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Hey you know what?…everything ain’t “shit”..!!

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Ok….I have been breathing air for over 40 years…..& I hope for a few more.

I have meet some fantastic people…done some fab things…exciting, boring, daring, scary….I have lost some very good friends & family through disease/illness,. I have witnessed the bravery & courage of a close friend & a family member face their death – something I will always carry with me…. sitting while a young mum spends her last days with her two small children will be with me forever.  I have also watched my own mum battle Cancer – twice. My father live with heart problems.  I have held the hand of someone close while they were forced to  return from a place where they hoped to find eternal peace.

I have cried on shoulders….and in return been the shoulder. I have laughed until I cannot breath….& sometimes been so drunk I thought I may never breath again! I have been so embarrassed I thought I may sink & so bursting with pride I felt I could fly.

I have been parted from special people…..only to be reunited down the years. I have bore four children and taken on a few more.

Like you…..I have lived.


Why am I writing this?


What never ceases to amaze me is the way some people always moan about how crap life is……I fully understand that YEAP…the world can sometimes deal you a crappy turn….& some people make it a crappy place to live in different parts of it……but why do we have to be so bloody pessimistic!!!!!!


In the words of my dearest friend Marjorie   “it may not always be tied with a bow….but life is a gift!!!”


I read a book a few years ago……it was full of some reminders that there are some truly great things to experience, to celebrate and just make you smile…..I will add some of my own (of course) & a couple from my dearest cyber friend ……enjoy the read… ;)



Why do some Vegetarians fall off the wagon……one sniff of that Bacon frying…..the sight of the bread knife slicing through that freshly baked loaf of bread…..come on!!

They come in all shapes and sizes…..and it does not matter how you dress them. A long crunchy baguette filled with exotic salad lashings of Mayonnaise,  thick sliced fresh bread with melted cheese & mushrooms making love to the Bacon……or simply Bacon, buttered bread and Brown sauce…….Cup of Coffee/Tea, juices dribbling down your chin……!!!



Combined with any or all of the following:

a) A glass of wine.

b) Bubbles.

c) A good book.

d) someone else.

e) A decent lock… keep out all pets/children!!!


Being a “KID” for five minutes.

Go on shrug off your adult years…..set up that Scalextric set, finger paint, rearrange the furniture in the dolls house, play with play-dough, run through the leaves kicking them wildly……bet you get more out of it than a glass of alcohol!!!!!


Cards with cash in them.

When you are a kid (& adult) cards sre the most boring part of Birthdays, Christmas etc…..What you really want is that odd shaped, beautiful coloured, shiny present….& lots of them. So when you are faced with that white (or pastel if you are lucky!!!) envelope containing a picture of a bear holding a balloon, you know you have got to be grateful……isn’t it made so much better if when you open that card a crisp fiver…or tenner falls out……come on we have all been there!!!!!!!  ;)


Breaking the ice on a puddle

Once you reach a certain age…..I think girls at 8 and boys at 10 (a rough guide) you stop being magnetically attracted to rain puddles. No longer do you jump straight into them….wellies or no wellies… have grown up!.

A frozen puddle, is a different matter……it is almost impossible for even adults to walk past one without testing it with your foot in the illicit hope of that beautiful & satisfying crack and spider web of fractures as you break the surface. It is the sort of moment that fuels an otherwise grey day.


Church Bells.

Religious or not…..the ringing of Church bells on a sunny spring morning is a joy to the ears (did I mention I am lucky enough to live a stones throw from our Village Church!!!  :)    )


Encounters with wildlife.

Most wild animals will steer clear of us Humans…..very wise move too – we have a tendency to kill them for food, sport or out of sheer boredom. So when an otherwise shy (clever) creature happens across your path & does not instant flee – it is a privilege, those few seconds, that will seem like an eternity as you make eye contact and, for a moment acknowledge each others presence….will appear timeless & spiritual. – it is enough to humble the most cynical of us humans.


Covering your hand in glue.

Did you ever at School, cover your hands in the white PVA glue (which always stank) wait for it to dry….and then peel it all off? 



Of both varieties.  The crumpet has the double honour of being delicious toasted & also the cause of much innuendo in the Carry on Films!!….BUT there are times when only a hot crumpet dripping with melted butter will do…..and should be considered a celebration of all things wonderful.


Having your child fall asleep in your arms/watching you child sleep

If this has happened to you….then you do not need me to explain why this is in my list.


Ice Cream

There are few problems or emotional crises that a spoon of ice cream cannot fix. The rejuvenating properties of ice cream are technically & medically, non existent….but whether adult or child….that creamy cold melting feeling in your mouth makes all your troubles crumble.

The origins of ice cream are steeped in mystery and lost to time & most civilisations appear to have their own versions of iced deserts. The ancient Greeks served snow mixed with honey. The Persians would use ice to create sweet confections. the Emperor Nero had ice brought down from the mountains to freeze his fruit drinks & the Indian sub-continent has been home to the dish Kulfi for hundreds of years!!!


We have Margaret Thatcher to thank for “Mr Whippy” ….she was part of a research team that pioneered a way of increasing the amount of air in the ice cream, thereby making it softer and able to be served by a pump machine straight into a cone!!!


Autumn Sun..

Ever taken a walk in the Autumn….just as the leaves on the trees are starting to turn that glorious golden brown & gold….Dappled sunshine highlighting the beautiful colours, slight breeze lifting the leaves….the sun warming your soul.


Summer Sun.

Feeling the warmth on your skin, cool drinks, BBQ smells wafting over the the warm barmy evening…..daytime fun with the kids & a hosepipe, diiping your feet into the sea…..a tan that beats any make up or facial treatment!!….need I go on?

Internet Community.

One thing the internet has brought back into many of our lives is a sense of community. It may be a shame that this huge, impersonal technological beast was the catalyst for this rediscovery, but lets face it bloody glad it has!!!!

News groups, discussion forums, message boards, chat rooms, blogs, my space, social networking, there are a myriad of sites that invite our involvement. We communicate with large groups of individuals on a daily basis and on the whole our lives are enriched as a result.

I have been involved in social networking sites (mainly Twitter & Facebook) for a few months. On Twitter people are mainly brought together through common interests….sport, pets, interests…..or they simply “click” .  Facebook is generally people from your past/present/future who you know or have known. For me Facebook has reconnected me with family, old friends and present friends. Twitter has introduced me to a host of new friends from all over the world…..some I will remain friends with forever & some I have clicked with so strongly they feel as close as family members to me…..on the flip side there are some who have not been “my cup of tea” & others I tolerate.

After a funny warm session on Twitter….how do you feel? ;) in the words of my Twitter friends….PMSL..!!!!


Reading in bed.

Losing yourself in a good book has to be one of the most rewarding things about and the location in which we choose to read is often as important as the book  itself. Reading a book (rather than using a computer/watching a TV screen 1 hour before bed) is proven to improve the quality & benefit of the rest we get while sleeping… as well as being just great – it’s also the “healthy option!!!”

I must point out that included in this section is reading in the Bath….60% of ladies do it and, reading while on the loo apparently 99% of men partake in this!!!!   ;)



They do not hurt, cost nothing although can be contagious. Try one out right now. GREAT…..Now dare you to point it in someone else’s direction. see? I bet you got one back in return? Or possibly you were arrested….if that’s the case give the officer a link to my blog….it might help??? 

Better still have you ever had a child look you in the eyes, and watch a grin spread across their face until it becomes the biggest, glowing warmest smile you have ever seen?



Simply because of the noise it makes…..!!!


Mobile Phone Signal….

It just cracks me up everytime I see it done…..Someone rasing their arm to the sky, standing on one leg, wobbering, stretching as far as they can into the top pane of the window…………..just to get a signal on their mobile phone….  :) )


I will leave you on these two little lines….

 Remember this….”SUNRISES” The dawn of a brand new day, and anything seems possible…

“SUNSETS” Even if we do not succeed, there is always tomorrow…..


If you have anymore that you could add to this list….then message me & I will gladly  add it


As always…have fun….Sharon  ;)



From my dearest friend Marjorie (@Stephanosis)

That Silent Magical Wonderland…

What about when you wake in the morning and it has snowed and the whole world is transformed into a hushed white wonderland. You walk carefully in it and leave the first footprints, that is truly magical, almost like the first day of a new world. x


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  • stephanosis

    How lovely to read such optimism for life, but then we “clicked” on twitter through our views and love of and for life. I am proud to be your cyber Mama and your dear friend and thank you for adding my name at the beginning. I am here with you always, you are never going to get rid of me, I am just a click away by email or tweet. In the words of the bruvs *snog*
    with love from Stephy/marjorie

  • stephanosis

    What about when you wake in the morning and it has snowed and the whole world is transformed into a hushed white wonderland. You walk carefully in it and leave the first footprints, that is truly magical, almost like the first day of a new world. x

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