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Caught out !!!!!!

by on Sep.21, 2009, under The Cats!

OK before I start can I just say… was the warmth that lead me up onto the roof, then I thought I’d check the state of the slate while I was up there!!!….Oh….and then I accidentally lay just where the birds were nesting!!!

As you are probably aware…..I am the brains behind TheBruvs……my brother Mr Ceylon is the muscle!!

On Saturday morning…..quite early(!!)  my mum peep answered the phone… was the lady from across the road informing her that I was on the roof……that reminds me I must go and dump the contents of my bowels upon her very neat lawn….and torment her very big German Shepard dog for grassin on me!!!!!!!! anyway…..out comes my mum…with camera.

Now everyone thought I was up there after the birds……but I get enough birds on Twitter…..hey I only have to click my fingers and Medusaj does a very good dance for us…..and not to mention our sexy gal across the seas….. grrlysquirrel and  then if we are really desperate we can always go for the golden oldies Stephanosis & Cathysmum….(only jokin ladies –  LURV ya really)

well who would have thought a cat on a slate roof would cause such a commotion???  I appreciate we live in a small village…..and some of the peeps here find it “news”  but hey I’m just a cat……. my mum called me down, saying that if I didn’t come down and stop drawing attention then she would call Mark… I have heard of “Mark” his real name is “Vet” I aint stupid……I was off that chimney and roof before you could say “castration”

My House...My Chimney!!!

My House...My Chimney!!!

Can you see me???

Can you see me???

Damn!!  better get down then...

Damn!! better get down then...

Hey!! my roof...

Hey!! my roof...

Busted!!  errrrr.... hi ya mum!

Busted!! errrrr.... hi ya mum!

For those of you concerned….no birds were hurt during the “roof incident”…..just my pride, however I will have my revenge on the informative across the road….. My brother and I had a vindaloo last night….washed down with several barrels of lager….and topped off with a couple of dodgy kebabs!!!!…….. I feel a “dump & run” coming on!!!!!!…….    ;o)
Have fun……be safe… happy……
Corky….SNOG X

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  • forgetful Heart

    Well now,

    I haven’t been on Twitter so much due to a sad loss, but, I gotta say the minute I was on i had to scan down your page to see if you had got the better of Stephy, or she had finally had yer nadgers…(only a matter of time) I’m thinking of running a cyber book!!!

    Bloody dogs! Bloody Vets! and Bloody Camera’s…caught in the act!!!

    I think you were just tickety boo up there…

    Good to see you are still boozing away lads..

    Forgetful Heart..


  • MedusaJ

    Corky You are such a daredevil! How blase do you look sauntering across the roof. That was hilarious man, now go show that nosy swine what you think of grassers.
    Cya later for the unveiling dance ;0)

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