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Mr Darcy & his ice cream…

by on Jun.19, 2009, under The Cats!

It was hot, the birdbath and it’s lukewarm water just did not appeal to me!!! The Off-spring (the peeps children who I live with) all had ice creams…now me being a rather sensible cat, thought OK these young peeps usually know what they doing…and they seemed to all be enjoying their lollies….

So, I did what I do best….cry VERY LOUDLY…”I would really appreciate a lolly!”  while looking intently at the youngest off-spring….eventually (as per usual) I got my way….my very own Ice lolly….and a chocolate one at that!!!

For those of you a little dis-believing…I have had my picture taken during the licking session!!!

Me enjoying my chocolate lolly

Me enjoying my chocolate lolly


Now…for those of you who are cats reading this…I feel the need to point out if the lolly is not “licked” by your peep first (and softened) your tongue will stick!!! Why am I telling you this….a dear friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous ) once stuck to a lolly for over an hour (until it melted!) extremely funny to all….but very painful to him ( I would imagine!!!)

For all you “peeps” reading this I can assure you…us cats do have taste buds that extend further than tinned cat food…OK we appreciate that while we do not actually bring home a wage, or contribute to the cleaning of the house or help with any DIY chores…we have feelings, and while you are cooking your pan-fried Salmon or roast dinners spare a thought to the furry animals who share the space with you…. titbits go down a treat!!!!

Good evening to you all….

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