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Aberystwyth Urdd Netball – Winners of the heart!!!

by on May.20, 2010, under The Family

Well Saturday morning at 7.15am Athena and I jumped onto the mini bus along with her team mates and a few of the mums….and off we went to Aberystwyth…..The kids were high spirited and excited…each had been given a School tee-shirt with their nickname printed boldly on the back….Athena’s was “WOWA” she is affectionately known by this name because six years ago when Alethea was just beginning to talk her pronunciation of Athena turned out to be “Wowa” ….it stuck….we all call her Wowa now!!!

Anyway back to the minibus!!!!

We arrived at Aber half hour before the tournament started….plenty of time to settle in!

Just arrived in Aber!!

Just arrived in Aber!!

Two competitions were to be held that day….the Netball and the best banner. Llansantffraid were representing Maldwyn who were in turn representing Belgium….so banners and flags were designed around the Belgium flag.  We set up camp, placed our banners out….and waited patiently for the start of the competition.

Our Netball team!!

Our Netball team!!


The sheet arrived with the teams from across Wales that we had been pooled against……


… wasn’t good   :(


It turned out in our pool we were up against the top three teams…one of them had previously won the cup three years on the run!!!.  Oh well!!!


Our first match we won….4-2!!!! 

First net of the day!!!!

First net of the day!!!!

we watched the favourites play their match….they won 12-0  it was not looking good, the favourites looked as if they had been placed in a grow-bag…most of them were taller then us parents…and they played a little “rougher” than our kids had experienced before!!!!!

we won our other games….10-2  and 8-1

As our kids bravely stepped onto the concrete to play the favourites a ripple of applause generated around the court.  It was obvious that the favourites tactics were not really appreciated amongst the other teams supporters.  they needed to win…so did we. 

At half time it was 3-2 to them….our kids had took the elbows, ignored the jumping blocks, and danced around the six-foot structures. Hot, red faces….both from the heat and indignation of being held, nudged & body-blocked. BUT still our kids played on…no one moaned, cried or appealed….

The kids entered the second half….the other team’s prep-talk had done the trick they came on and slotted a further 5 nets against us….our kids came from that match the ultimate winners….


….they had won the respect of the other teams  supporters,  they played their hearts and soul out for 14 minutes and although did not go through to the final match….they were the winners of every one’s heart that day!!!!


Well done Llansantffraid Netball Team……you showed how sport should be played….by being competitive but fair, graceful in defeat….out of the competition in a tough match I was so proud of Athena and her team, gutted and probably feeling very upset, they shook the hand of the opposition that day with heads held high.

As a treat for our “winners” we “bribed” the minibus driver (who had watched and cheered on our team) to take us down to the beach for an icecream and a dip in the sea….


I’ll leave you proudly with our nine fantastic Netball players…..who are still Champions of Maldwyn 2009/10 and champions of llansantffraid…


Our Winning Team!!

Our Winning Team!!

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