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My Charity Head Shave..

by on Aug.18, 2009, under The Family

July 1998……

How did I get talked into it?

To this day I can’t remember….but when the opportunity came up I took it…..Macmillan Cancer Relief Appeal was pushing in the Shropshire Area for funds, I rang a very nice gentleman called Ian Musty who was spearheading the campaign within a day I had forms, a venue and a hairdresser lined up….no going back now!!!

Within a few weeks I managed to raise nearly £600…. the venue was going to be at the Nursing home where I entertained the residents….They were really looking forward to it!!!! although one dear old lady could not understand why I would possibly want to have all my hair shaved off….and asked on a daily basis leading up to the event “why? and did I have nits!!!!!”


The day of the shaving dawned…..and I was more nervous over the amount of people who were due to come and laugh….sorry support me.

My hairdresser, Lynn turned up….and was shaking…..not good!!!  she confessed she had never “done this before” Ian musty arrived with two lots of local press……Lynn turned pale!!!….

The residents had front row view….family, friends and just the plain nosey gathered behind….I sat and Lynn clicked the shavers into life!!!

just as she placed a shaking clipper onto my head a cry was let out…..”Oh silly girl, don’t let them do it!!” my elderly lady was very opposed to what Lynn was about to do!!!!!!…..the laughs that followed eased Lynn and she set about clearing my head of hair……and any “nits” I may have had!!!!!   :O)






Following the “shave” we had arranged a little “refreshments” for the residents and people who had kindly supported me….my elderly lady very quickly changed her mind and announced that I could have my hair done every week as long as we could have a “little party” after!!!

So Lynn gained some decent free advertising for her salon….I got a free haircut…..the residents got a “little Party” and Macmillan Cancer Relief Appeal was £600 better off…..

been there….done it…..probably will not to it again (well unless someone asks really nicely!!!)

Have fun…..Sharon.. ;o)

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  • MedusaJ

    OMG In the words of Victor Meldrew @I don’t believe it!’ You have some bo***cks to go through with it. Well done – you’ll have to keep putting pics up of how the regrowth goes, unless you plan to stay looking like a Mitchell Bruv!

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