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Having promised the girl’s that we would spend a day “baking” and knowing that once I promise that’s it!!! I knew I would have to honour it, however, this week has been somewhat turned upside down with the sudden death of the girl’s granddad….and their Nanny spending a few hours each day with us.

So on Friday I thought it might be nice for my mum to come up and both Nannies could spend a few hours with the girls baking…..So that is how I left them….kitchen table covered in “baking” stuff, Athena and Alethea in charge of the two nannies….

Welcome to the house of fun!!

Welcome to the house of fun!!


and with a couple of hours free, all my orders boxed and ready for dispatch – I pondered on my time..

Should I join in with baking? (NO….they are probably best  left in peace, without me bossing them around!!)

Should I sit in the garden and just read? (NO….I have not done that for over twenty years so why start now!!)

Two hours before the boys need picking up from Nursery….

Should I clean the fish out? (NO….need the kitchen, baking and fish water….emmmmmm)

So I decided to tackle Alethea’s bedroom!!!!

Armed with four bin bags, polish, music and determination off I went bravely, knowing it could be a while before they realise I am missing, never to return!!!!

Alethea is a hoarder.

With the sounds of Bruce Springsteen booming I discovered rocks, twigs, socks, dead insects that had been gently laid to rest in peace (now I know where all the tissues go!!!) onto the reggae tunes of UB40 (I had severely underestimated the fact that I would need at least three CDs worth of time!!)

The cleaning of the fish was looking the better option at this point………..

OK you are probably reading this and thinking “gosh that must have built up over months and months of not cleaning” Alethea’s bedroom was done last week!!!!  She has an amazing ability to acquire “stuff”

The smell of baking started to waft up through the floorboards, which actually does not take much, since some parts of the floor you can see down into the ground floor!!! Sophie was back from work and joined forces with me….together we  fought through the mortuary of dead insects (their final resting place – a binbag!!!!), odd socks, mixed games….pens with no lids…..I guess you get the picture?

 Triumphantly we emerged….carrying bin bags of rubbish (gently of course – there were insects that had passed away in there!!)

BANG!!!!!  one minute I’m carrying the binbag….the next I’m hugging it on the floor!!!

I knew instantly what I’d done……back in feb I very stupidly jumped from a wall, landed funny and subsequently ended up with an inverted sprain…managing to take out two of my tendons…

It’s been all of three weeks since I have been discharged from Physiotherapy…..and now I’ve done it again!!!  My language (which I did apologise for later) was not pleasant…..

After leaving poor Sophie in charge of organising tea…..two Nannies hurriedly trying to calm four young kids down….I left for the local AnE…only to return an hour later on crutches…… looking on the bright side of things…the saying goes….”things tend to come in threes” so there I’ve had my share….. two foot injuries and a bit of concussion…that’s me done!!!

Actually there is a positive side to all this…….Alethea’s bedroom has stayed tidy for four days now!!!! ……worth hurting my foot….emmmmm not sure?


Have fun….    ;o)



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  • Medusaj

    Oh no sorry to hear about the girl’s grandad. Lovely for them to have their Nan’s baking with them til you tried to grab all the attention by throwing yourself to the floor!! Seriously tho hope you’re ok.

  • Sharon

    Hey you know me…;o)

    I’m fine thanks Marie….will return to Twitter soon..X

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