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by on Jun.02, 2009, under The Family

Just been handed our local paper….and there is a picture of Athena……AGAIN.

She has just returned from Cardiff, where along with eight friends she competed in the finals of the National Urdd Eisteddfod….they did not make it to “stage”….but had an absolutely fab time. Well done to all of them.

Looking back…..I really do not think it would have appealed to me….performing on stage especially at the age of nine!

But this kind of sums Athena up….likes to be be in the thick of it….very busy. As a baby she would often play with a toy for five minutes then move on….I would set up paints, play dough….or similar….and after five minutes that would be it….time up brain cells used up on that activity!!!

and sport….up until she was 8….running, riding bikes, even skipping was a no no. then all of a sudden she playing netball, tennis, running, football(?)… they change. She is very different to Alethea…whereas Alethea loves animals….Athena has little respect for them, I think due to the fact that she is a little frightened of them (although she would never admit to this) so she takes great delight in gently teasing her sister about how good they taste (not so good with a rather volatile animal-loving Alethea) or asking “Is this lamb mummy?” “what the sort that you often see in the fields?”  you can only imagine what our table is like sometimes….

Athena too has caused a few red faced moments….

Her paternal nanny was suffering a little when Athena was about 3. She ended up, on and off with her neck in a support, her wrist in a support and had to use a walking stick. Now it used to get a little confusing….we had three lots of grandparents….so Athena announced (to everyone present) that she would call this particular nanny……”Broken Nanny”  (very very long silence at this point…..gosh, this tested my skills as a mother and hostess to the limit….what do you say?)

Do know to this day……nearly 7 years on….she is still affectionately known as “Broken Nanny”

So Athena….sporty, growing up fast (a little too fast) loves to “be there” and a little out spoken…..but will help anyone in distress and is very caring (even to animals…sometimes when no one is looking!!!)



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