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Oswestry Gift Shop gets a “guard dog!”

by on Jul.19, 2010, under The Family

Well I think officially I may well be approaching the menopause….

Most women hit 40 and change their appearance…..their husband….just generally have a mid-life crisis. Not me I hit 40…..NOTHING HAPPENED……..

Until I hit 41!!

Now those that know me from all those years ago will constantly remind me “You never wanted kids” ……mmmmm OK I got that wrong!!

This year 2010 sees me at 41 with five kids….and a grandchild being baked all ready to be delivered in November!!! and apart from the fact that I have to “be there” at the birth (I have to say at this point I would much rather be the one giving birth than the one “watching!” the thought is just stomach turning!!!….The kids only have to cut themselves and I’m wiping it while not looking….as for any scenes on the TV of “labour” and I’m squirming round, clenching muscles and seeing how far I can get my head down the back of the sofa!!!) anyhow with all my kids you would think busy house…why have a puppy?…..well I did. Tikka is now 11 months old and is  like a shaken bottle of pop….completely nutty!!!

So why oh why did I ever even let the idea of another puppy even enter my head……

But when someone speaks to me about “runt of the litter” …no one wants it….it’s far too small to be of use for anything….

I now have TWO dogs…..may I proudly introduce “Pathia!” (YES another Indian curry name!!)

Oswestry Gift shop Guard dog!!

Oswestry Gift shop Guard dog!!

Now originally she was intended as a Playmate for Tikka, BUT when as I carried her home I realised that Tikka could probably eat this little bundle of fluff quicker than she could demolish a frozen chicken wing!!!

So Pathia now comes to the shop in Oswestry with me!!……I could have actually sold her ten times over. She has officially become head of security at the shop….

Pathia is a Cavalier King Charles crossed with a Poodle….apparently!!! we picked her up on the Tuesday on the Wednesday she was vet checked…along with a few minor health issues (which have now been treated and cleared!!!) she weighed in at a scary 0.6kg !!!! I would love to name and shame the People we had Pathia from….They are “breeders” in Telford, who actually breed Cavaliers King Charles, and seem to like Coco. I have emailed them since taking Pathia…firstly to let them know that Pathia had travelled home safely and had settled in….and then further to tell them of Pathia’s Vet report…….they have never responded to any of my emails!!

Advice….. avoid CocoCavaliers of telford!!! I have since spoken to another breeder in Telford who had heard similar stories. People like these need stringing up!!!

anyway Pathia has been with us now for four weeks and on her third trip to the vets she weighed in at a whopping 1.3kg!!! (good ole BARF diet) and has been given a clear bill of health!!!!

She is fantastic with the kids…..worships the ground that Tikka walks on….fully respects the cats (Mr Corky made sure that she quickly understood that CATS RULE!) …..she has settled in so quickly that I can’t remember not ever having her. Everyone who meets her falls in love instantly with her big soulful eyes, her grinning mouth and her constant wagging tail….

I’m not convinced that we will ever have a guard dog in our family or shop…..but lets be honest….what intruder is ever going to get past five kids, four cats and two puppies…..

Me and my two babies!!


Have fun…Sharon

First Kiss!

First Kiss!

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