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Menopause – the signs of…

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It is estimated that over eight out of ten women in the UK experience symptoms leading up to the menopause, and of these, 45% will find their symptoms difficult to deal with….Menopause symptoms are as different and individual as women themselves. Some experience symptoms that their friends never do. The duration and severity of the symptoms is variable. Menopause is a natural part of life that all women go through, some with more difficulty than others.

Technically you are not in menopause until one year after your last period, however the signs and symptoms can start to appear up to eight years before then!!! until that time you are perimenopause.

The signs & symptoms.

  • Hot flashes, night sweats, coldness
  • Irregular periods that can be heavy, light, shorter or longer cycles
  • Difficulty sleeping either getting to sleep or staying asleep
  • Mood changes, anxiety, depression, irritability
  • Heart palpitations (if you experience any heart disturbances, always consult a physician)
  • Dry skin and/or hair loss
  • Loss of or decreased sexual desire
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Incontinence — the inability to hold your urine
  • signs of menopause

    signs of menopause

    OK…… Enough serious stuff!!! Lets look at the facts….are you perimenopausal or confusing signs with just general life?????

    Hot flashes, night sweats, coldness ….. Is your central heating on too high? Have you just run for the phone? too many layers on in bed? Something else making you work up a sweat in bed~???????

    Irregular periods that can be heavy, light, shorter or longer cycles ….. Come on, how many of you ladies out there can honestly say you have had the same period…same time of the month….same amount of days in each cycle???

    Difficulty sleeping either getting to sleep or staying asleep….. Too drunk? Stuffed from that last kebab? or is someone else making you stay awake in bed?????

    Mood changes, anxiety, depression, irritability…. No change there then??????  ;O)

    Heart palpitations….. for me, was always when Martin Shaw was running round on screen during his stint in The Professionals…. then a certain Teacher at high school……and now, when my two year old plays “lets pretend to jump off the table”

    Dry skin and/or hair loss… Use a bloody moisturiser!!!! & stop putting cheap hair dye on your hair!!!!…..any hair loss anywhere else….embrace it!!!!

    Loss of or decreased sexual desire… Change your partner!!!!!!!

    Vaginal dryness… get yourself a tube of lube….or change your partner!!!!

    Incontinence — the inability to hold your urine… I believe after the months spent on Twitter this is more commonly called PMSL (Piss-My-Self-Laughing) what can I say ladies….either don’t drink so much….empty your bladders more regularly…Do your pelvic floor exercises…..OR GET YOURSELF SOME “TENA” LADIES!!!!!!!

    Today I went into a pet shop….as I always do I went straight towards the caged animals…..since I have been old enough to remember I have always stood completely mesmerized at any creature… I stood there today….I wanted to cry….?

    In front of me were about a dozen or so birds all chirping…and hopping from one perch to the other….using the little space provided to stretch their wings… fingers twitched….my heart started to palpitate…I went very hot…(OK I cant comment on Vaginal dryness, or hair loss….and I did not require any “Tena Lady”) but the urge to open the cage door and release those birds was huge!!!!!!

    As you can see…..just because you have the symptoms it does not mean you are approaching the menopause!!!! 

      In some cultures, menopause is celebrated. It is a joyous event. Just like adolescence is seen as a transition from being a child to becoming an adult, menopause is seen as a transition from the binding responsibilities childbearing and family care to the emergence of a completely evolved individual with a unique treasure of accumulated wisdom. Another way it’s been explained is that a pre-adolescent girl is a flower, a woman in her childbearing years is the fruit, and a post-menopausal woman is the seed…she contains the essence of all the preceding life-experiences which she can plant in upcoming generations. 

    Another view:

    And curiously enough, in many of these cultures, women experience far fewer and less severe symptoms of menopause. Asian women report far fewer hot flashes than western women do. In some cases in India, depression, dizziness, incontinence and other symptoms are almost unknown. Only 5% of Chinese women report menopausal symptoms. Mayan women in Mexico report no menopausal symptoms except irregular periods. In Africa, women in Botswana report no menopausal symptoms except increased sex drive. In Australia, 70% felt good natured and only 4% felt depressed. In the UK at least 80% of women suffer from symptoms of the menopause!!!!!!!!!!!

    The above is depiction of the mind-body-spirit condition of women in two different cultural perspectives…one menopause-negative, one menopause-positive. The question is how to get from one to the other….

    The answer is simple. Change your attitude-diet-life


    I know which way I would like to approach my perimenopausal years…… how about you?


    Have fun Sharon..






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