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Kal is our youngest Son…and the only one born in Wales.

Kal was born three days before Shae’s 1st Birthday….I went to hospital for 8 in the morning…Kal entered the world just before 9 and I was back home at 11….all a little too clinical. I had opted again for a Physiological third stage…but unfortunately the atmosphere just was not there and I had a rather cautious (but lovely) midwife…Kal’s delivery into the world still makes us laugh!!

As I sat on the floor with Andy…as you do!!…sat opposite was “the second” midwife (apparently required in small units!!) she sat glasses perched on the end of her nose, moving backwards and forwards on a rocking chair (add to it her knitting and the picture is complete) she sat looking over her glasses down at all I had to offer!!!!  talk about concentrating on breathing…I just concentrated all my efforts on trying to torpedo the baby into her rather annoying face!!!!!!!

Anyway…Kal was delivered…not so peacefully…(he was handled a little roughly) and was crying before he was placed on me!!

and so our little Welsh son was born…

Kal is our food guru….his love of food began almost immediately…he hated milk…by three months he was fully weaned…on three meals a day. We very quickly discovered that he we gave him plenty of protein in his last meal of the day he would sleep right through (apparently takes longer to digest!) so there is a “mum tip” in there somewhere!!! give your toddler/baby who wakes up hungry a 10oz steak for tea!!!

Kal’s love of food is quite unique…he will not eat rubbish (ie crisps chocolate) if he is hungry it has to be his proper meal for the day (Breakfast or dinner) he will try anything…I fell very proud saying this…but believe me it’s not from any “good parenting skill” it’s simply Kal and his love of food

Kal was born with glue ear (both ears affected) and so this we believe has led to a delay in his development…he didn’t walk until 19 months, he didn’t babble like most babies… but in the last two months our little man has come on dramatically he is now running, talking and laughing….his sense of humour is huge….(unfortunately he has a temper to go with it!!)

Kal is a laid back, great fun, extremely loving little boy…he is rather “over-protected” by all of us…and I think he knows it!!

Kal (Zoomy)

Kal (Zoomy)

I can't eat any more chocolate!!!

I can't eat any more chocolate!!!


When Kal was born, his older sisters called him “zoomy” and so the name Kally Zoom has stuck….and it suits him…he zoomed around crawling, he zooms around now he is walking and he is “the Kally Zoom!!”

Kal has a fascination with “buttons, lights and all things technical” after having three children and not one of them “messing” with any of the “electrical devices” with found very quickly that this would not be the case with Kal….buttons were sellotaped, all audio/visual equipment was removed to a “can’t reach” distance you get the picture??? he can operated a mouse on a computer to play a simple game, operate his own DVD player….and only one and a half years old….it’s scary (His daddy is very proud…but I fear coming home and he has re-wired the house so that if you flush a toilet the oven comes on!!!!)


So that’s our Kal…..

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