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A long time ago…(Actually 19 years ago) I heard of a lady who took all manner of cats into her home. I had just left poly, and had set up “house” with a couple of mates. Now I have been around animals…esp cats since I was old enough to remember…..have even at the tender age of 15 helped one of our dear cats, who was missing her teeth give birth to three lovely kittens.

I’m a cat lover….


So here I am….living in a house….with no cat!

Off I trot to see this very special lady, who gave up her house to rescue cats/kittens. When I got there I was amazed (and I can still drag this memory up) to see what felt like hundreds of cats/kittens living in this lovely lady’s home…..there was a huge beautiful ginger tom, lying on the sofa with his legs in plaster….some very brave individuals had used him as a football…..there were kittens everywhere. but the house which you think who smell….did not….it was very clean….just busy!!!

As I walked into the lounge…..about 40 kittens came running up to me….they came from curtains, behind sofa’s just everywhere……they stood checked me out….then scampered off to play with something much more exciting than a human!!!

As I looked down there sat a scruffy, fur missing, pot-bellied black kitten….just staring up at me….as I looked at him he opened his mouth and squeaked…..I bent down and picked him up….The lovely lady said that he was being treated for worms/and a skin condition….and that there were much prettier kittens than “Tubby” (his official RSPCA name) So I placed “Tubby” down and proceeded to look at the “other prettier kittens” …..

As I moved slowly round the room “Tubby” moved with me….until it suddenly dawned on me…..I was not here to “pick a kitten” the kitten was going to choose me…..I bent down grinning and picked young “Tubby” up….he looked at me and grinned back….


“Tubby” was officially adopted by me in the may of 1990

Of course his name could never suit him!!!….and I left it a few days to check out his personality…

The little pot-bellied fur-missing black kitten turned out to be one of the funniest, intelligent….faithful cats I have ever known, and so he was named “Plebe” (at the time a common name for someone who was not the sharpest tool in the shed)

Plebe very soon became a huge part of not just my life….but everyone who came in contact with him!!

Within walking distance of our house was a range of shops (including a video rental, Chinese takeaway and general grocery) now every Friday we would place an order with the Chinese and leave Plebe (who would follow us) sitting on a chair waiting for our order, while me and my housemate nipped next door to get a video (and some alcoholic beverage) ….now, one day Plebe decided….he was not going to sit and wait…..he was coming to choose the video… much amused we let him…


5 minutes after looking at videos (shows the year ?) I was accosted by a rather large, loud lady (I use the term Lady very loosely)

“you should be ashamed of yourself!!”  “dumping a poor cat and her kitten at the back of the shops!” “well you will wait here while I report you!” and so on……

My friend had slipped behind a rack, helpless with laughter, while Plebe just sat, looking very innocent at my feet

This “Lady” was not giving up….the insults were getting worse….So I asked what she was on about?

“you leave this poor black cat behind the shops with her kitten….I’ve seen them playing….with no home to go to!! you have dumped the kitten and this poor black cat goes there each day to see it’s baby!!!!”  She was getting a little hysterical at this point…

“Errrrrrr, this poor black cat is a male cat”….I offered up to her


She stood for a moment with her mouth opening and closing….did I need to call an ambulance?  get a goldfish bowl?

until she BOOMED out………



true story…

Plebe was indeed a legend…..everyone who came in contact with him….would be won over be his impish yet intelligent ways..

Like the day he slide from top to bottom of a stair rail……just to make a mate of mine who was beside herself with sadness burst into laughter

or the day he fell through a conservatory roof….and then came in, dusted himself down…..and looked back as if to say….think that needs replacing!!!

but above all he was always there… soak up tears on his beautiful black coat…

He chose to live with me for nearly 12 years suppling me with laughter, tears and pride.

Plebe was taken from me in the may of 2002, cancer claimed his body and heaven claimed back an angel…

and I claimed all my memories….

One great cat….who will live on in many people’s thoughts and hearts…



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