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There’s a rat in me Kitchen…..

by on Aug.13, 2009, under The Family

“There’s a rat in me Kitchen what am I gonna do?”

Actually it was in my office…..!!!

Now I appreciate that we have mice…..the house is over 500 years old and the mice know the ins and outs of the house better than my cats….but to be fair, the cats are doing well!!

Although poor Sophie may well disagree… far they have chewed the sole of her “best” boots, chewed through a box of cream eggs (which BTW were actually a present for me!!!!) nicked off with a pair of her knickers…..the only reason we know this is because we found them stuck in the mice hole!!!! and only last night they chewed through a box of Dairy Milk (lovingly given to her by her fella)….and munched through their favourites (even had the cheek to leave the coffee ones!!!!) Now all of this I can put up with…..three of the cats are still kittens….Danny does his best….and poor ole Botsi just does not care….so eventually I am sure the young cats will outwit the mice and have their day!!

I would rather dispose of the furry little critters this way….than glue traps or something equally repulsing!!!

BUT RATS!!!!!!

Rat in me kitchen!

Rat in me kitchen!

The last time I saw something this big….I was sat behind a lab table….with a dissection board in front of me!!!!
Now I’m no pathologist but I think the rat died rather peacefully curled up….and was not savaged by one of my cats…. I think a truer picture may be that one of the little scamps…..namely Ceylon or Corky has found this and bought it home…..I do wish that cats would get the message….I do not actually like mice, birds, worms, frogs, goldfish (!!) or rats being brought home, dragged through the catflap and deposited anywhere as a present…..I prefer more thought to my presents (please note Soph!!!!)   ;o)
maybe a week off from household chores…..
A day lounging about doing absolutely nothing…..
A Cd compiled of all my all time fave tracks….
A box of Cream eggs….without the mice taking first nibble…
A couple of hours spent on a remote Sun-drenched Island…..
yeah OK…..I’m happy with my “three for two” special from Boots that smells of wet rotting grass!!!! cough cough….;o)
back to the rats/mice…. if anyone has any ideas on how to “humanly” persuade these four legged, chocolate lovin, knicker thieves to move house…..please leave me a comment…
cheers Sharon

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