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Boy or girl ……

by on Sep.21, 2009, under My thoughts...

I am sure most of you are aware of the leading stories at the moment concerning the two young boys who during the school holidays have changed their GENDERS to that of a girl…..returning to school under a girls name and dressing as a girl….at the age of 9 and 12.

SO WHAT!!!!!!!

Reading between the crap that is the national newspapers it seems that it is the other parents at the schools have taken the most offence from this….sprouting off that “they should have been prepared”……you know what…..just do your job as decent parents, sit down with your own children and open their minds gently to what is going on around them…….and thank your lucky stars that your child has been born & is happy in the “right body/sex for the right gender”. As for the schools involved,  at least they have taken on board this rather unusual circumstance…..and dealt with it….fair play to them….

and as for our daily newspapers…..don’t forget there are two kids in all this, these two kids are not “playing” at dressing up….for them it is real, they are trapped in a body that does not feel right. the tabloids using the term “sex change” is both sensationalist and incorrect. The children in question are merely returning to school in their mental gender. They are children – NOT CIRCUS FREAKS!!!  If the children’s parents have made this decision and the child is content & happy – where is the harm?

Our national Newspapers continuously using the term “boy” and the pronoun “he” is simply ignorant. Whilst she may be biologically male, her gender identity for her may well be female. respect those girls feelings and decision!!!!!! 

Gender is how someone feels they are. Sex is what you are. The two don’t always match…….


think about it………….



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