *hugs* xx

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