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by on Jul.30, 2009, under The Family

Well this morning was a real tear jerker…..and I mean tears from laughing!!!

In a morning, we have a system…and it works. I jump in the bath (with coffee) while Andy feeds the army of mouths. Then one by one each of the “off-spring” are sent up….the girls first, they are old enough to bath themselves….so while I get ready they fight over who baths first….(I have one rule – first come first get) Then when they are done (my part involving drying hair and recently “straightening” hair….like what am I some sort of hairdresser?…..emmmm add that to my lists of never ending talents!!!!) I usually call down for the boys….

They get plonked in the bath together…..hey at aged 1 and 2 it works!!!

then they both get hulled out…..I “do” Kal….while Shae sits very patiently….wrapped up on the toilet (lid down!!) ok so you get scene….


Today while I “did” Kal….(which takes a bit of time because kal likes to smother his body in Body Shop Cream and smell like a juicy Orange….YUM YUM)  Shae started up with his usual chatting….

However this morning he wanted to talk about his “winkie” (that’s what  “it” is commonly called in our house!!!)

Now at a tender age of two….although only five weeks away from being three, I was not sure where the conversation was going to lead (because knowing Shae –  I fully expected a deep full conversation) and I was debating very quickly in my head as to whether I needed “back-up” from Andy…..or perhaps some higher authority!!!

So avoiding eye-contact with Shae (as I busied myself, in rubbing cream on Kal’s back, but at the same time trying to concentrate on keeping Kally from dipping his whole hand in the pot of cream) we started the conversation…..

“Mummmmmy”…….”yes Shae?”

“my winkie is very happy today!!!”

Oh god……at this point I dare not turn round….he is sat directly behind me!! I think I need the back up…..

“well that’s really nice for errrrrrr “him” “it” !!!!????!!!!”  grin starting to appear on my mouth….

OK I need to take this seriously……I have aways believed that “if they are old enough to ask the question”…..then they deserve an answer…

Do I ask what’s making “it” “him” happy?  Do I turn round to see if Shae is actually helping “it” “him” be “happy”?  (keep rubbing cream on Kal)

“Mummmmmmy”  “yes Shae?”

“sometimes my winkie is sad” 

Ok now I have to turn round the conversation is obviously going somewhere….and Shae being Shae he is not going to shut up until we have thrashed (excuse the pun) every word of the conversation out!!!!

“but my winkie is happy……it’s smiling!!!”

and yes his winkie was standing up happily smiling at the world….well not quite the world….but you get the gist?

“sometimes it is sad… a rainbow!”

now I did Biology at school…..and I can not ever remember rainbows being mentioned, and while I fully appreciate that things have certainly moved on these past 20 odd years…..I would still place a bet that rainbows are not linked to sad “winkies”

Shae and I discussed that sometimes “winkies” feel VERY happy….and that’s really nice…….but when they feel sad that’s kind of OK too, it’s not because they are sad… just means they are not thinking or playing! (how deep did you think I’d go on this one?)


He seems OK….but knowing Shae this matter is not over….I am sure there are lots of mums out there with similar stories?  I would love to hear them….. or if you would like them posted….or any funny story from kids….post me a message and I’ll make sure it goes on the blog!!!


or if you have any suggestions on how to deal with round two of the “happy Winkie” I’d love to hear them….;o)



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