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Eight weeks on….

by on Apr.04, 2010, under Always Special

Eights weeks have now past since that first Saturday morning in Oswestry….when I opened the door to my little gift shop!!!


I have to say the comments that have come back have been brilliant, “Just what Oswestry needed” -”there needs to be more shops like this in Oswestry” also people have been very complementary towards what I have in the shop, the jewellery and handmade goat’s milk have been very popular – with the nappy cakes and towel cakes starting to make their mark!!! Although if I had a pound for the amount of people who have come in and tried to order a proper fruit wedding cake – I’d now be soaking up the sun on a very hot beach!!!!! ;)

I love it when a customer comes into the shop, looking for a special gift (having probably spent days looking) and goes out the door holding one of my recycled plain brown distinctive bags – smiling and happy that they have found something unique yet special and affordable!!!!!! The buzz I get when they fill a basket bring it to the counter and have it transformed into a gift basket – complete with bows, feathers and all other “arty-farty” stuff!!!!!!!!!  that means more to me than the till ringing……I love it!!!!.

The flip side – The customer who comes into the shop and asks for your help in finding a gift ……it does not matter what you suggest, show or bend over backwards doing handstands nothing inspires them….or the customer with the complete brat of a kid who actually plays “lets throw a ball” with the bath bombs!!!!!!!!!

BUT for me the worst “customer” is the one who comes into the shop…..claiming that Oswestry needs more “little” (cheeky buggers….hey from a small acorn and all that!!!) anyway that Oswestry needs more “little shops” like this….and asks you to put posters up to “save our town” or lectures me for half hour on why the big super markets should not come to Oswestry and that Oswestry really need to say NO to these supermarket giants, that the town-folk of Oswestry need to support the “little shops”…..and that they feel so passionate about it…(one lady actually lectured me for over an hour!!!!!!) that they NEVER go anywhere else and they ALWAYS support the local “little shops” ….and then do you know what they do?????


………..they head for the door and leave!!!!


If you were to ask them what I sold they would not have a bloody clue!!!!!!! Tell you what – put your money where your mouth is!!!

I have to say I have some absolutely lovely regulars who come into the shop, even after just eight weeks they come in every week. “The lady who just buys a piece of soap every week”, the few ladies who cannot resist treating themselves to a piece (or two) of jewellery every week” and a couple of ladies who just come in to see what new stock I’ve got in that week and have a chat!!!


Although I swore I would never pick a paint brush up again (after painting the inside of the first floor and the entire outside of the shop all in two weeks) this week I have started to paint the second floor. Hopefully I can open the second floor in a couple of weeks……so this small acorn has started to sprout!!!!!


BTW….The lady who really supports her local shops….yeap you guessed it…..she aint been back!!!!!!!!


Have fun….Sharon  :)

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