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If you have read previous blog entries about my kids…you will have read about Shae….his intelligence, quirky behaviour…..over the summer holidays my little man was assessed by a child psychiatrist, speech therapist and the ball is now rolling on the strongly suspected view that Shae is on the Autistic spectrum….possibly towards the high functioning end

Those of you who have ever looked at their child when they are tucked up safe in bed, fast asleep….eyes tightly closed, dreaming happily in a world that gives them a slight grin on a peaceful face…will have had at that moment – an over-powering surge of love….add to that a feeling of wanting to make everything OK, taking away any problems will appreciate the feeling I had one night looking down on Shae – the need to protect, make everything as smooth in life as possible……I have gone from feeling kicked in the guts by the thought that something is not “normal” with one of my kids, upset, blaming myself…to being thankful that at least Shae is here with us….to actually embracing Shae and his quirks…..Shae is just SHAE

I am right now on a huge learning curve… many things about Shae now make more sense…wanting to be alone, frustrated moments sparked up from nowhere, desire for everything just “right”, not being able to play a family game with siblings, intense focus on “wheels” as a small baby/toddler…which has been replaced by dinosaurs, monsters and aliens, a jumper not being the correct colour, his literal meaning and interpretation of the world, what we have always described as “that’s just Shae” really does now become clearer…..although the yearning to see the world from his eyes is huge….to understand.

Shae has now started “big school”. The first few weeks have gone “OK”…….

……..The fact that a teacher had to get into the swimming pool two weeks running ……FULLY CLOTHED.. (  :)    ) to retrieve a fun-filled Shae….will probably always make me chuckle.

……..Or telling the dinner lady to “shut up….because has you can see I am eating my dinner!!!”…..does bring a smile to my face.

or the best….addressing a teacher walking down the corridor…

“Who are you??”

“I’m Mr Hughes, the headmaster!!!”

“Where are you going?”

“… my office”


“… work?”

To Shae the Headmaster….dinnerlady….school friend….all the same – it’s a shame life really wasn’t that simple, that people didn’t have different rank, importance….another story I guess…

We are at the moment fighting for funding for Shae….but as that is probably the same for every parent with a child needing extra support at School , I am not using this blog as a platform for my grievances.

Shae never ever fails to make us smile (although sometimes keeping an adult straight face is required – impossible!!!) There is a deep intelligence within Shae….and he really does crack us up with his dry “as it is” sense of the world, he is undoubtedly hard work, harder than any of the others…days out have to be planned meticulously, potential obstacles have to be thought about, he is “watched” constantly, his meltdowns tire the whole family, his outbursts are sometimes put above the needs of the other kids…….But he is blond, green eyed….with a smile that when he flashes it lights up the whole of his face….it would melt the toughest of hearts and break the hardest of faces, when you get a cuddle or compliment from him it comes straight from his soul….

He is just “Shae”

Our Shae

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