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Sophie is 19…and my step-daughter…although we hate the word “step” or “half” we tell all the kids….you do not love each other “half” amounts so we don’t use the word “half” brother/Sister or Step….

Back to Sophie…..Sophie was a bud, waiting to burst open….and when she did she went with a bang!! and blossomed into a beautiful rose (although not convinced about the VERY high heels!!) studying to be a hairdresser and loving all aspects of beauty therapy I think she may well have discovered her true vocation…

There really is only one word to sum up Soph….that is “blonde” (I apologise profusely to all “blonde” ladies/men who hate this stereotypical portrayal of them…..) but in Sophie’s case….she is!! (the worst of it is she actually loves it)

Like the time when I had picked her up from college…She got into the car…waving at her friend, who got in her mum’s car behind us…we pulled off and turned left and her friend’s mum turned right….ten minutes down the road and slowing to approach a large island Sophie buzzes the window down and announces she is going to wave goodbye to her friend..I’d tried several times to tell her that her friend had actually gone in a different direction….but no…Sophie being Sophie…Blonde hair blowing in all directions (probably across her eyes, because she didn’t even click that the car pulling beside us was indeed a different colour!!!!!) threw herself out the window waving frantically at “her friend” only to find a rather worried elderly lady avoiding all eye contact with this (what seemed to be) drugged/alcohol inflicted crazy person….

I could hardly drive for laughing….

or the time when she nearly knocked herself out in the local shop with a loaf of bread…just to prove how stale it was!!!

or causing the fire brigade to call when cooking micro chips!!!

the list is really endless…but she has talents….She can text without looking, she can apply make-up in any shop window reflection, she can now make toast without an adult being present, she now knows the days of the week…but does not know which order they come in…

joking aside, Sophie is loving, caring just a “big sis” to the others…everyone who meets her comments on “how lovely she is” and they are right….Sophie is Sophie….

Blondie!!! (Sophie)

Blondie!!! (Sophie)

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