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Have I got some news for you…!!

by on Apr.22, 2010, under The Family

Something was wrong with Soph…..grumpy (more than usual!!!!) and her face was flushed…there was something I just could not put my finger on!!!

After a few days I managed to pin her down…..eventually she confesses that she thought her period was a day or two late!! (mmmmm I suspected as much!!!!) OK….try to keep my face straight. After begging me NOT to tell her Dad she said she would do a pregnancy test on the Friday…this was the Saturday!!!


By Tuesday I think Andy was starting suspect that I knew something – breaking her promise I told him that it was a strong possibility that he could be a Granddad….After a few obvious questions – he seemed at ease with the idea. (OK one hurdle jumped!!!) On the Wednesday of that week I told Soph that I was going to buy her a Pregnancy test….The fact that she had started “barking”, shouting at the kids and eating like you wouldn’t believe…..she needed to know the stress of not knowing was starting to show.

Coming home that evening, Andy bathed the boys while I dragged Sophie into her bedroom….told her exactly what she needed to do…then sat there twiddling my fingers….she came back….”I can’t pee”


Off I ran returning with a pint glass of water…..”DRINK THIS!!!!!”

Twenty minutes later she returned and passed me the pregnancy test…..Glancing at it I noticed the test window was already going “PINK” …..I grabbed the leaflet…re-read it (you think after four kids of my own I would know how to read one!!!) “YEAP” looked like she was pregnant.

I got up walked over to her…wrapped my arms round her and whispered…..”Congratulations…you are going to be a Mummy!!”

SHOCK….was all I saw in her face. 

Worried about what her dad was going to say…I confessed to her that I had laid down an idea that she may be pregnant to him…and that he was “cool” with it…..we both went up into our bathroom where he was bathing the boys…..She stood there….saying nothing. He stood there…saying nothing!!!!

Errrrrrr……You are going to be a Granddad!!! (never one to mess about with words – I came straight out with it!!!)

I think Dad and Daughter probably shared a moment that they have not shared for many years…..they hugged, cried…and hugged.

Telling Athena was not so lovely….more clinical!!!!  “well who is the father? – When will it be born? – Where will it live? – Will I be an Aunty?” Kids can sometimes give magic and take it away!!!!!!


Now she is ten weeks pregnant..Andy is very excited about his Grandchild (as I am too!!!) ..most people who care know about it and are happy for her. Those people (we are a small village) who feel they have to talk about her are not worth the energy of typing!!! The father of “peanut” (as we have lovingly nicknamed it) is aware of the situation and has claimed he would like to be involved in the baby’s life. He is a good lad and our door will always be open for him.

She has the scan this Monday…So hopefully she will allow me to post a picture of “peanut”. Although the birth seems months away she has asked me to be her birthing partner!!……now anyone who knows me, although I have had four children…the thought of watching a birth just makes me shudder….when I had my first baby - the midwife asked if I would like a mirror so that I could see the head crowning…..not really sure if I could spell the words I retorted!!!!! Anyway for Sophie I will be there…just don’t want to think about it too much!!!!! ;)

So there you have it……in November, all being well….Andy and I shall be grandparents!!!! ………….can’t wait!!!!!!

have fun, stay safe…and be happy. Sharon

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  • stephy

    Congratulations: firstly to Sophie, secondly to you and Andrew on your forthcoming grandparenhood!!
    “Babies are such a nice way to start people”
    “Being loved by someone gives you strength….Loving someone deeply gives you courage” May you and Andrew always feel like that about each other. :)
    Love Stephy xx

  • MedusaJ

    I can’t believe I missed this GARGANTUAN news! What a wonderful thing to have to look forward to….a new life & another facet to get to know about your Daughter.
    Enjoy the ups & downs of pregnancy & I do hope Sophie allows the peanut to be displayed proudly.

    What will you be BTW…Nan & Grandad, Grandma & Gramps?

  • Sharon

    LOL…Hi hun…and I guess it will be “Nanny” at 41 that should make me feel old…but I guess “peanut” will just dissolve into our crazy busy house and be one of us!!!….looking forward to having that LURRRRRVY new Born baby smell around the house again!!!…X

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