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So we got our own Blog!!

Guess for those of ya who don’t know us…..we are Mr Corky and Mr Ceylon…..and Mr Darcy is our Brother (although not blood related!!) we were rescued one week before Christmas from the rather rough house where we were living….. we were very scared and shy and needed lots of cuddles (and food) to make us into the fine specimens that we are now!!!!

Good lookin guys....aint we?

Good lookin guys....aint we?


We live with our human mum and dad…their five brats and three other cats….Mr Darcy…

Wimpy Mr D!!

Wimpy Mr D!!

Mr Darcy thinks he is the “Philip Schofield” of the feline world….emmmm we think not ! why Mr D is far betta lookin!!!

Then there is Mr Dansak (called Danny or Dan for short)

Mr Dan gettin a bite from Mr Corky!!

Mr Dan gettin a bite from Mr Corky!!

Mr Dan is a pleasant chap….he does not drink lager or mix with the girlies!!….he is “nice” to everyone….even Mr D!!! he even respects the human mum & dad!!!

Then there is Ms.Botsi (Botswarli is her proper name) She is very poorly at the moment and has something called Cancer in her tummy…she has to go to the Vets to have injections…..which kinda makes her tired and a little bit crabby….but then she has always bin crabby (well to us!!!)

Ms Botsi...

Ms Botsi...

Oh and then there are the goldfish!!!…..these little suckers drive the stupid Mr D round the bend!! they swim round just opening their mouths and not doin anything……what is the point of feedin em? or even having em?  Why do humans have fish? they reckon they like watchin em…..but we think it’s bloody hypocritical they have fish swimmin round in the lounge and then sit at the table and devour the fishes cousins….with a fresh salad… just aint right!!!!!

errr...the fish!!!

errr...the fish!!!

 So that’s our family!!

and we just kinda blend in….we have bin known to be a little naughty…we love teasin Mr Danny, and chasin Mr D….but our fav game is to see who can get the most blood from one of the humans!!! at the moment my Bruv Mr Ceylon is winnin….he has the biggest, sharpest claws….and he don’t mind using em (BTW he is the biggest, and has lots of muscle….but I have more brain cells!!!)

There are two ways we achieve this….

1. we sit and wait….behind a corner, a sofa, a door then pounce!!!!

2. or our fav…..sit on the kitchen chairs wait for someone to walk past….and BANG!!! claws out and got ya!! The little humans are the best….they scream real loud!!!

We also love knocking stuff on the floor…..we aint allowed on the sides… we reckon….if we can’t then why should other stuff be allowed….so when humans aint lookin….up we jump and we paw everything onto the floor…..keys, purses, phones…..if we can move it…..then it goes!!!!

Ya can follow us on Twitter now 




Although be warned….we like to say it how it is…..and don’t hold back!! but then we like it to be thrown at us….so give us ya best shot!!

We have our fav enemies on there Ms Stephanosis, Lookski and Llubyloo & stefHoare we also got our girlies on there valberg1, sarahgb,  bcngr and our redhead Bdgrlaw why don’t ya join in the fun?

well if ya like our blog, leave us a message….and we will do our upmost to ignore ya!!!

gota go now… the bed bugs dona bite ya….Later….*SNOG*

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  • stephanosis

    well rascals, you going to call a truce with me and Jess, or shall we just love to hate each other, think we have more fun that way! whattdayasay?
    the porn queen (alledgedly ) *snog*

  • Sharon

    Hi Ya Porno….A truce?…never. Why end all the laughs? keep em comin ole fart….we will match anything ya got ta throw at us!!!

  • stephanosis

    Right you pair of mingers, old fart is it, you just wait and see what we gonna throw at ya, be very afraid!!!

  • MedusaJ


  • forgetful Heart

    Well Lads,

    You’ve made it a bloody blog no less….shudda wudda cudda been a snog blog the way you two lash em about..

    It must be the Tom in ya…they say Tom Jones fathered half of Wales..

    Shudda been greyhounds you’ve been round the Twitter Track more times than one…

    Still luv ya tho

    Hooked on snogs ya see…


  • valberg1

    Hiya Boys!

    Not been around much lately, had bit of drink problem- kept missing my mouth!!!!

    Will be back properly once shakes stop and back on vodka.

    Enjoyed blog ****SNOG***** MWAH xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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