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A Man city supporter….

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For Uncle Moss....

For Uncle Moss....


This month we lost Uncle Moss… Mums youngest Brother only 54 when he passed away. Full of fun and mischief is really the only way to describe him, known affectionately as “the lovable rogue” …. devoted completely to his family and a very proud Grandad. A true Manchester City Fan (although why I have no idea?…born and bred in the Midlands his allegiance should have been reflected in the support of Villa, Birmingham City or West Brom….but these were “swear words to him!!!) apart from his family and Man city his other passions were Reggae….real reggae. It was at a very tender age that I first listened to Judge Dread (English Reggae & Ska musician) For anyone who is not familiar with Judge Dread he is in the Guinness Book of records for the “most banned Songs”  ………….Need I say more?  great for a young kid!!!!! Facebook – this is where I actually had most of my contact with him….his jokes were sometimes so bad I had to either hide them or delete them…but always made me smile!!! and towards the end of his short life when he wasn’t on facebook he would be found watching his favourite film….Green Street Hooligans.

Uncle Moss & Aunty Tina

Uncle Moss & Aunty Tina


Uncle moss had no religious beliefs and I am sure he will be laughing from those fluffy clouds if he knew that the Undertakers were actually “charging” for people to pay their last respects…. I was actually disgusted when I found that out. While I appreciate these guys do a good job….it is after all just a job to them…..for them to “make extra” cashing in on peoples grief is somewhat staggering…. whatever next?

Anyway me off my soapbox….

Yesterday Uncle Moss left his house for the last time….followed by an army of cars and walkers…..As is true in the old close knit community….people stood in their doorways, on pavements….just to show their last respect…and as we followed Uncle Moss into the Church “King of the Road” echoed throughout….The vicar obviously did his best to keep the service far away from being religious and quite humorous….made all the funnier by a older member of the “followers” wanting to “get up and dance” as “Three steps to Heaven” played!! I am sure Uncle Moss would have had a smile at  the records chosen and of the antics of some!!  “I did it My way” ended the service and Uncle Moss was laid to rest amidst a sea of tears….roses and cigarettes joined him in his final resting place…..and half hour later glasses were raised…


“To Moss”       x


"CHEERS!* sleep well Moss...x

"CHEERS!* sleep well Moss...x




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