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Over the past 12 months or so our family has gone through many changes….this post is dedicated to the kids. They have accepted, risen to and carried on with day to day life even though life has reared up and completely kicked us in the guts.

During those changes I have come to appreciate who is important in my life and who is not. Some of our changes have been very public… own mum fighting those final 12 months until finally laying down and bravely accepting her fate, the end of my marriage to Andy and him moving out of the house, my own dealings with that shitty word cancer resulting in a hysterectomy just a week after burying my mum, My daughter taking paracetamol due to bullying, the very hard decision to move my boys from our village school to the neighbouring village…….looking back I am (still am) amazed at people…..from two-faced bitching and complaining to “taking sides” …… people really have such shallow lives that they hold no compassion but to kick while a person is weak?  I do not need those sort of people in my life….so my way of dealing with them is to simply shrug my shoulders and move on

My advice to them…..they should have waited a while before using their venom because during the peak of everything going on I was immune to feeling any more then I felt…..I was topped up on emotion and had put a complete block on feelings….so their pathetic attempt to poke and cause distress went straight over my head…….one particular incident actually made me “laugh out loud!”  :D


I can put up with gossip….stares…..and even being sent to Coventry…… simply because those people do not matter to me….I will continue to ignore and smile

I have removed myself socially from any form of involvement now where possible……and will keep my mouth shut of any opinions…..especially to the people I do not trust (or now that I don’t trust!) …..I have found it only makes my day to day life more complicated… opinion, suggestion or comment can easy turn into a a big deal in the wrong hands….and very quickly turned against you…..I live and work in a small village……and will continue to do so until my last off-spring has shed the nest…….then I’m outta here :D

On a positive note (because reading this post through it sounds very doom and gloom and extremely negative ) during the last 12 months or so I have  bonded much better to some very close friends…..I have also discovered some wonderful new friends who have supported me and my whole family through thick and thin…..  Thank you x

STRENGTH……Isn’t about how much you can handle before you break…..its about how much you can handle after you break.


……..failing all that …………there’s always Chocolate!!!  :D 

I can't eat any more chocolate!!!

I can’t eat any more chocolate!!!


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