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Mr Keith Chegwin

by on Sep.15, 2009, under The Cats!

OK so we are sitting on our laptop…..throwing abuse at our beautiful friend @stephanosis, many of you Twitter users will know Ms Stephy she has a tongue that could cut concrete, a mind as sharp as a Global knife, a quick sense of humour as good as any stand up comedian ….and a heart that is as warm & glorious like the summer sun……that you just want to bask under…. ;O)


anyway back to our story….there we were….throwing our usual abuse about, sharing the odd laugh or two…..when Ceylon noticed our followers had  increased…..intrigued we hit the followers button….would it be “get instant clean teeth” or “Britney with her huge sausage”……

NOPE…… only bloody Keith Chegwin!!!!! ….last week Wayne Rooney…..this week Cheggars plays POP!!!!!! Now we didn’t know a lot about this guy (hey we are only 10 months old!!!!) so we checked his website out and much respect was to be had for the lad…..hard working, great sense of humour and an honesty that is to be admired!!!!!


So we invited him up to our village…….. we decked out the local village hall with a few xmas lights…..make him feel a bit super-starry….. got a few of our friends round and boy did we party…… music blasting…… out of respect for our man we had a night of soft drinks…… Mr C arrived in his private Jump Jet Harrier….which impressed the ladies…… A top magazine turned up following a tip off from the local press……..Cheggars  and us had a great time the guy showed us some ace tips on pulling the birds, getting a six-pack (no – not from the local shop fridge!!!) this boy rocks!!!!!




In our small village last weekend one of the local gals was having her hen-night….. now they grow up….small village…no one can cause any trouble cause everyone knows ya mam & dad!!! so when they reach an age where they can get married they really let rip…… the hen-nights are legendary……we often gate-crash them!!!!!!! So late into our party with Cheggars we decided in our wisdom to gatecrash the hen-night….

We must take this opportunity to apologise profusely to Mr Chegwin…… and the old lady who fell into the river, and the local Indian restaurant, and the sheep in the field adjoining the pub ( we appreciate what was done was wrong but high spirits and all that!!!!) also apologies to the local bobby…..we will come and re-spray your car!!!!


Mr Ceylon - Cheggars & The Hen Night!!

Mr Ceylon - Cheggars & The Hen Night!!

finally Thank you to Mr Cheggars ……..we will send the rest of your clothes when they have dried out….. have fun….lots of respect….and any time you are by our Village call in… can apologise to the vicar!!!!!!!!


laters peeps…… don’t let the bed bugs bite ya too hard….. or anyone else ya share ya bed with!!!!!!!    *SNOG* 


Mr Corky (& Mr Ceylon)

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