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Shae is our oldest Son…He will be three in September 09.

Shae was born in the early hours, it was very peaceful…and quite a beautiful experience (those of you who have given birth…or even present at a birth may well be thinking that I have been drinking while writing this….I assure you..only coffee!!) I had opted for a Physiological third stage, where basically the baby is delivered and placed straight onto mum (skin to skin) the cord is left intact…until baby is ready to take on the world with it’s first breath…it’s signal to the cord and placenta…Thanks,you are not needed any more.

It was amazing to watch our son slowly take his first breath…content (not screaming his first breath through fear or insecurity) then as we got to know each other, the cord having done a splendid job for nine months slowly stopped pulsing….our son opened his eyes..a truly fantastic experience…no drugs nothing to spoil this moment.

Shae had entered the world……

I really believe looking back, this is the only time he has been quiet. He is a very content young chap…but as lots to say (on everything!!!) he started to “babble” at a VERY early age…and and soon as he picked up “words”…he used them and used them well.

If you ever meet Shae please adhere to the following advice

NEVER ask him how he is? (you will be there all day!!)

NEVER assume that logic, reasoning or even being right will allow you to win an argument.

NEVER interrupt his time with anything trivial like food, bath or bed.

NEVER expect one worded answers from Shae when ten would be more confusing.

BUT ALWAYS look out for that lovely dazzling smile and energy that is Shae!!!

The shaeman!!

The shaeman!!

Shae has recently announced that he is “the Shaeman” so not to be argued with that is what he is called (amongst other things!!!). Shae is 100% energy…he loves pink and at the tender age of (nearly) three he is also a little “camp” which dissolves into his nature beautifully…. 
That’s all for now…otherwise he will find out I’ve written about him and will have 100 questions delivered at such a pace I will not know what’s hit me!!! or he will demand some sort of fee from me!!!

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