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To work or not to work?

by on Feb.02, 2011, under My thoughts...

Some things in life make me wonder…..usually at 2 o’clock in the morning!!

One thing that does bug me….should I work?

Taking away the fact that my spine would probably appreciate taking things easy at home….should I work? Snide comments made, the kids reaction when we get home at 5.30, one day off a week, all creep into those dark areas at 2 in the morning….

My parents have always worked and I do not think I have been affected in any way, I have not missed out on anything….I just remember that Saturdays were always VERY busy with Mum BLITZING the house…from top to bottom (probably like our Sundays!!!). So I really do not think my kids will ever miss out because I work. One day off a week I have to live with. Snide comments can go take a jump!!!

I use facebook for various reasons…but mainly so that my family/friends can keep intouch with me. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who do not work, often commenting on daytime  TV programmes, stating that they are bored, bragging about the 42″ plasma TV they have just brought…even uploading a lovely picture of it….these people DO NOT WORK – they are on benefits!!!!…While I appreciate that certain people can not work (disabilities of the mind or body) there are a large proportion of people even on my small facebook group who really take the piss!!!!

Probably receiving more money than someone who works full time, nice new car every three years, a holiday three times a year…..moaning on a Sunday night that they have to get up on Monday (to do a School run!), embracing “Fridays” because it’s the weekend (and that’s different to a weekday for you because?), commenting on the sixth time that week they have had a takeaway (usually topped by going out for lunch on the Sunday!!) Complaining that they have to “get up off the sofa to make a brew” ………….TELL YOU WHAT GET OFF YOUR ARSE AND GO DO SOMETHING REAL…..LIKE GET A BLOODY JOB!!!!!! Stop relying on the system to provide for you like it owes YOU!! I’m sorry if I offend anyone….if you are truly disabled unable to work (both my parents are registered disabled, so I fully appreciate disability) then you will agree with me that there are people in the UK who need a slap!!!

Then there are the small group of people who think just because you work for yourself you got it easy…I have actually had it said to me “oh shut the shop it’s only for a day”….”you can do as you please…you aint got a boss!”….”You can afford it…look at your shop!”

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…… Tell me…how many people would work for nearly a year and be so dedicated to their “job” that they “give” their wages back in order to make the business grow? How many people would take an annual three day holiday and work six days a week? How many people rise over emotional and physical pain barriers to smile and greet every customer?

Self-employment does have benefits….but it also has huge drawbacks.

So back to my question : to work or not to work?

Yes, I could stay at home claiming for all manner of REAL things!!….BUT I CHOOSE not to, and while I can physically can I will work….I want to set an example to my children, I am proud, I owe nothing, and I take from no one.

Ask yourself….what would you really rather do? Fall into bed each night knackered but slightly buzzing, content that your kids are being set a fantastic example? or sit infront of your 42″ plasma TV wondering what bloody takeaway you gonna have tomorrow?

The system stinks…..and I welcome any shake up that will weed out the scummy, lazy gits who claim to be disabled  and their “carers” who also live off the system.  I am having my blast on here, because although I often go on facebook and see these people’s statuses I cannot leave comments on there (believe me I AM SO TEMPTED!!!) because close people I care about who are related to these people would be hurt.


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